My Fitness Routine: BBG Q+A

^^ Sports bra: Nordstrom| Leggings: New Balance (similar style here)  | Shoes: APL (similar style here)

^^Left BBG Week 1 | Middle BBG Week 7 | Right BBG week 24

(I’m wearing the same shorts in each photo. Look at how the waist band changes as I loose inches each week)!!

^^ ^^I hold a two minute plank everyday!! Either in the morning after my workout or before I go to bed!! It made all the difference in flattening my stomach after having two babies!! I had to slowly build up to holding two minutes.

^^Nov 2016 vs. Nov 2017

^^ Bra: Zyia Active | Leggings: Nordstrom (similar style here) | Shoes: APL

^^ 12 week transformation

^^ Week 1 vs. Week 12 vs. Present

^^ Feb ’17 vs. June ’18

^^ This is my favorite quote!! If you want something you need to dedicate and take baby steps towards it every single day. Set your alarm, wake up, make healthier choices and you see an incredible transformation mentally and physically. It is so empowering.

Ok, as I mentioned I’ve been getting SO many requests for a fitness update and I always get a ton of fitness related questions so I thought I’d break it down and do three separate posts (BBG, running, nutrition) and today I’ll start with BBG! I compiled most of the questions asked by you related to BBG and have listed them out below. My hope in sharing my progress and answering these questions for you guys is to inspire and hopefully help motivate you to start or continue your own fitness journey!!

What is BBG? BBG is a workout program tailored for women of all body types and fitness levels. It stands for Binki Body Guide by Kayla Itsines. I discovered her program through my little sister a few years ago.

Are you using her app or just the original E-book? App! I love it and I love how easy it is to follow. I personally think it’s easier to follow than the PDF. The App shows live action movement and times you. The app is worth every penny, I use it every morning. Search SWEAT in the app store.

How long does BBG take? BBG is super quick but super hard (in a good way!!!!). It’s two different circuits that are 14 minutes each. So about 30-45 minutes total three times a week (that includes the time I take to stretch after). See BBG schedule below. App explains all of this as well.

What is a typical weekly workout schedule for you? How many days do you do BBG and how long are each of your workouts? 

Sunday: REST

Mon: BBG Legs

Tue: LISS (Low Intensity Cardio; walk or light jog)


Thurs: HITT (High Intensity Cardio Class or Sprints on Treadmill)

Fri: BBG Abs

Sat: Cardio (optional) I like to do the challenges found in the app on Saturday!

How did you incorporate Emily’s Running Guide into BBG? I replace my HITT and LISS days with a run from her guide and Saturdays are reserved for my long runs. {example: Mon: BBG Legs |  Tues: 3 miles | Wed: BBG Arms | Thurs: 3 miles | Fri: BBG Abs | Sat: 8 miles | Sun: REST}

What equipment do you need? What surface do you need to do it on? You really can do BBG from anywhere! I currently do it in my parents basement in their dance room that I converted into a workout room! Hand weights and a yoga mat are all you need! Sometimes there will be a bench or a medicine ball, but the app gives an option if you don’t have those. Currently I use a random chair I found in the house for my bench for step-ups and sit squats.

Do you need a gym membership for any of the Sweat app programs? No, you don’t need a gym membership. You can do everything on your living room floor if you want to! The program PWR (which I’m currently doing) on the Sweat app does require gym machines but if you’re starting out I would suggest starting with BBG.

Do you do BBG at home or at the gym? If at home, how do you modify it? I do it from home in  the basement dance room, I have my yoga mat and hand weights, a step and a chair. I have some home machines as well I use for the PWR program as well.

What was the hardest part of getting started and how did you overcome it? The hardest part is starting! My biggest secret is to ease into it. Take a before photo (trust me – this is key to keep you motivated). I also started with a group of girlfriends that came to my home every morning on M,W,F so I had no choice but to get up out of bed. They kept me motivated for the 12 week program. Recruit your friends!

Did you have to turn down work projects or other things to stick to your routine in the beginning? No I didn’t. If I had to travel for work, I packed my workout clothes and would still wake up and get BBG done! I didn’t let myself miss a day, even if I was on vaca. There was one morning I did on the floor of my hotel room and used my hat box as a weight.

BBG can be difficult for the beginner, what level of fitness were you at before you started BBG? I was a dancer my entire life so I’ve always considered myself somewhat athletic, but I hadn’t danced in about 7 years and I hadn’t worked out consistently in well over a year when I started. I could barely do a push up the first day. It doesn’t matter. Just do what you can and your will slowly improve and become stronger mentally and physically to get through the workout! It should be a struggle. It should NOT be easy!

How did you get motivated? How did you stay motivated? Honestly, the more I workout the more I love it!!!! I look forward to it every morning- it’s my therapy! I’m a numbers person; give me a number and I have to get to it. I love the mental challenge each workout gives me every morning to complete each rep. It’s like a game to me!! I love setting goal and having the challenge to complete it. Jus make a goal to not miss a BBG day for 12 weeks. That’s only 3 days a week for 3 months. You can do it!!!!!

Have you ever missed a planned workout? How did you motivate yourself to get back on the horse? I have missed a few days but very few. When I’m on vacation I still do it! I have missed more run or cardio days than BBG Days though. I just love working out now (I never thought I would say that) so I look forward to getting out of bed and moving my body.

Are you naturally a morning person? NO!! They say it takes 15 days to form a habit? Did I say that right? I can’t remember the exact amount of days but get to bed an hour earlier and set your alarm for an hour earlier and get it done!! It will get easier the more you do it!

How did you find time to wake up early to work out and still get enough sleep? I wake up at 6:30am and get BBG or my runs in before my babies wake up. I used to not be able to wake up before 9:00am but after a few weeks of making myself get out of bed at 6:00am it became easier and easier and my body has gotten use to it. I actually love waking up that early now, but that means I try and get to bed early too!!

How do you find the time with two kids? My secret is get up before they do and get it done! My babies don’t wake up until 8 or 8:30 on most days. If your kids wake up at 6am plan for a workout during nap time!

What has helped you stick with it? Did you ever try and fail before making it all the way through? My friends are to thank!! They made it fun and held me accountable. Now I can do it by myself every morning but they helped me establish my love for it and my routine. I did try BBG in between pregnancies. I did one day of it and never did it again. The second time I tried I committed to doing it for 12 weeks no matter what.

What has helped you most in achieving your goals? Writing down “I will not miss a day of BBG for twelve weeks.” I stuck to it and didn’t miss. write your goal down and mentally be committed and you will do it!

Did you exercise while you were pregnant? Not at all, but I hope to for future pregnancies.

Were you breastfeeding when you started this routine? No, I didn’t start working out until I stopped nursing Jackson. I was 8 months postpartum.

Did you ever have to modify BBG when you started and did you eventually get to the point where you didn’t need the modifications? Yes I did! I modified the abs the entire 12 weeks. I did low intensity ab modifications since I had a c-section. Lots of toe taps and planks.

What exercise modifications did you have to do with Diastasis Recti? I modified all of the ab workouts to be a low-intensity ab workout since my abs separated. Google Heidi Powell Diastasis Recti. She shows you how to check if you have it and gives you movements to close the gap. I followed her video.

How long before you started noticing results? What week did you start to see your body change? I saw subtle results each week. At week 5 I could feel my clothes fit differently. At about week 7 I really started to see and feel it, especially when I compared my progress photos. At week 9 other people really started taking notice!!

Did you ever feel like your progress plateaued at times? What did you do to change it up? Yes I did! But don’t take a photo if it’s that time of the month for you. Sometimes it could be bloating. If I felt a plateau I would make sure to get all my servings of greens in for the day and make sure I was drinking enough water (half my body weight in ounces a day).

Did you have weeks where you didn’t see results that you wanted? Yes and No. Sometimes I would want the results to be more drastic, but then I would take a progress photo and compare side to side and realize there were more results happening week to week than my eye in person could notice. That’s why progress photos are important. It’s a lot of patience, consistency and hard work. It’s not an overnight fix but it works! You will see results after 12 weeks!

Did your weight change at all or did you just tone up/lose inches? Both!!! I still had some baby weight to shed. I lost pounds and inches! The inches is what I was amazed at!

Do you feel like eating healthy or working out contributed more to your transformation? Honestly, eating. I saw my best results when I started watching what I was putting my mouth. If you’re not eating right you won’t see the results you’re looking for. Your resistance training and eating go hand-in-hand. I know that’s not what most want to hear but it’s true. You need to nourish your body. Drink enough water, get in your servings of greens everyday is most critical. Eat healthy meals that fill you up that are full of protein, fiber, fat and greens!!! Nourish, don’t restrict! I will dedicate a whole post to eating!

What do you do after you complete BBG? Do you start another round? I started BBG over again, so 24 weeks. Then I moved onto BBG 2.0 which is in the app. Then I tried BBG Stronger and currently PWR! All found in Sweat app. If it’s your first time, start with classic BBG!

Which did you like more? BBG or BBG Stronger? I loved them both! I prepared my body for BBG Stronger and had a good base to start with for heavy, more weight focused training. Classic BBG will really help you loose the inches!

What brand of free weights do you use and do you like them? What other equipment do you use? I like these and these dumbbells. You want options. I used 5 and 8 when I first started and now I use 10 and 12’s. I also use a mat similar to this one and this one, and this step.

What are some of your favorite workout brands? I love Lorna Jane,  lululemon, Alo, NikeKiava!

Favorite shoes to wear while doing BBG? These Nike shoes (also here) are my favorite shoes to wear when I do BBG!

Do you use a pre workout, if so what brand? I love C4 when I run on race days. Right now I don’t take any pre-workout from BBG or PWR days. Just protein.

Do you eat before you workout or after? Before I workout I eat a Treetop Apple Sauce pouch. If I’m going for a run I eat a slice of peanut butter toast on whole grain bread. After I make a green protein drink.

What diet/meal plan were you following in addition to BBG? When I first started BBG I ate whatever I wanted, but at about week 5 I started seeing some results and it motivated me to do better! At about week 5 I started doing Fitness Carli’s meal plan (tracking my calories and protein). And to be honest, that’s when I saw my best results! I also like Clean Simple Eats! She has the best recipes! Also ready the book Body Love! I will start working on a food post for all of you of what I eat and what my favorite healthy recipes are.

Would you say that BBG is great for older women? Totally! My mom loves it!

If you have any other questions (or any questions particularly related to running or my food/meal plans since those will be my next two posts) ask them in the comments below! Thanks for stopping by!



















xo, Rach
My Fitness Routine: BBG Q+A
My Fitness Routine: BBG Q+A
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109 thoughts on “My Fitness Routine: BBG Q+A

  1. Great job!!! I always say, your health is Your greatest wealth. You have inspired ao many to set out on this journey to achIeve their best them. You look amazing and your dedication speaks for its self. Thank you for sharing! ❤️

  2. Thanks for sharing your BBG journey. You are so inspiring! Dying to read your next two posts.
    Can you share your green smoothie & how much greEens you eat a day? I think thats my biggest struggle. And did you follow Carli’s food plan to the T when you started? I feel like its a lot of food?! Thanks so much Tachel for sharing with us other mommas?. Christy

    1. I started really focusing on eating around week 5 when I started seeing results!! I followed her plan very closely and was mindful of what I ate if I wasn’t following it.



  3. This was all helpful and inspiring! I tried BBG Beginner and it was still too hard for me haha! Ive got to build up to that.

    Looking forward to your eating post!!!!

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. This sounds like such a great app! My baby just turned one and though I’ve been working out up to this point, I’ve kind of just been doing my own thing. It would be great to have more guidance and somewhat of a schedule to adhere to. You look absolutely amazing and I know you’ve inspired celebrities to do it, too, which is AWESOME! Do you happen to know if they have workouts for pregnant moms? I’d like to stay active the next time around, but it can be a little nerve wracking not knowing what’s okay and not okay to do. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great day!

    1. They don’t have specific workouts but I’m sure some of the workouts could be modified for pregnancy after double checking with a doctor! Thank you so much for your sweet comment and for following along!!



  5. How much ab separation did you have after your pregnancy? And how much do you have now? I want to try BBG after seeing your inspiring posts, but i am so discouraged since my separation is still at 4 fingers (I started at 10 fingers after baby #3 and am now almost 3 years Post-partum).

  6. Re Food: What are your guilty pleasures? How do you curb cravings for junk foods? (baked goods are my weakness)

    1. I have found the healthier I eat the more I crave healthy foods!!! They help balance out the cravings!!!



  7. This article inspired be to pick BBG back up before my wedding! I have about 14 weeks, but it is the BEST program out there and I know I will feel amazing before my wedding. So excited!! I also downloaded Body Love to listen to on Audio. Thanks for the rec!

    xoxo Mollie

  8. Really allreciate your post here. When i turned 40 my body started hanging onto calories like never before. I’ve been exercising regulatlrly forever snd eat clean, but i need a change. Looking forward to your next posts!


  9. Loved this post and can’t wait for the nutrition post! I think the link to the mat isn’t working – mine pulls up the barbells. I am trying to find a good BBG mat because the yoga mat i have wasn’t working. Thanks!

  10. Thanks so much for anSwering questions about this program. So helpful! Did you do the post-pRegnancy program or The regular bbg?

  11. Love this post so much! Thank you thank you! Also the treetop applesauce idea saved me for my morning workouts! Great suggestion and works so well! xoxo

  12. Hi Rachel! for your running post i was curious to see what songs are on your running playlist? Maybe you can share your favorite running songs?

  13. love this post- So helpful to see how you’ve structured your week! I’m currently on week 5 of BBG 1.0. How many times do you make it through each lap in a circuit? i typically get 2 laps in per circuit (for all 4 circuits) but is that enough?!

  14. I tried to go to the links you recom for exercise equipment, but alot of then were just linked to the same thing like they werent working. Also the shoes you said you liked are sold out. Are they avai anyw else?

  15. You were the one who motivated me to start bbg i had downloaded it twice and never followed through, im on week 8 now, so thank you thank you thank you. YOu obviously look amazing but it was how your clothes fit that sold me. <3

  16. These posts are so inspiring and help to keep me commited to BBG and Running! Thank you so much! Heres my question for the nutrition Post… I Try to follow carli’s Meal plans, which i love!, but my biggest issue is cooking dinner for my husband and son! I would love to know how you ACCOMMODATE Making meals for your family while sTicking to the meal plans! Thank you For the inspiration!

    1. I will talk more about this in my nutrition post but I definitely think protein is important in staying full!!



  17. You look great! I started wOrking out last year and now doing pwr and I am in the perfect shape of my life, I do have oNe question though? my boobs got smaller as I become leaner, how does yours not change a bit ??‍♀️I want my old boobs with my new body?

  18. How do you manage your cravings? I am addicted to sugar and find that i have several treats a day :-(. Also what are some good healthy recipes that Both you and your kids love? I tend to just eat what my kids like (cue the mac n cheese) because i dont want to make myself a seperate meal.

  19. For my first baby, i lost the baby weight within a week after delivery bc of my strict clean eating habits and then a month later while still breastfeeding, i started insanity max 30 and in 2 months i dropped 20lbs and i was toned. For my second baby, everything went wrong, tried to do the same thing, but couldn’t, i didnt know my body anymore, i did insanity max 30 2.5 rounds and just dropped 6 lbs… my abds werent even toned other than legs and arms, and just over 2 weeks i had the worst experience of pain ever from nowhere and the doctors removed my gallbladder and next day another emergency surgery for complications. So finally i can start eating but they say to start easy like walking and nothing with abds until at least 6 weeks after the surgery. DO you think i should give it a try to bbg now and find workouts that doesnt involve my abds or just keep walking/jogging until i get the green light from doctors and go hard core? Now that i’m 17 months postpartum, my body is not the same and it will be a bit harder to get back on shape and tone. THANKS in advance for answering my QUESTIONs ?

    1. I would definitely talk to your doctor about what is best for you and how you can make modifications when the time comes!!!

  20. Hi thanks so muCh for this q&a about bbg. I started bbg 4 weeks ago because Of you! I have one question though, somEtimes i get done with the circuit before the 7 min (maybe 2-3 min extra left), do you continUe to do multiple laps of the circuit? I find iF i dO, i get too tired and im not strong enough to do it. Do you take a break if you have time left over?

  21. What do you use for your greens and protein? i love my kale celery cucumber juice but its missing the protein because i cant find one that dont make my head hurt. can you share some more details about yours?

  22. Your progress photos are so inspiring! where did you get that bright blue sports bra from?? the one where you are taking a selfie in the mirror.

  23. Thanks so mUch for sharing your fitness journey – you are so inspiring! I just started BBG last week and I’m excited to challenge myself beyond my typical cardio workouts. I’m looking forward to your meal plan/food post and would love to hear how you stay on track while still feeding a husband and two babies :) Thanks again for sharing! You are so genuine and by far one of my favorite bloggers!

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment!!! I have be asked this question a lot and will definitely be including that in my nutrition post!! That is so awesome you started BBG!!! You will do amazing!!



  24. You mentioned that you want to work out during your next pregnancies. me and my best friend did the fit pregnancy guide while we were pregnant. We loved it! It’s similar to bbg. It has a low intensity core workout, prenatal yoga video, and meal plan.

    i started bbg recently after seeing your results. You look great! Hopefully i’ll be able to tone and tighten more using bbg. Thanks for all the tips!

    Here’s the link to Fpg in case you are interested:

  25. You’re such an inspiration rach! This post is giving me the push i need to start working out again. Looking forward to your nutrition post! I would love to know how you manage a healthy Eating lifestyle during birthdays, events, and holidays. Thanks!!

  26. You mentioned you want to work out during your next pregnancy. My friend and I both did the fit pregnancy guide and loved it. It’s kinda similar to bbg, but way less intense. it has a prenatal yoga video, low intensity core workout, and meal plan.

    I recently started Bbg after seeing your transformation. Hopefully it will help me tone and tighten post baby too! Thanks for the inspiration

    Here is the link to fpg in case you are interested:

    1. Thank you so much for that suggestion!!! I will have to remember that!!! That is awesome you started BBG!!! You will do amazing!!!



  27. This is so motivating! But wat do you Suggest for moms that have kiss that dont sleep? My 14m old has been a terrible
    Sleeper his whole life. Struggles soth naps and is usually upbefore 6, any suggestions?!

  28. this post makes me feel so motivated! I did bbg and pwr before i got pregnant. I am 16 weeks now and i am on round 2 of pwr (bbg is too high intensity for pregnancy), but I am hoping that after baby i will bounce right back into shape!

  29. Thank you for sharing this – it’s super HELPful! Especially the break down of your schedule! Have you ever had any issues with your pelvic floor or diastasis recti worsening while doing BBg POSTPARTUM? My doctor warned me not to do HItT for a while after my delivery, so I’ve been NERVOUS to start (but can’t wait to)!! :)

    1. I’m glad it was helpful!!!! I haven’t had issues with it getting worse!! It is hard to get started but once you do it gets easier!!! You got this momma!!!



  30. This was super informative! Thanks! Been doing BBG post pregnancy in the sweat app and feel like ive been modifying everything haha. I’ve just about got my ab gap healed and im excited To try bbg!

  31. I loved your post about the BBG! I have the original e-book and your post has motivated me {at age 45} to tackle this workout! Thanks… and keep those wonderful blog posts coming!

  32. Were you abke to completely close your ab separation gap? Did you wait until the gap was closes to do planks? Is it safe to do the full ab exercises after diastasis recti? If you could answEr, i would be soooo grateful!!!

  33. I have been watching you progress on your blog. I love how your commitment to BBG has changed your body as a result I have subscribed to BBG as well, but found myself challenged with the available equipment at home. Your answers to some of the questions about what is needed and do you need a gym membership were very helpful. I plan to go back to resubscribe and try again. Thank you for the motivation, encouragement and great post! You look great. I am looking forward to your anniversary post. I saw you and emily were ther today in your IG post.

  34. What was your caloric intake when you changed your diet? I am starting week 1 of BBG and doing whole 30 currently and I wonder if it would be better for me to change my diet to maximize toning. Will you be doing a post on your diet specifically as well?

    You look incredible!! XO

  35. Ive done BBG intermittenly over the past year. I Noticed you said it does 2 14-minute circuits. My app does 4 7-minute circuits (1&2 and tHen repeats). Mentally, 2 14-minute Circuits would work better but I cant figure out where to change it. Advice?

  36. What are your go-to healthy recipes and your staple recipes? :) i just started the post pregnancy pRogram on the sweat app and need sOme inspiration ❤️

  37. Your results are amazing! And im so grateful you toOk the time to Shard all this info…
    It diDn’t seem like you had much excess weight, but do you have any friends or know anyone that had a lot more weight to lose that has had succeZ with the program? I have about 60lbs to go and would love to tone up

  38. Wow! I am so inspired by your before and after photos and commitment to this program! I purchased Kaylas program (PDF) a couple of years ago but never followed through. The app sounds like the right move. And i totally agree with you regarding nutrition. it DEFINITELY goes hand in hand. Thanks for all the info!

  39. Wiuld live yo know if you use a food scale for your portionsize, and if you count macrosat all? Also how many meals a day? And howdo you handle night time snack cravings?

  40. Hi Rach,
    Do you take anY supplements or thermogenics for weight loss. Also how many calories or meals/ snacks do you have. Also do you watch your portion size.

  41. Thank you so much for going into more depth on your BBG experience! I’m a longtime reader of your blog and purchased the app because of your initial post on BBG months ago! I was so impressed by your transformation since I never noticed you had much weight gain from your pregnancies until that post! You look great!!! I’m a regular gym goer for a decade after getting my first full time job at an office, but I never could achieve such a slim and toned, athletic physique like you have! I’ve tried MANY gym classes and sports over the years, I ALSO COMPETITIVELY PADDLE YEAR-ROUND AND NOTICED THAT MY ENDURANCE AND STRENGTH FOR PADDLING IS INCREASING because of BBG. SO WHILE I CONSIDER MYSELF TO BE PRETTY ACTIVE AND OVERALL IN-SHAPE, IT WOULD BE GREAT TO ACHIEVE A slim and toned PHYSIQUE AND I HOPE BBG WILL GET ME THERE! So I’m trying the BBG app now and really loving it. I’m currently on Week 6 of PWR and I honestly prefer PWR much more than BBG! lol I love lifting weights and since BBG is so cardio intense, I decided to ease into BBG through PWR and maybe try BBG again after I finish. but I think should try to incorporate the challenges from the BBG workouts at least to get more heart-pumping cardio in. I love your tips and advice for prioritizing working out in your life, so thank you for sharing!

  42. Hi Rachel – Thank you for sharing your health and fitness journey – you are very inspiring!!
    3 Questions
    1) BBG: you mentioned that you like to do 14 minute sets. how many laps in a 14 minute set do you usually complete? wanted to see if i need to up my game:)
    2) For the running blog post: do you ever get shin splints? if so, what do you do?
    3) sore muscles: do you do any stretches or foam rolling for tight muscles?
    thank you for answering everyone’s questions! have a great weekend.

  43. So….any tips to get in a workout when your baby wakes at 6 am, you work from 7-6, and baby goes to bed at 9pm ?????

  44. Hi – love this post. I am on my second round of BBG and I wanted to ask – did you notice your thighs bulking at all? I am having this issue!


  45. Hi Rachel!
    Im working on getting Into the same Daily routine as you and im curious when you Did Emily’s speed work? In Emily’s running guide it saYs to do speed work on wednesdays but you said your schedule is BBG on wednesdays. Did you do both on wednesday? Or am i overthinking It?

    1. I would do my speed work and BBG on the same days! Speed work is pretty fast so I would pair that with an arm day. Don’t pair it with a leg day!!

  46. do you size up in your apl shoes? all your cute looks have convinced me to get them but i heard they can run a little small. Thank you!!

Hello Gorgeous,

You are now being redirected to Nordstrom…

xo, Rach