Mother's day...

Mother's day...
My husband spoils me way too much! I'm not even a mother but yet Drew decided to get me a "pre-mother's day" present because I will eventually be a mom (I'm not complaining). Drew got me a steamer!! I have actually really been wanting one! When I wear a fresh dry cleaned skirt to church for 3 hours, by the end of church the whole front is completely wrinkled from sitting down so I have to re-dry clean it. ANNOYING! With this new steamer I won't need to dry clean every week, it releases all the wrinkles and also, according to my mother-in-law, removes odor. After Drew spoiled me with this amazing present, Walt (my father-in-law) also bought me, along with all the mothers and future mothers in the Parcell family, a pair of Nike's for all the walking were going to be doing around Greece and Italy, Thanks Walt!!! To top mother's day off our Greece itinerary came in the mail, we all are so excited to go! Especially me because I have never ventured out side of the U.S.


Can't wait to wear these in Greece.

The Greece Itinerary, so excited!!

We hung out with my family the night before mother's day and the day after. This is a little late mom but I love you so much! Thanks for everything you do for me, you're amazing and I'm so grateful you are my mom! I love you!!!!!!

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