The Second Trimester Q&A

The Second Trimester Q&A

Hi ladies! I hope you're all doing well and hanging in there! When I'm expecting I continually get so many reader questions about all things pregnancy related so I thought it was time for another Q&A since I'm days away from my third trimester...


Baby Questions:

How big is baby?

Right now the baby weighs about 2 pounds (according to my app). From my last ultrasound baby is measuring right on track!

Felt any kicks?

Yes! Lots and I love it!! The other day Bear had his head on my stomach and the baby kicked right where his head was laying. He shot his head up so fast and looked at me with a very confused look. I explained that was his baby kicking mama from inside and he thought that was pretty cool!

Know the gender? If not, what's your intuition? What is Dad hoping for?

We don't know the gender. We have one of each so we thought it would be such a fun surprise to wait until delivery. Isla Rose thinks it's a girl and Bear thinks it's a boy. Drew switches off... some days he thinks it's a girl and other days he thinks it's a boy. I think I've mentioned this before but I'm so torn on which... because I'm craving the same things I did when I was prego w/Isla Rose BUT my skin is clear and amazing just like it was with Bear. So I have no idea, I'm torn!

Do you have a name picked out for either gender?

Yes! We are about 98% sure we have both our boy and girl name selected!

Baby names you love but won't be using?

I shared those in my first Q&A here!

Pregnancy Questions:

What brand of prenatal vitamins do you take/recommend?

I've been taking the New Chapter prenatal vitamin along with the 365 Folic Acid. I also have a prenatal in my CareOf daily packets I've taken as well.

Symptoms before you knew you were pregnant?

With my first two it was severe fatigue. Stronger than I've experienced. A few days before I found out I was pregnant with Isla Rose, Drew and I were supposed to go to a dinner at my favorite restaurant in Park City. He walked in our room and I was asleep on the floor. He carried me to my bed and I didn't wake up until the next morning. With this pregnancy I didn't notice any pregnancy symptoms before I took a test. I was shocked when it was positive.

How did you cope with the early pregnancy sickness?

I called my doctor and had him prescribe me medicine. I made sure to eat something bland every two hours to help settle my stomach. I cleared my schedule and didn't push myself. I had to cancel a girls trip, a work event and a lot of family social events but I just couldn't do it. My body needed to rest and I'm glad I listened to that. I'm grateful my kids and husband were so helpful too. Drew would drop the kids off to school on his way to work. I would pick them up, we had a lot of detours while I was driving carpools. I would need to pull over to throw up and they would roll their windows down and encourage me the entire time, haha. They would get me snacks from the kitchen while I was in bed too. They're the sweetest little helpers.

Do you find it hard wanting another baby with morning sickness?

My heart wants a fourth baby but my head says no. I do not know if I can put myself through that again, especially running two businesses and taking care of 3 children. It scares me. I would love to have one more but man my morning sickness is BRUTAL.

Differences between your other pregnancies?

I popped so much faster! I've gained the most weight with this pregnancy, the aches and pains set in sooner, and the nausea was more intense.

What emotions have you been experiencing?

The last week I have been in tears late at night thinking of how fast Isla Rose and Jackson have grown. For some reason, feeling very sad they aren't my little babies anymore. I don't know why those feelings are so strong right now to the point where I will start crying. I'm very emotional this pregnancy.

How do you keep relaxed when thinking about labor/birth?

I still get a little anxious when I think about it, but then I remind myself that I've already done it twice and I can do it again. Every delivery I pray the entire time in my head. I just talk to God in my head and it helps me relax and feel at peace.

How has your sleep been?

Not great. I'm already starting to get back pain which makes sleeping uncomfortable and I get insomnia. I will lay wide awake until 3 AM some nights. Any tips?

Have any stretch marks?

No I don't. I'm very grateful that for each of my pregnancies I've never gotten a stretch mark. Who knows though, I still have my 3rd trimester to go.

Has your belly button popped out?

Yes! It's almost completely an outie. Amy, my little sister who moved in with me over a month ago, has been tracking my belly button. She claims it pops out a little more everyday.

Are you wearing maternity clothes yet?

Not yet. But I'm going to order maternity leggings and some maternity tees this week! Every day I wake up and my stomach has popped out more. I've been going up sizes in clothing and most of my clothes don't fit anymore but for some reason I don't shop maternity sections very often.

Are you considering a home birth?

No. I would not be able to do a home birth. I would literally die. My body doesn't go into labor and I have to have C-Sections. I would never consider that. I'm so grateful for my doctor and that he can deliver my baby safely since my body can't.

Have you ever or will you have a natural birth? How are you preparing?

No. Never. Any woman who can do natural I have major respect for. I know that my pain tolerance would never be high enough to have a baby naturally. I'm grateful for the gift of modern medicine and an epidural. However, having a C-Section is very scary and the recovery is long and painful. I've done it twice. I can tolerate more pain that I give myself credit for.

Planned C-Section?

Yes, my doctor said there's really no way around it at this point. My body does not go into labor on its own and it would be dangerous to induce labor now that I have had two C-Sections.

Have you been nesting? What things have you been getting for the baby's arrival?

I've definitely been nesting. Right now I'm on an organizing kick. However, I have not bought one thing for the baby yet. Partly because I still have time and partly because I don't know the gender yet. I do have so many blankets and precious tiny outfits saved from Bear and Isla Rose.

Any good tips to survive back pain?

I wish! I've actually been having a lot of back pain so if any of you mama's have tips, please share!!

Diet Questions:

Favorite pregnancy craving?

Apples and almond butter!

Any other cravings or food aversions?

My cravings in my second trimester definitely aren't as strong as they were in my first but I'm still craving sweets. I love cinnamon Eggo waffles right now. My food aversion is Cafe Rio... if you live in Utah, you know what that is. It usually is one of my favorite places to eat but I haven't been able to eat it since January.

Did you ever have a change in your tastebuds?

Yes I did. I'm usually a savory girl but when pregnant, all I want is sweets!!

What's your diet like?

When I am pregnant I give myself grace and eat whatever I'm craving and I DON'T feel guilty about it. I know exactly what I need to do to get the weight off, it's something I will worry about after I have the baby. I've done it twice before and I know I can do it again. Once I have the baby, I will cut out sugar and limit complex carbs. I will also start working out daily like I used to.

Favorite things to snack on throughout the day?

BBQ chips, Red Vines, apples, strawberries and grapes.

How often do you work out?

1-3 times a week. My workouts have been super low key and easy... a cardio class to get my body moving or a walk around the neighborhood. I'm waiting for the intense workouts I love and crave for after my pregnancy.

How are you maintaining a healthy weight and dealing with body image feelings?

I mean, I think every pregnant woman struggles with this to some degree. The worst is going to the doctors and having to step on that scale. From now on I'm going to step on it backwards so I don't even have to read it. It was a big blow at my last appointment when I saw the number on the scale, it was higher in my second trimester than it was the day I gave birth to Isla Rose. Again I'm giving myself grace. I've lost weight twice already. I know I can do it again.

Miscellaneous Questions:

Do you still take Diclegis?

Yes! I'm currently only taking 1 pill a day instead of 2. If I don't take at least 1 pill at night, I will throw up and be sick the entire next day. Learned my lesson not to miss!

Do you use self tanner? Have you found a safe one to use while pregnant?

Yes I do. I use TanLuxe (face and body) and Loving Tan. Ask you doctor before you decide to use a self tanner. My favorite body cream is Nécessaire and it has a clean ingredient list.

Any advice for breakouts and skincare?

Stick to a skincare routine and don't miss a morning or night. Your skin needs consistency! Even if it's late and you're tired, stick to your routine!! I've been exfoliating with a washcloth nightly since middle school and I swear by that! Try it!

What are your pregnancy bump friendly outfits?

My go-to is a tight knit dress with a cardi or jacket over the top! I also love a flowy dress! Dresses are the most comfortable thing for me to wear when pregnant. I hate any type of waist band.

How have things like doctor appointment plans change due to COVID-19?

Not a ton has changed other than my doctor appointments are slightly more spread out. The biggest change will be when it's time to deliver. As of now, Drew will be the only person who is allowed in the hospital with me. I'm very sad I won't have my mom there with me. I'm also sad my kids won't be able to come meet baby right after I deliver... but I completely understand why that new policy is in place.

How did you fight fatigue or days when you feel energy down?

I don't. I've taken this pregnancy pretty easy. If I'm tired or feeling low on energy, I give myself grace and I lie down. My kids have been amazing too. They will snuggle up to me and say, "it's okay Mommy, we'll take care of you."

How are you feeling with the craziness and being later along in your pregnancy?

I'm actually feeling pretty good. I'm grateful that for the most part babies and children are not at risk. That eases a lot of anxiety. I also think slowing down and staying home has helped ease a lot of my anxiety. We are safe in our home and I'm so grateful for that.

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