airplanes and more airplanes...

airplanes and more airplanes...

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I have about 700 photos from the trip and all the many cities we explored so decided to blog about our vaca by cities/days (this means alot of posting but it's my journal and I want all the details!) Here we go... starting off with the long journey to Venice.

We woke up at 6:00 in the morning on Thursday, got ready and headed to Drew's parents house to head to the airport. When we got there Walt warned us that if our bags were over 50 lbs. we would have to pay $200 to get them to Italy. We weighed our bags and surprisingly mine was less than Drew's but still over the limit. Drew came to the rescue with a smaller carry on bag and put some of our clothes in it so our bags would be the correct weight. Fixed that problem! Then I realized I forgot my camera but my amazing dad was nice enough to meet us off the freeway in Draper (how sad would that have been if I left my camera?!) Thanks dad!! I'd say we did pretty well for having only two little mishaps the morning of traveling to a different country for ten days.

At the airport checking our bags, both Drew and I were exactly 50 lbs, wahoo!! I have to give Lululemon a compliment. The purple bag I have in the photo is of course a lulu bag and is the most amazing traveling bag ever!! I totally recommend it, I use it all the time!!!

Waiting to take off to NYC!! We were seriously so excited!

We got to sit by Lindz on the way to NYC! We thought she would make the plane ride more entertaining but we were wrong, she was out! Slept the whole 4 hours with out waking up once. I was a little jelous! No wonder she thought the plane ride was so short.

Right as we were taking off...

The trip to NYC wasn't bad at all, Drew and I watched two movies and I started the Hunger Games (best book I have ever read).

We had a two hour lay over at JFK. By the time we got off the plane, found our next gate and ate it was already time to take off for Italy!!

Waiting in line to board the plane.

Once we actually boarded the plane for our 8 hour journey to Venice we had to tag on about 2 more hours to that journey because JFK was so crowded we couldn't get take-off clearance. I hardly noticed we weren't moving, I was lost somewhere in the land of District twelve and the capitol with Katniss and Peeta haha, seriously if you have not read this book you need too!! I finished the book and wished so bad I had the second one to start on.

We made it safely to venice and took a water taxi through the city from the airport to our hotel. It was a very cool experience. Venice really is built on water, there are no roads or cars, just water ways in alleys, a big channel for bigger boats that is equivilant to our freeway and lots, and lots of boats.

A view of Venice from the water taxi.

I fell in love with Venice, what a beautiful city!

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