My Kitchen Knives Set…

Ok, I’m excited to share this post with you ladies! I’ve been wanting a white kitchen knife set for the longest time so I’ve been researching who makes white knife sets and prices. I was shocked I discovered the knife set I really wanted was over $2900! I about fell off my chair. Keep reading for my hack of how to get this look for less than half the price…


I loved the Cutco set because there’s 36 pieces so the block is wider than usual and I thought the white would look amazing displayed in my kitchen. Pretty and functional! But- there was absolutely no way I could bring myself to spend that type of money on a knife set, so I kept digging and I actually found an amazing deal that gives you a totally similar look and feel!!

So, what I ended up doing is buying a 35 piece knife block from Williams Sonoma and then I purchased two of the white knife sets by Wüsthof from Williams Sonoma. I stored away the small blocks the two knife sets came with and I put both sets in my big Williams Sonoma block!

I have listed out the price breakdown below so you can see just how much you could save doing it this way! I loved my little hack and just wanted to share it with you ladies because I know a lot of you love anything white and bright!


-Cut Co Knive Set I Wanted-

Cut Co. Knive Set Price: $2,929.00


-My Set- 

Williams Sonoma White Knife Set: $299.95  (I bought two for a total of $599.90)

Williams Sonoma Butcher Block: $149.99

My Total Cost: $749.89

*Also, I always hand wash my knives, even my black ones so I just wanted to share that. They will last much longer!


xo, Rach
My Kitchen Knives Set…
My Kitchen Knives Set…
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11 thoughts on “My Kitchen Knives Set…

  1. It looks great, who would’ve thought you’d get me interested in knifes haha I think this is one those small things most people don’t even care about but they make a huge difference in how a kitchen looks and it looks super luxurious and pretty.

    Marta –

  2. that is a great Hack! The only Thing i will say is that cutco has an unbeatable warranty, and they will replace anything for the Lifetime of the producTs (which Ends up making it forever since they will always replace them) i don’t work for them 😂 but i do own the smaller set And purchased them because of that fact. I will be able to pass them down to my daughter so it made it worth the price. And we did zero interest financing. ❤️

  3. I love my cutco knife set. They’re expensive, but worth it. I didn’t get the 35 piece set. I’m just slowly adding to my collection.

  4. I love how pretty these look! It’s crazy what we become interested in as adults, but knives are serious business! there is nothing worse than trying to chop vegetables with dull cutlery…!

  5. cutco knives are worth the price. Over the years i Have collected quite an extensive set and use them daily. They come with a forever warranty, not lifetime warranty. When i pass them on to my kids one day, the warranty will continue. They have Replaced several of mine that were worn from years of use and they offer free sharpening.

  6. So sorry, I’m not sure why i can’t get this out of caps, but i just wanted to thank you for posting about the knife blocks. Just bought My first 35 slot knife block! I never realized this was a Possibility. Thank you!!!

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