^^This sculpture is probably my favorite art piece in our entire home. When I first saw her, she spoke to me. The piece is called ‘Butterflies for Brains’. I have always been a dreamer, when I was younger I would design dream homes, dresses, even my future kids and husband in my mind. I was such a visualizer. I always tried to visualize what my life would look like when I was older. When I saw this sculpture she reminded me of all the butterflies or day dreams dancing around my head from the time I was a little girl.

Ok ladies, I have another room reveal for you this week! Today I’m excited to be sharing our entry way. As you know, we partnered with Alice Lane to design our new home that my husband Drew built for our family! I have been a client of Alice Lace for years and with this home they were so kind to offer us a 20% discount on furniture and design since they knew we would be sharing the process with all of you.

This space especially was such a collaboration between Drew and Alice Lane. The design team had lofty ideas and it was Drew’s job to figure out how to execute each element. He spent months working on the railing detail trying to figure out each piece and find a sub contractor who would be able to create it since it was a custom railing. I would see Drew late at night sketching details, drawing out information, he was incredible at decoding the puzzle pieces we would give him for this space. It’s really easy to hand someone a sheet of paper and say do this, but to actually be able to execute it is another story. Drew and our subs did such a great job!!

I wanted this space to feel airy, fashionable and inviting and Alice Lane completely captured that essence. I love the different lines, shapes and patterns that all play with each other. It’s unexpected and bold but everything I wanted!! One of my favorite moments of my day is turning off all the lights when the house is quiet and my kids are in bed. On my way to my bedroom I always take a glimpse into the entry way and it never gets old. One of my favorite spaces in our home!

•Entry Design and furniture by – Alice Lane (we received a  20% discount).

•Wall and Trim Paint Color: Dove Wing, Door Color: Iced Marble (Both paints gifted by Benjamin Moore).

xo, Rach
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  1. Hi From Norway :)
    love how you have designed and styled your new home. Would be so great if you would also share the house plans/floor plans, it would give better idea how all the rooms are combined together, so practically and beutifully. we are planing our dream home at the moment here and your house has given me so many great ideas. :) Love american homes and I am just wondering if You could share the floor plans of your house on your blog. Wish you and your family all the best and thank you for sharing your home with all of us. kind greetings Sonja

  2. Rach, Your home is soooo beautiful and inviting. Even though Your home is large I get ideas for our apartment. Can’t wait to see the next room.

  3. EVERYTHING looks nice and beautiful. I would like to kno where did you get the hand railing ( iron work) for the stairs ?!

  4. Hello, I really admire the carpet on your staircase. Can I please have info on product and where to purchase? thank you so much, Lisa

  5. people who build new homes always make the big mistake of not putting in enough windows and theN making them too small!
    So glad you raised your ceilings in tour family room to get the full view of slc

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