My Favorite Finds for Home Organization

My Favorite Finds for Home Organization

When it comes to cleaning my house, nothing makes me happier than opening a closet or drawer to see everything sorted and beautifully displayed. From my vanity and jewelry spaces to my kids’ craft storage, I love finding the perfect organizer pieces to arrange and declutter my favorite everyday home goods.

This month I went into major purge mode with my kitchen, bathroom, and closets. If you’re also feeling inspired to organize for the New Year, check out some of my favorite products to mix and match for all your clutter zones!

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#1 / Clear Glass Canister for Organizing My Art and Craft Supplies

I love the aesthetic of a clear glass canister for organizing my closets. It looks super chic, I can see everything inside, and they’re easy to repurpose for food and non-food items in other parts of the house. I especially love using them for craft supplies because my kids can see and choose whatever crayons, colored pencils, or markers they want to use. I can just take out a jar, pop off the lid, and set it next to their art area. There's no mess involved; everything stays contained and I can switch out as they go! See more from my craft room here.

#2, #3, and #4 / Airtight Pantry Containers in Different Sizes

These POP rectangular airtight containers keep all my pantry food items fresh. They look so much more neat and uniform than food packaging: I love that you can actually see the ingredients and how much you have left as opposed to being hidden in a box or bag. There's also this square option and this more rounded shape with a dispenser for cereal-type items.

Check out more of my pantry organization items in the link!

#5 / A Lazy Susan is One of My Favorite Organizers

These Lazy Susan organizers are the single greatest upgrade to my spice cabinet, bathroom spaces, and the area under my sink. I love to get some with and without dividers. I don’t know how I ever organized my food and bathroom items without them.

#6, #7, and #9 / Three Clear Draw Organizers for Small Accessories

These clear sectioned trays are perfect for organizing junk drawers, small bathroom items, accessories, and cosmetics. I like to mix and match sizes to fit each drawer in my bathroom and closet. For example, these divided plastic trays fit perfectly into a drawer and look sleek and minimal on any countertop or vanity. Finally, these clear plastic drawers are a great add on for any vanity or makeup area.

#8 Chic Woven Baskets Look Great on Open Shelves

These woven baskets are lightweight and easy to fit into shelves and drawers. I like how they add a rustic touch to my white pantry.

I might not have complete and perfect control of my busy mom and work life, but I know that organizing a few key living spaces is such a gamechanger for my mood and productivity. It takes a little effort and concentration to reorganize a new space in my house, but I can always count on these products and organizer basics to keep me focused. The end result is totally worth it: all my items are set in place, look pretty, and make weekly chores and homemaking items a breeze. I’m excited for you to try these products in your own cleaning and organization routine, so please tag me @rachparcell during the process!

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