My Quarantine Mom Kit...

My Quarantine Mom Kit...

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I wanted to share a post today of everything I have in my mom quarantine kit. Since we are all hunkered down at home, hopefully flattening the curve on this virus, we have a lot more time on our hands- our kids do too! I'm trying to keep mine entertained, and on somewhat of a productive schedule. I told them if they watch too much TV, they will turn into a potato lol. They believed me!

Here are some essentials I've ordered and have on hand at home to keep us going during this quarantine time!

I've also created a daily point chart for my kids- for me, this is way less pressure than an hour by hour schedule like I've seen on social media, but it's a great way to hold your kids responsible for getting things done and they can earn their rewards (like a move and baking cookies) if they earn all their points! We started this yesterday and it went great. My kids LOVED checking their lists off! I've created PDF versions if you want to print out and use!

*link to download PDF set

*link to download individual sheets

Sample below:

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