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Day one & two...

Once we arrived in Venice we still had half of a day to explore the city before it was time for bed because of the drastic time change. We did not have a guide with us so Walt, Drew and Tyler lead us away from the main tourist areas of Venice and explored down back alleys.

Drew taking a nap in the room before we went exploring

On one of the thousands of bridges Venice has connecting the buildings or islands.

Lindsay, Carol and Katelyn.

All the alley's in Venice are so tiny, all the doors are to people homes/front porches.

Day two...

On the water taxi headed for Saint Marc's Square for our tours.

On all our tours we had headphones so we could hear everything our guide was saying about the history of Venice.

At the museum where the Doge of Venice used to live and where all political meetings happened in Venice.

In the dungeon under the palace.

After the tour, looks like lindz had fun hahaha....

Cute brother and sister moment.

Venice catholic church...

Venice is famous for their glass blowing. We got to see actually glass being blown and created, it was so cools to see how it is made. All us girls loved the glass so much we bought the cutest blown glass charms. It was a great addition to my necklace!

Goofing around while waiting in line to ride the famous gondolas...

Drew loved riding the gondolas, he had to sit in the front by him-self because he was the tallest. It was such a neat experience riding through the city on the gondola, I've seen people do the rides at the Venetian and it was cool to actually be doing the real thing.

Our driver or rower...

After the gondolas we found a cute Italian restaurant. The pizza's were so amazing!! Carol and Lindsay ordered a pepperoni pizza but got peppers on their pizza. In Italian they don't use the word pepperoni, I was shocked all this time I thought it was Italian.

We got about one or two gellatos a day while we were gone, they were seriously so amazing!!!

This gives you an idea of how little the space is between all the building...

We stayed at the Hilton Molino Stucky. It was such a gorgeous hotel fully decorated in blown glass sculptures and chandeliers.

The chandelier in our room was blown glass, so gorgeous, I want one for my house!

The pool was on the top of our hotel and gave gorgeous views of the city....

I was so sad to leave Venice, if you haven't been there I highly recommend it!!

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