Home Update...

Home Update...

^^Drew snapped this on his phone while he was at the construction site the other night. It's already changed from this photo. the roof is now completely dried in (the black paper is all on the roof)!

^^A snap of the dining nook. I wanted it to feel like a sun room so we added windows and French doors on all three sides so the light will pour in.

^^ Don't mind my outfit ;) Drew had me in mud and dirt asking me some last minute question about window sizing. I keep a pair of hunter boots in my car since I'm at the home a lot walking in the mud with Drew.

^^ So these two images are not real images!! They were renderings of our new home made by architect/designer, Joseph Ward. He helped us button up the exterior front elevation. When I showed the rendering to Drew he said, "Woah! Who's house is that?! That looks like what our house is going to look like!" and I said..."That is your house. It's a computer rendering!" It was so cool to be able to see it, in what looks like real life!


Ok since so many of you have been asking for a home blog post update I'm finally sitting down to write one! You might remember this post from last October. It's where I shared the place we'll call home and how excited we are for this new adventure! Building a home is such an exhausting process and a lot of blood and sweat goes into it (at least for us, since my husband is our builder!!).

I’ve had tons of questions about what architect and designer we used for the exterior and interior. If you follow me on Instagram then you've probably seen that we hired Alice Lane for the interior, and I am SO in love with everything they've created and presented to us so far!!! You can see a sneak peek of our master bedroom here. And for the exterior we hired an architect in SLC. He wasn't quite catching my vision for the front exterior and I was starting to get really worried because in my mind I knew exactly what I wanted but no one could get it down on paper of what I was envisioning. My neighbor was telling me about her architect and how he does life-like renderings and specializes in exterior architecture. She gave me his number and we set up a meeting. We met for an hour, he took notes and then went to work. He nailed it on the first try! I was blown away when I saw the renderings (above are a few peeks, I didn't want to give the full thing away quite yet ;). His name is Joseph Ward and he is so amazing! He didn't charge us because it was such a short job as it was only the front exterior and I didn't have any edits so that was so sweet of him. His work is incredible.

For more updates on the building process you can follow me and Drew (@drewparcell) on Instagram. Drew posts about it more than I do since he's on-site a lot and he's super proud seeing his baby come to life. Building is his passion and it shows through his work. We are about done framing and then we'll start on all the finish materials which will be a tile roof and brick facade. I'll post more updates as the house keeps moving along!!

Thanks so much for stopping by and following along! I really love sharing my life with all of you and I sincerely appreciate your love and support!

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