My Fitness Routine Q&A...

My Fitness Routine Q&A...

Posted by Rachel Parcell on

Leggings: Carbon 38 | Sports Bra: Carbon 38 | Shoes: Nike (old style, similar here)


My morning workout routine is among one of my most asked questions. People want to know how I lost my baby weight, stay in shape, what program I follow, how many times a week I workout and the list goes on...and on...and on...;) Thought it was time for another fitness Q&A post.

Before I get into questions, here's my current schedule- about 1 hour per day:

Current Program: PWR at Home

Monday- Chest and Triceps

Tuesday- High Fitness Cardio Class

Wednesday- Legs

Thursday- Back and Shoulders

Friday- Full Body or Cardio Class

Saturday- I do the Challenges in the Sweat app

-What is a typical weekly workout schedule for you? -

I love working out, it's my therapy each morning. I workout Mon-Sat! Believe it or not, I look forward to waking up and getting it done every morning. However, establishing this habit took time. I haven't always loved working out but by forcing myself to get out of bed and making a habit of it, I see what it does for me mentally and physically so I crave it now.

-How many minutes do you workout a day?-

30min-1 hour depending on the day. At the end of each workout I hold a plank for two minutes.

-What was the hardest part of getting started and how did you overcome it?-

The hardest part is starting! My biggest secret is to ease into it. Take a before photo (trust me – this is key to keep you motivated). I also started with a group of girlfriends that came to my home every morning on M,W,F so I had no choice but to get out of bed. They kept me motivated when I was first getting started with the 12 week BBG program. Recruit your friends!

-How did you find time to wake up early to work out and still get enough sleep?-

I wake up at 6:30 or 7am and get my workout in before my babies wake up. I use to not be able to wake up before 9:00am but after a few weeks of making myself get out of bed earlier, it became easier and easier and my body has gotten use to it. Go to bed an hour earlier!

-How d0 you stay motivated throughout the week?-

Honestly, the more I workout, the more I love it!!!! I’m a numbers person...give me a number and I have to get to it. I love the mental challenge each workout gives me every morning to complete each rep. It’s like a game to me!! I love setting a goal and having the challenge to complete it. Just make a goal to wake up an hour early to get a workout in. Start with M, W, F to make it easier. You can do it!!!!!

-What type of workout did you do to loose your baby weight?-

I did resistance training and cardio. To loose my baby weight I followed the BBG Program and coupled that with cardio. I used my sisters running guide and went to local High Fitness Classes. I also followed Fintess Carli's meal plan strictly for 8 weeks (the weekends I would have a cheat meal).

-What is BBG?-

BBG is a workout program found in the Sweat app, tailored for women of all body types and fitness levels. It stands for Binki Body Guide by Kayla Itsines. I discovered her program through my little sister a few years ago. I did a Q&A dedicated to my BBG routine so if you have more questions about this program you can find all the answers in my blog post, here!

-What types of workouts do you follow now?-

Currently I'm following the PWR at Home program, also found in the Sweat app. I am trying to to build more muscle and definition so I switched my program centered around weight training. I'm also trying an at-home cardio class that I'm excited to share more about!

-How do you balance weight training like PWR at Home and your Cardio?-

I have slowed the cardio waaayyy down now that I'm weight training and trying to build muscle. I only do 1 cardio class a week vs. 2-3 cardio classes a week when I wast trying to loose weight, inches and burn fat.

-Is Purchasing the Sweat App worth it?-

Yes!! I use it everyday! I love how easy it is to follow. The App shows live action movement so you can ensure you have proper form and doing the move correctly. It also times your circuits. There are 8 different programs to choose from in the app and weekly challenges. The app is worth every penny! You can find the Sweat App here.

-Did you work out before starting BBG? Do I need to be fit before I start?-

No. I hadn't worked out in over a year or two when I started the BBG program. I modified some moves I couldn't do at first, especially abs. It was amazing to see how much more I could push myself to do each week! Just start and modify what you need to.

-Did you find that you had to modify some of the exercises in the beginning?-

Yes I did! I modified the abs the entire 12 weeks. I did low intensity ab modifications since I had a c-section. Lots of toe taps and planks.

-Did you have Diastasis Recti? What did you do to help?-

Yes I did. I looked to Heidi Powell to help me with that. I watched her youtube videos to test how bad mine was (it was a little more than 2 fingers apart) and I read her site for what to do to help close it . It took a while but it worked!

-What do you eat before you workout?-

Currently nothing. I like to workout on an empty stomach, I tend to get nauseous if I eat before I workout. If. I do eat something before it's either a packet of organic apple sauce or a slice of wheat toast w/ honey or almond butter!

-What do you eat after you workout?-

I have my green drink and mix in my protein (recipe here). If I'm running late, I just add my protein powder to water. I also eat a slice of wheat toast with pure honey on it. If you're trying to tone up or gain muscle, it's important to eat a carb right after you workout. When I was trying to loose my baby weight I cut out all complex carbs so I wasn't having the toast.

-Do you find diet or exercise alone give your the best results?-

BOTH! You need both for the best results. I'm an all around happier person when I workout every morning but my body lost inches and toned up so much from sticking to one program and following it consistenly for a long period of time.

-Do you workout when you travel or will you just miss the days?-

When I'm vacationing I usually skip my cardio as they are classes I do back at home, but since my resistance and weight training programs are on my phone, I still wake up early and do those workouts!

-What equipment do you need?- What surface do you need to do it on?

If you'e following BBG or PWR at Home you really don't need much and it is so easy to convert a space at home into a workout area. I just did a Home Gym Edit on the blog yesterday and you can find the list of my must haves and what you need here. Also included is a large gym mat for your floor.

-Did you exercise while you were pregnant or breastfeeding?-

Not at all, but I hope to for future pregnancies. I didn’t start working out until I stopped nursing Jackson. I was 8 months postpartum.

-How long before you started noticing BBG results? What week did you start to see your body change?-

I saw subtle results each week. At week 5 I could feel my clothes fit differently. At about week 7 or 8 I really started to see and feel it, especially when I compared my progress photos. At week 9 other people really started taking notice!! There were some days I felt discouraged but. I kept going and stayed consistent and the results did come! It's not a quick fix. It's hard work and consistency!

-Do you use BBG to lose weight or just tone your body?-

I used it to loose weight but I also toned up a ton! Now I'm wanting to build so I switched programs to PWR at Home. I suggest starting with BBG and then from there switching programs, if needed, based on what your goals are.

-Do you recommend sticking to an eating plan as well?-

Honestly, it's 80% what you eat and 20% working out. I ate perfect (except for a cheat meal on the weekend) for 8-12 weeks. Then I relaxed a little when I went from trying to loose to maintaining.

-Which did you like more? BBG or BBG Stronger?-

I loved them both! I prepared my body for BBG Stronger and had a good base to start with for heavy, more weight focused training. Classic BBG will really help you loose the inches!

-What protein powder do you use?-

I have linked it here! :)

-Would you say that BBG is great for older women?-

Totally! My mom loves it!

-Where do you find your healthy recipes?-

I either just make them up or I follow recipes from Clean Simple Eats and Fitness Carli.

Try my Summer Salad, Healthy Breakfast Ideas and my Green Drink!

-Do you use a pre-workout?-

I don't. I did at one point but realized how bad it was for my body. You don't need it. You would be better off with coffee probably than a pre-workout. They're not good for you.

-Tips for moms with kids running around while you workout?-

Drew put a TV in our workout room and it works amazing for when my kids wake up extra early or I miss my alarm. If you can't get your workout in before they wake up, have an iPad, computer or TV put in your designated workout room. Turn on their favorite show. You could also bring in their favorite toys or colors to distract them while you focus.

-What size of weights do you use?-

A wide range!! I use a 5 pound weight, all the way to a 20 pound weight depending on the move.

-Do you Intermittent Fast?-

I typically go about 12-13 hours in between my last meal of the day and first meal of the next day. I don't make a point to do it but some consider going 12 hours intermittent fasting. Some consider it more 14-16 hours. Listen to your body. Everyone is different and works for one person won't work for another.

-How do you resist junk food?-

I don't deprive myself, one cookie won't derail your progress. However, I find healthy alternatives to satisfy a sweets craving. Honestly the less you have junk food, the less you'll crave it!! If you're nourishing your body correctly and feeding it greens, proteins and good carbs you won't crave it!

-Fave Healthy dessert?-

Greek Yogurt, Granola and Strawberries!!! Check your labels! Go for an organic granola and find a yogurt that doesn't have a ton of hidden sugars or syrups in them. Siggi's vanilla yogurt is my fave and one of the healthiest yogurts you'll find.

-Fave Shoes to Workout in?-

Currently, the APL TechLoom Breeze! Hands down!

Leggings: IVL Collective c/o | Sports Bra: Carbon 38 | Shoes: APL c/o


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