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Elevating Everyday Moments

Spring Home Decor Refresh...

Spring Home Decor Refresh...

Happy Monday! I hope everyone is holding up and not letting fear get the best of you. I've tried to remain super hopeful and have loved watching communities come together to help those in need. Praying we can slow the curve with this social distancing.

Today's post is all about a home refresh for spring! Each new season, I do a quick decor update and spring is my favorite to decorate for. Hoping these give you some ideas for you home as well, and since we will be spending more time at home, now is the perfect time to elevate your space and make them feel a little more fresh and special.


^^Kitchen Scent: Candle | Surface Spray | Soap


^^Pot: MacKenzie Childs


^^Salt Jar: Amazon


^^House Plant: Lime Tree via local nursery | Pot: TJ MAXX | Cookbook Stand: Alice Lane


^^Knife Set: Butcher Block | Knife Set (I bought 2 to fill block)


^^Blossom Branches: Pottery Barn (added other options below)



^^RP Spring Home Collection here


1. Add cherry blossom branches: This is an easy but impactful decor trick. Instantly brining a magical spring feeling into any space!

2. Try a new scent for your kitchen: My kitchen scent changes through the seasons and is always important to me. For spring, I go for a subtle but fresh scent that smells inviting and clean. The Barr&Co Original Scent is my all-time favorite! I get the surface spray, candle and the hand soap. Perfect trio and my kitchen always smells amazing!

3. Add a salt jar to your range: I love a kitchen that feels culinary and lived in. I always have my key spices and oils out for easy use (I also think it makes for cute decor) this salt holder is my favorite and if you add pink Himalayan Pink Sea Salt (I get mine from Costco), you have a beautiful pop of blush pink- perfect for spring!

4. Add some greenery: I love house plants and the softness they bring to a space. I went to my local nursery (Highland Gardens) and picked up a Lime Tree and a Chinese Doll plant. A trick someone taught me- add ice cubes to your plants instead of water. Totally works and you won't overwater!

5. Swap your black knife set for a white one: This will instantly brighten your kitchen counter. I got my white knife set last summer and have been so happy with it! I use to have a stark black set and it was so harsh against my marble. The white set I originally wanted was nearly 3k but the set I had cost me under $800. Read this post to see how to get yours!

6. Add a statement pot as a decor piece: I use this pot almost daily to cook but I also leave it out as a decor piece. It's one of my favorite items in my kitchen! I highly recommend it!

7. Blush Pink dishware and glassware: Adding some pastel dishware pieces is always a perfect spring idea! These petal plates are from my spring home collection at Nordstrom but have already sold out... BUT we have a beautiful cake plate that has the same beautiful petal edging along with these beautiful blush pink stemless wine glasses. Shop before they're gone! How perfect to use as decor and for easter dinner with your family?!


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