My Craft Closet…

I shared a peek of my arts & crafts closet and got tons of questions about my supplies and organizers. I thought it would be helpful to dedicate a post to this space for you ladies who wrote me.

My kids LOVE to color and be creative. Now more than ever I’m making sure they get some creative play while we are at home all day with no school. I told my kids that if they watch too much TV, they’ll turn into a potato… and they believed me, lol. We break our day up with outside play, homeschool, a couple of their favorite shows AND crafting/creative time!!

These supplies also work great for homeschooling. They love writing on their worksheets with colorful markers and crayons!

Hope this inspires and gives some of you mamas crafting and organizing ideas!!

*Organizing tip: Give each item a home, in a glass or plastic container so you and your kids can see what you have. Rather than throwing everything in a dark hole to get mixed up, this is much more functional and looks nicer in your closet.

Organizers: Medium Glass Jars | Large Glass Jar | Large Woven Baskets  | Glass Cups (holding pencils & scissors)

Art Supplies: Crayons | Colored Pencils | Jumbo Crayons | Crayola Twistables | Sharpies | Pencils | Eraser Color Pencils | Finger Paint | Washable Markers

Craft Supplies: Pom Poms |Pipe Cleaners | Color Paper | Play-Doh | Scissors | Popsicle Sticks | Craft Eyes

Wallpaper: US Wall Decor

You can print my spring coloring and letter tracing worksheets here.

Fun ideas with pipe cleaners for your kids:

How to: pipe cleaner dog

How to: flowers

How to: underwater scene


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xo, Rach
My Craft Closet…
My Craft Closet…
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11 thoughts on “My Craft Closet…

  1. A craft closet sounds like my childhood dream. Even now with everything going on, I’ve been loving to color at night to relax while watching tv. It’s so therapeutic.

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  2. Love this organIzIng hack!!
    The top shelf glass jar im assuming is large in size
    May i ask what siZe you ised for the second shelf? Med or small?
    Thank you!

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