Step Inside my Kitchen…

Paint Colors:

Ceiling: Dove Wing

Cabinetry & Finish Work: Dove Wing

Walls: Gray Mist

China Cabinet: Cape May Cobblestone

Pantry and Patio Door: Quiet Moments

Ceiling: Dove Wing

Wallpaper: Contact Alice Lane for Details

Room Finishes:

Range: Lacanche (Finish: Stainless Steel w/Brass)

Counter Tops: Calcutta Gold Marble, Honed (if you’re local, our fabricator was European Marble and I highly recommend them. They crafted every piece of marble you see in my kitchen)

Butcher Block: Our Cabinetry maker made this custom butcher block for us and installed at the same time as our cabinets.

Faucets and Pot Filler: Water Stone (Finish: Classic Bronze)

Kitchen Faucet 

Pot Filler

Prep Faucet 

Instant Hot Faucet 

Dinnerware/Drinkware on Shelves:

Glasses: Williams Sonoma

Mugs: Williams Sonoma

Plates: Williams Sonoma 

Bowls: Williams Sonoma

Pink Wine Glasses: Anthro

Room Accessories/Furniture:

Barstools: Suzanne Kasler via Alice Lane

Pendants: Ralph Lauren

Stock Pot: Mckenzie Childs

Fruit Bowl: Caitlin Wilson

Pottery Vase: Farm House Pottery

Kitchen Knife Set: Go to this post for all the info

Kitchen Soap (my favorite): Alice Lane

Rug: Vintage Find


We decided to do a Sand and Finish natural wood floor, mainly because none of the engineered wood floor options didn’t come in the finish I was envisioning. Our installer did a wire brush coat on our sand and finish floor so the wood didn’t look “too” perfect and he did a few coats of clear white wash before he sealed it. If you’re wanting to do this same shade, I would show the images to your sand and finish installer and have him make several samples for you to look at!

See more of our room reveals below:

Home Paint Colors



Family Room

Master Bedroom

Laundry Room

Powder Bath

Isla Rose’s Room

*Design by Alice Lane Interiors

*Furniture and lighting from Alice Lane Home Collection

(design and furniture discounted)

*Paint gifted by Benjamin Moore

xo, Rach
Step Inside my Kitchen…
Step Inside my Kitchen…
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45 thoughts on “Step Inside my Kitchen…

  1. beautiful!!! so light, bright, and cheery! i bet it’s a joy cooking and baking in that kitchen! thanks for sharing with us :-)

  2. Gorgeous, of course! EVERYTHING you do is so beautiful! Question about lighting, I noticed you only have lighting over the 2nd island/table and then sconces on the walls and also some lamps … there’s no lighting in the ceiling yet in some of your stories at night it seems to be adequately lit. Is there other lighting that we can’t see? Thank you for sharing!!

  3. I Have been waiting for your kitchen post for so long! So beautiful. What brand dishwasher did y’all end up going with?

  4. Gorgeous space. I Noticed there are no potlights…. wondering if they were edited out for photos As it only appears that you have the 2 pendants over the eating area and some sconces. Is that enough light? Thx

  5. does your floor hold up with you dog? I have been trying to decide if a hardwood floor is the right move with large dogs. I love your floors, but didn’t know if they scratch easily?

  6. Hi rachel,

    absolutely am in love with the housE and color scheme. Quick question, could you share where thE TERRA COTTA POT WITH THE FLOWERS ON IT TO THE LEFT OF THE SINK IS FRom?! In love with it and would love to have it in my home as well. :-)

    Thanks so much, XOXO

    1. I’d love to Know as well. That terra cotta planter is so beautiful. Literally looked tHrough the list of vendors like 3 times looking for it. Kitchen (honestly house) of drEams!

  7. Your kitchen is beautiful! It is wHat dreams are made of! I have two questions, how Do you like havIng marble with young kids? Any regrets? Second, who was your cabinet builder? Your cAbinets are Stunning!

  8. Hi rachel
    Your kitchen is beyond. Thanks for sharing.
    Just wondering is it hard to Keep the marble counter tops clean from food/liquid spills etc?

  9. Your kitchen is fabulous I love everything about it. The floor is amazing ..can you tell me the species of wood on the floor?

  10. You are a style inspiration! We Just renovated our home and your posts really helped me with the design, thank you!! I love yoir window treatments here…who makes them?

  11. The most beautiful space! I know you’ve shown a super clever little ice machine in your kitchen before, are there any other thoughtful features hiding away in there?

    Is there any design element or practical layout that you regret or would do differently if you could? I’m planning my kitchen renovation and am so worried about making a decision that i’ll regret! X

  12. Hi rachel! YOur kitchen is a dream! Would you consider doing a video or a post on your drawers and Cabinets in your kitchen to kind of walk us THROUGH how you utilize the space?

  13. I loved the kitchen in your last house but I love your new kitchen even more. All the marble is so glamorous. I love the kitchens in american homes. The city I live in is mostly old houses (our home was built in 1860) and most houses are small compared to american homes so you dont really get large open kitchens like this one. Seeing this makes me want to live in a new build which can have lots of space!!

    Deneale | Goldfields Girl

  14. Hi Rachel,
    Gorgeous kitchen!! WOndering which brand and type of sink you purchased? We are currently building and Exploring fireclay farmhouse. We cook a lot and use cast iron pans. I fEar scratches, Chips, marks or yellowing! Thanks, in advance!

  15. Beautiful! Where did you grt the terra cotta pot with the flowers on it in the corner by the cookbook holder?

    Thank you!

  16. OH. MY. Gosh!!!!!!

    That is the most beautiful perfect kitchen i have ever seen.

    (and your pretty little helper is angelicly beautiful too!)

    well done – it is a gorgeous reveal. Just wow.

  17. Been Renovating our kitchen and noticed your lovely cremone bolts on your china cabinet. can you tell me the source for these? i am having a hard time finding good quality bolts that are domestic and don’t cost a fortune. also, do you know the size build up on your counters?

    Thanks so much! Stay safe, stay healthy and thanks for always keeping it real.


  18. Rachel, your house is So BEAUTIFUL and inciting! Thanks for sharing! Please
    Share who your cabinet makEr is. Love the cabinetry! Thanks in adVance 💗

  19. I’ve Been looking everywhere for cabinet pulls as long as the ones on the hutch. Does anyone have any idea where i can find these or ones as long?

  20. Hi there!

    My mother really loved that pink Terracotta likE pot with the raised flowers on it in the corner by the pie recipe. I Wsd really hopinh to try snd track that down for a mother’s day gift for her this year, but i CoUldn’t track it Down Online for the life of me. Is there any way you could please let me know where you ACQUIRED that or where i could find it? Thank you so much! :)

  21. Hi there!

    My mother really loved that pink Terracotta likE pot with the raised flowers on it in the corner by the pie recipe. I Wsd really hopinh to try snd track that down for a mother’s day gift for her this year, but i CoUldn’t track it Down Online for the life of me. Is there any way you could please let me know where you ACQUIRED that or where i could find it? Thank you so much! :)

  22. Stunning kitchen! Im curious about lighting. I only see the two over island eaTing area and sconCes on sink wall. What is night time LIGHTING like? I feel like ut needs more lIght near the stove. Are there can lights that are just not shown in pics? Thanks!

  23. I love the dinning area white CHANDELIER, Would you be able to tell me where you got it? Also i love love love your Entire home. What stYle wouLd you say it is? :) have a great day

  24. I love everything in your kitchen. I want to order your confit jar. can you tell me if yours is 9 inch or 11 thank you so much!!!!!!

  25. Hi Your kitchen is lovely. I was inyersted in the foor info. I do mot see where the wood species i fo is located. Just the method used. Will you supply Yhe Tupe of wood as i cannot tell feom thw photos is they are pine or poplar.

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