This past week...

This past week...
Drew went out of town last week for business with his dad and brother. They traveled to Las Vegas, Arizona and California all in one week to open more insurance offices. While Drew was packing his bags for the big trip I was packing mine too, I moved into my parents house for that week because I am too big of a baby to sleep at my own house with out my 6'5 husband to protect me in case if something happens. Megan, Amy and I had some fun sleepovers! It made miss living with my little sisters that steal my cloths, makeup and jewelry. This week I didn't seem to mind if they stole anything, I was just so glad to be able to spend a whole week with them. Our girls week consisted of lots of lunch dates, visiting the tuluip festival at Thanksgiving point and eating at the Trellis Cafe (so delicious), seeing the movie Something Borrowed Something Blue (loved it), shopping, hanging out with grandma Mary, watching Megs compete at Jump, judging a dance competition, going to a wedding reception, catching up with old friends and red mango! Even though I had so much fun with my mom and sisters I was so glad to have my husband back home and I was glad my dad, Tay and Drew got to hang out with us girls on Saturday night!

Trelis Cafe

Reading the magazine at grandmas house haha

Jump after Megs won VIP wahoo!

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