Master Bedroom Reveal…

Excited to share our master bedroom with you all! It was such a fun space to design. I have listed all of the details below!






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Laundry Room


Powder Bath

Home Paint Colors

Family Room

Isla Rose’s Room



Ceiling: Cloud White



Gracie Studio (gifted)

Design by Alice Lane Interiors *Design and Furniture Discounted

Furniture and Lighting from Alice Lane Home Collection 

Paint gifted by Benjamin Moore

xo, Rach
Master Bedroom Reveal…
Master Bedroom Reveal…
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38 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Reveal…

  1. Absolu stunning. I love the wallpaper! Can you link your mauve/gold chair? And The Dress you are wearIng? Also, more deets on fireplace puhleaseeee.

  2. Beyond beautiful! Love the color scheme. The wallpaper is gorgeous and not overpowering. I do have a few odd questions.

    A) I noticed there is a gap between the molding on the wall, why is that? To make the molding pop out? Doesn’t dust collects in the gap?

    B) is the entry from the first picture behind the fire place wall? Or what is behind the entry wall?

    C) I noticed things were moving around on the night stands which confused me a bit. I thought you had the same pictures in both night stands. Which I thought it was a waste of opportunity to display other pictures. But I was wrong. I guess we are missing a closer up picture of the other night stand where we can see the decor.

    1. HellO,

      I think i can answer question A. I am VENTURING to guess that the spaces in the molding is to house the Hardware for automatic black out shades.

      I hope this helps!


  3. I would like to add that I find it very clever the way the wallpaper ends after the window and not in the corner. On the right side of the bed.

  4. Hello! Im building my house and I will love to see if you can share with me your master betHroom and badroom layout. Especially measures, i cant deciDe how it can work better. Congrats For Your lovely houSe!!!

    1. Hi Shelby,

      The curtains are custom-made from Alice Lane! You can call them and ask for the fabric so they can have it done for you.

      xo, Rach

  5. Rachel,
    Your home is Beautiful! Could you share the carpet you picked for thr bedrooms? We are building and carpet is a struggle for me.


  6. hi Rachel! I am loving your home and décor. do you mind me asking where I could find the chests your have by your bed in the master? as well as tell me the color of your beautiful flooring? im currently remodeling our master bedroom and bathroom .

Hello Gorgeous,

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xo, Rach