Cruising & Bari...

Cruising & Bari...

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Day three...

Bright and early we packed our things, left our gorgous hotel :( and headed for the cruise ship. Being an American I'm used English being the dominate language. The cruise we went on is called the MSC Musica, a European cruise line, Americans were by far the minority, very little people spoke English and very few Americans were on the ship. It was a different experience but fun to see other cultures and people in the world.

The balcony in our cute room! People warned me cruise ship rooms were small but ours was a pretty good size!

Andrew with his sun hat...

He let me borrow the hat for a minute, how nice...

View from the ship overlooking Venice.

Laying out by the pool, we saw many old men in speedos... scary!!

Welcome party! Our pinacolada's were soooo good!

Me and Linz right as the ship was headed for the open sea...

So long Venice... If you look close you can see two massive yachts, what would that be like?!

Welcome to Bari, Italy...

There are two parts in this city, a modern area that is new where most of the younger people live and the older part where many older people live. Our guide told us the young locals don't like coming over to older parts, I don't know why because it is such a darling and unique town.

If you look at the roof there is a white marking, this is placed on the roof to show people who built the home, like a builders business logo.

I love this picture, the roofs are just so darling and I love all the green vines and bright flower, it reminded of where snow white's cottage, I felt like I was in Disney Land haha.

Me... and Lindz and Kates haha.

You can't tell in this photo but most of the blue you see in this picture is the Adriatic Sea, it is breathtaking.

Not photographed: Me, Drew, Katelyn and Lindsay were STARVING (good food was hard to come by after Venice) So when we found a restaurant that served pizza we had to get some! We ordered four boxes to go because our bus was leaving shortly. We sprinted all the way back to the bus (we got a lot of stares from the locals, especially being with two blond, gorgeous American girls with their hot little shorts haha) We made it to our bus but by the skin of our teeth and ate every slice of our pizza, with the help of Tyler, Jenica, Walt and Carol.

Bari is such a charming place, I absolutely loved it!!

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