Laundry Room Tour…

I’m on a roll with home tour posts this week!! ;) I’m excited to take you inside our laundry/craft/workroom. I wanted an inspired space to do laundry and work on art projects with my kids so I added a window on every possible square inch I could. There’s just something about natural light that completely changes my mood. When we were in the drawing phases, Drew and my architect thought I was crazy but they both have apologized and told me I was right about the windows haha. I love that light to pours into this space and we capture as much as our mountain view as possible.



Top: Loveshackfancy (old style, similar here) | Skirt: Dodo Bar Or

I love the large island, it makes doing laundry more painless and it’s been sooooo great for sorting colors and folding. My designers wanted the island to feel more like a vintage furniture piece rather than a massive built-in, it’s so much lighter in the space since it’s a table rather than a full block of drawers and wood. We went back and forth on whether or not we should double it up but I’m so glad we did because we can get double the amount of laundry done and we don’t need to wait around while a load finishes to start another.

We also did a nod to our blue windows in our last home in this space. It took us three different paint jobs to get it right. It was kind of a nightmare. It went from seafoam green, to purple blue to this icy blue. Luckily we finally got the color right! See below for all the sources, I know a lot of you are either building or remodeling and have been wanting to know info.


Design: Alice Lane Interiors

Island:  A custom built piece by Peterson Woodworks

Paint Colors:

Cabinets and Trim – Dove Wing by Benjamin Moore

Windows – Soltice by Benjamin Moore

Wallpaper: A woven grasscloth that we whitewashed

Marble Material: Honed White Fantasy (we were going to use Carrara but wanted something with a bluer vein)

Cork Board: Pottery Barn Teen

Washers and Dryers: LG

Laundry Baskets: Crate and Barrel

Bar Stools: Capitola Stool from Alice Lane

Lamp: Morton Table Lamp from Alice Lane

Pendant Lights: Goodman Hanging Light from Alice Lane

Artwork: Charcoal Figure Studies from Alice Lane

Floor Material: Honed Blavet Blanc & Lagos Blue Limestone in a custom pattern

*Paint gifted by Benjamin Moore

*Design and Furniture Discounted


xo, Rach
Laundry Room Tour…
Laundry Room Tour…
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35 thoughts on “Laundry Room Tour…

  1. So beautiful thank you for sharing! Im wondering if you have another washer/dryer on the grouNg floor? If not do you wish you had it? Just wondering because i hate to carry Laundry up or down stairs and i know your bedroom is on the groung floor. THanks!! :-)

  2. I love how you made your LAUNDRY rOom a place where you actually want to spend time, it makes getting the laundry done that much easier!

  3. Hello! Just womder where your rug is from as well as the Rug in yoUr master bathroom. Ive been searching and have had no luck! I would appre it!
    Thank you

  4. Any chance you can share which LG washer and dryer you Put in your home.
    The link on the blogpost haS expired.
    THANK you

  5. How did you get the right shade of icy blue for the window? I want to paint my door that color but you mentioned you had some trouble. Does the number of coats help? Let me know, thank you!

  6. Hey rachel, What brand Is yOuR washer and dryer? I Clicked on the link and it said the page was unavailable. How Do you like the washer and dryer? Your laundry room is magnificent!!

    Thanks in advance!

  7. Beautiful room. I want to copy what you’ve done, although my space is much smaller. It will be more of a craft and sewing area rather than laundry space. I have a qstn regarding the windows painted with BM Soltice. Did you actually paint the metal portion-casing, panes and hardware (hand cranks, etc.)? if so, did you use a satin or gloss sheen? My panes are between glass, so i can’t paint them. i’m trying to determine which part of the window I should accent with the Soltice. Any advice is welcome. Thank you.

  8. Can you please tell me the diameter of those Round lauNdry baskets? Only the taller ones are linked and im building a house now and would love these openings. There are 2 options in sozing for the round. Im supposed to submit my final cabinet edits today.

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