Our New Home: The Library...

Our New Home: The Library...


This post has been LONG awaited. We started working on the plans of building our home over three years ago and the thought of having a finished space to live in, let alone photographed to share with all of you seemed like a lifetime away- yet here we are!!! I'm so excited to kick off our new home tour with the library. The entryway is light and airy and as you peer into our home your eyes instantly catch and are drawn into this moody, cozy and inviting space.

How it became a Library over a Home Office:

We had a home office in our previous home with a formal desk that most times felt sterile and un-inspiring to sit at while working. When Drew and I were talking with our designers to kick off the 'the home office' space it was clear that this room was always meant to be a library. I love how the Alice Lane design team opted for a work table with three cozy leather chairs and one comfy and plush velvet sofa for gathering over one large desk meant for one. So far we have played many rounds of Mexican Train and Drew and I have both gotten loads of work done on our laptops while the kids stack up their blocks or color, all while being all while being side-by-side at the same table. It's one of my favorite moments of the room. I love how collaborative it feels.

Why this space is so personal and meaningful:

This room holds so much meaning. The shelves are filled with pottery and artifacts from Drew's time in Peru. He lived there for two years serving a mission for our church when he was 19. He learned the language and was fully immersed in the culture. In those two years he fell in love with the people, it was a momentous event in his life and time that will always be cherished. He brought back so many beautiful treasures from the people he served and before this space, those treasures had been sitting in a dusty box for over ten years! I'm so glad Alice Lane saw the beauty and meaning in each piece and found such beautiful places for them. If you look in the images you'll be able to spot the pottery and the hand woven baskets.

The Art:

Another piece that is so special in our library is the original artwork created by our dear friend, Rob France. I'm sad the photographer didn't get a closer shot- it's the artwork on the left side of the mantle. In these images 'BIRDY' (as Jackson calls him) is placed in a temporary frame but he's currently in the hands of an incredible framer who is doing a custom matte and frame. I'll share once I get him back!!

You can shop our library collection here.

Paint Color Narragansett Green by Benjamin Moore c/o Design by Alice Lane Interiors Furniture and Lighting from Alice Lane Home Collection Photography by Lindsay Salazar


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