What’s in My Pantry? A Healthy Snack Haul to Fit Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

What’s in My Pantry? A Healthy Snack Haul to Fit Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions
Rachel Parcell Healthy Snacks: Nutrition Snack Haul, G2G Bar, Lesser Evil Organic Popcorn, Laughing cow the perfect base cheese, and more..

For better or worse, I’m obsessed with snacks. I try to just stick to three main meals a day and avoid grazing in my pantry (in other words, filling up on empty calories), but I also love to have a few healthy snack options on hand in case I get a sudden craving. These are my go-to snacks that complement my health and fitness goals—each intended to work with my macros, add lean protein to my diet, and satisfy cravings without going overboard with fat, sugar, preservatives, and extra calories. Keep scrolling!

Rachel Parcell Healthy Snacks


1. G2G Bars for Healthy On-the-Go Snack/Meal Replacement

When I'm in a hurry and on the go, my favorite meal replacement for lunch is a G2G Bar. I keep them in my fridge for a yummy texture; they taste like cookie dough and are packed with protein. (Perfect if you're counting macros!) The G2G bar has clean and simple ingredients no preservatives, artificial ingredients, or refined sugars.

My two favorite flavors are the coconut almond and the peanut butter and chocolate. You can find both flavors in the link!

Rachel Parcell Healthy Snacks

2. The Most Delicious Popcorn + Filling Snack Option

Whenever I get a sudden urge to snack, I reach for Lesser Evil popcorn first. Normally I'm obsessed with Lays BBQ Chips, and I love how this popcorn helps satisfy my savory cravings without the extra calories. The sea salt and coconut oil make the flavor! Seriously, it's the best popcorn.

Rachel Parcell Healthy Snacks

3 and 4. An Easy-to-Assemble Snack or Light Lunch

Next, one of my favorite weekday snacks is to top a toasted thin slice of Dave’s Killer Bread (usually around 70 calories) with half a triangle of Laughing Cow cheese and some turkey. I ask my butcher for Boar’s Head Maple Glazed Turkey; it’s my favorite sliced lunch meat.

5. Use Snacks to Add Protein to Your Macros

Egg whites are a quick and easy way to add lean protein to my macros. I like to scramble up one egg with yolk + three egg whites and spread on toast or a wrap.

6. The Best Wrap for Breakfast and Lunch Snacks

Lavash wraps are another yummy and versatile option. I use them for quick and satisfying lunches, breakfast scrambles, and picnic outings with my family. I have an amazing turkey wrap recipe with lavash wraps in the link!

7. My Favorite Late Night Snack

Magic Spoon cereal is my go-to midnight snack. It’s high-protein, low carb, and zero sugar, but tastes just like my favorite guilty-pleasure brands. When I was a kid I would always have a late night bowl of cereal before bed, and now I get to relive that with Magic Spoon. On Mondays after a busy workday and evening with my kids and work, I treat myself to a bowl (or two!) of the Cocoa mixed with Peanut Butter flavor—my favorite way to watch The Bachelor.

Rachel Parcell Healthy Snacks

8. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with a Diet Soda

You all know Diet Coke is my tried-and-true pick-me-up. I head to Swig any time I’m craving something sweet and refreshing, but without the corn syrup and calories. I know a lot of people are against soda, but this is my guilty pleasure. I get a 32oz with fresh lemon when I'm running to and from dance and soccer carpools.

I hope you love my healthy snack recommendations! Please shoot me a comment on Instagram to share your easy food swaps and fitness habits for 2021.

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