The Place We’ll Call Home…

Dress: Free People | Earrings: Sachin & Babi ℅ | Watch: Michele | Bracelet: David Yurman | Lips: Soar liner and Snob lipstick by MAC

Isla’s Dress: Wren and James (similar style here) | Isla’s Sandals: Freshly Picked ℅

Jackson’s romper: Zara (similar style here) | Jackson’s Shoes: Freshly Picked ℅

Sorry for the delay of the launch of the new design of Pink Peonies!! We had some issues transferring content over to the new site, I’ve had my blog for six years and the number of images on my site kept breaking the transfer. Luckily we got it all figured out but my web guy told me I have over 120,000 images uploaded to my blog!! So crazy!! I can’t believe it’s been six years since I created my little space online. Thank you all so much for following along over the years. It truly means the world and none of it would be possible without all of you reading and following along my life journey.

I’ve been saving these images to share with you all since May!! We were in the process of re-designing my new site and I knew I wanted to save these photos for launch day. So here we are 5 months later!! These are such special images to me because not only are they captured beautifully of my little family BUT they were taken on our new property, the place we will call home hopefully sooner rather than later.

We took family pictures on our lot right before we broke ground to begin construction on our new home that Drew is building (if you haven’t seen it already he posts construction updates of the new home all the time on his Instagram, @drewparcell). I mentioned in this blog post that the view from our new home is absolutely majestic! I’ve always been in love with our Utah mountains, I don’t think I could ever leave Utah because I would miss them too much. I’m so excited to be able to wake up and look out my window to this view! It’s breathtaking and is what sold me to move from our last home. And let it be known here that I am never moving again (Drew are you reading this??;) but seriously, I’m not.

We broke ground in late June and are just about to start framing!! I can’t wait to see our plans become a reality here in a few weeks. We started working on the home plans in June of 2016 and it almost took a full year to finally start so I’m so anxious to see it come to life! I’ve had tons of questions about what architect and designer we used for the exterior. His name is Joseph Ward and he’s amazing! He created a life-like rendering of our home and I almost started crying when I saw it. I’ll have to find it in my email and share it all with you! It’s so pretty and looks real even though it was done on the computer!

Today we have our first meeting with the design firm we chose to help us with the interiors and finishes of the home. Watch my IG stories today to see who we ended up selecting (although I’m sure you could guess who it is ;). I’ll be documenting the entire build process so stay tuned for much more about our new home in future posts!

Also, I mentioned on my IG story a couple days ago that every Wednesday as part of my “Inspiration Wednesday” I would do a Q&A to answer your questions! I’ve already sifted through all of the questions left on my blog and Instagram and can’t wait to receive more! So if you have a question for me (it doesn’t have to be blog related, it can be literally anything!!), leave it in the comments below (or any blog post) and I will look through them and pick a few (anywhere from 5-10) to answer every Wednesday! So ask away and maybe your question will be one I choose to answer!!!

I know I say this a lot but I honestly can’t thank you guys enough for your love and support!!! None of this would be possible without you, so thank you.

Have a lovely Thursday!

xo, Rach
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98 thoughts on “The Place We’ll Call Home…

  1. ThIs dress! It’s beautiful! You look gorgeous in it. I don’t know how you alwaYs find the perfect and amazing dress or outfit for your photo seSsions. These Family photos are breathtakIng. The mOuntains in the backdrop are so majestic. Anyway, the whole thing is stunning. I love following you, especially your home And family lIfe. I Can’t wait to see your new home Be built and come to lIfe. It’s so exciting. TaKe care and god bless. He is awesome. So are you.

  2. congrats on the new layout! time flies by and i absolutely love following your blog and growth not only in the blog industry but personal life too. my question is, as a small business owner how can i send something to you or your team? woULD LOVE TO SEND YOU ONE OF OUR HANDMADE baskets/bags. Thank you! — Soraya

  3. How absolutely gorgeous Rach! Congratulations, the family photos are stunning what a beautiful way to begin your new chapter and I am loving seeing the BTS that Drew is sharing on IG, it looks amazing already ~ Rebecca Xx

  4. Wow, amazing blog design Rach!!! Congratulations to that and also to your new home to be. It will be amazing for sure!!!
    Wish you and your family all the Best :)

  5. Hi Rachel! So excited for you and your family’s next adveNture! Enjoy the process! My question for you is if you could compile a list of great dreSses for an anniversary date night? Thanks!!

  6. your new Blog site looks beautiful. Congratulations on the new home. My husband is a residential architect and i remember building our home. It is so exciting! Best of lucK!

  7. What an increDible VieW! It is so special that you took these photos AT the place you will call home! I can’t wait to hear more on the building process.

    Thanks so much for answering questions. As someone who is gettIng into blogGing, I wouLd Love to know what you think are the top factors to make your blog Successful? Also, WHat do you do with all of the Clothes :)?



  8. Hi dear,

    Why you stpped selling your BEAUTIFUL acceSsories? I have boght the lively Famo ring with tWo sets of bracelets but after that you stpp making and se them ,, i hop you bring your accessories back to pink peonies <3

    With love ❤️

  9. rach, these photos are seriously darling! your cute little family is just so so cuuute! I have been following your blog for about 3 years now, ( since I was in 8th grade) and I have to say I am love, love, loving the new site!! its GORGEOUS plus glam!! and how you took pictures before breaking ground?! just the sweetest thing! cant wait to see your new home! its going to be lovely! and isla and jackson are getting so big! they are such cuties! and how time flys… I swear just yesterday I was reading your “suprise!” post about being prego with little jackson! where has the time gone?! anyways, I hope you have a fabulous day rach! say Hi to your little family for me!

    xoxo- abby

      1. Your welcome! I alWays love hearing back from you! (And you do that so well via insta comments I love it when yountake thr time for that! )Im doing fab thank you! If inever find myself in utah, id love To stop by and say hi!?

  10. I just want to Say thank you for introduc me to BBG! After having our sweet Hamilton Elizabeth and starting my own Company (I’m a custom home builder) i needed something fast and intense! Im only on week one, but already feel amazng! So again, thank you!

  11. Congrats with your new site! Exciting!! Thanks for sharing pics of your beautiful new home siTe! Does your husband have his own website or only IG for home building?

  12. The new site looks absolutely beautiful! I cant wait to see yoir new home. Its very exciting to watch a dream come to fruition. ? Best of luck to you all!

  13. The new site looks great! I would love to know your favorite brand of hot chocolate to buy? I’m looking for something great to have around this winter! Also, is the Serene Blue Bell Sleeve Dress going to be restocked? Thanks!

  14. Hi Rach! I’Ve Been keeping up with youR blog For years now and im only 17! I’ve always had An interest in blogging and fashion so your blog is everything to me :) my question is: ‘If you had never started your blog, what do you think you’D been doing right now?’ Xoxo

  15. Yay. Congrats on the site + property. both are so beautiful!! And excited for your new wednesday feature… i’d love to know what advice you’d have for someone who’s looking to start a blog?! xo

  16. Your land is absolutely breath taking and inspiring!!! I know You talked A little in your Insta STORIES awhile back aBout hOw your goaL is to have no mortgage on your FOREVER home and My husbabd and i share that saMe dream! I wOuld lOve to hear more about your process And plaNs to make that all happen and of course to inspire others to do the saMe and live debt free!!

  17. Those views are breath taking! Enjoy! my daughter is the same age as your isla rose. would you do a kids inspiration outfit Wednesday? with church, holidays. family photos sometimes I need more inspiration. thanks to you – my daughter and I will wear the same color Platte to be more coordinated without the matchy matchy. best!

  18. Congrats on your new site! It looks amazing! And these are the sweetest pictures of your family. Can’t wait to see your new home come to life! the view is absolutely breathtaking.

  19. Congrats, so exciting!! my question is what eyelashes and makeup do you wear on a regular basis? and favorite eyeshadow pallet? :)

  20. Do you use anything to keep isla’s curls in tact and not dry or tangled? My Daughter has little ringlets but her hair is always dry and super tangled when she wakes up and throughout he day. :) thank you!

  21. good morning Rachel,

    I was getting your e-mails daily and have not for a couple days. I went to your site this morning and am wondering if it is because you have updated your site and my e-mail was lost? I did try to enter it again, but am unable to when I try and click the envelope, it goes nowhere. maybe others are experiencing the same issue. I enjoy your e-mail updates and hope to get back on your list. The new home site and pictures look beautiful! thank you in advance! Kendra

    1. Hi Kendra!

      It should just be because I didn’t post for a few days, but you should be getting them now! Let me know if you aren’t for some reason :)

      xo, Rach

  22. First of all, Rach, your new website layout and style is BEAUTIFUL!!! Secondly, I love your family photos! I’m so happy for you guys and what a journey it’s been to follow you for five years! I seriously wouldn’t want to move either if I had views like that too! I can’t wait to see more home decor posts. For some reason, I’ve been addicted to them lately, haha! Congratulations on this new chapter of your life! xo

    She Sweats Diamonds

  23. These pictrues are gorgeous! Love the new site. I wAs wondering how you chose your kid’s names? (And emily’s too!) i love them all!

  24. love the house updates! please keep them coming- i find the whole process so fun and fascinating so i would love to see it all unfold! would also love to see the rendering the architect did, as you mentioned. your last house was just so beautiful, i cant even begin to imagine how stunning this one is going to be :)

  25. Hi, Rachel: I absolutely love your new site – beautiful! i have a very cool partnership/influencer idea that i’d love to chat with you about. what is the best way to get in touch with you? Thanks so much!

  26. Congrats Rach!!! So exciting. can’t wait to see your new home. i have a question for your q&a….how did you choose isla rose and jackson’s names? do they have special meaning? such cuties those two :)

  27. No way!!! my dad is doing a major renovation, (well–it’s actually turned into more like a rebuild) and Joseph is thE one designing his house. He really is amazing, my dad has a photo stream he uploads all the renderings to and let me sit in on a design meeting and it’s incredible what he can do!! So excited to see your build process! <3


  29. questions?? i’m in ! potty training!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what is your approach? using baby pull ups or quit the diaper cold turkey? and when !!!??? my toddler has not started yet to quit the diapers but i am planing on potty boot camp in a long weekend next week. i mus say i am afraid LOL

  30. Congratulations on both your new home in the process and your new site launch, both look beautiful! I look forward to when you IT’S ALL DONE AND YOU move in and decorate, I know it will be a dream! Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you’re having a great week so far!



  31. Aw Rach.. how fun is this? So excited for the new & fun changes coming for your family. Love the new website design – it looks Great. Hope you have a great week!

  32. Hey Rachel I would like your input on being a business women. How do you manage being a mother of young children, working out, putting on makeup and doing hair, spending time with family, running a blog, uploading on insta story, running multiple fashion lines, packing and flying out to trips. I know you have an assistant, how many do you have? How do you manage time? Also, I am guessing there was a transition time in your business where you had so much work but didn’t have the man power so you had to do a lot on your own. If that assumption is accurate then how did you make that transition between doing everything on your own and getting elp? Also, even though you look incredibly successful from an outsiders perspective do you have even larger dreams that you have not reached, or let downs that you have dealt with? How do you cope with failure and stress?

    I am curious bc I admire the appearance of how you juggle everything. I am an entrepreneur dealing with real estate and sometimes I feel that I have so much work for my business, plus a regular 8-5 day job, I try to stay exceptionally fit, prioritize family, cook home meals, do my hair, make time to coordinate family photo shoots, ect. Having help with my own business would be great but I cannot afford to get help bc my business has not reached the point to were it can justify spending the money.

    What is your advice?

  33. Hi Rach! Love you and your style! My husband and i are in the beginning stages of building a home! Do you have any advice or things you’re doing differently now that you’re Building your second home? Cant wait to see the renderings of the outside, bc your first home Was aLso goRgeous, im sure This One will be amazing as well! ThanKs in advanced and hope to Hear from you! – katerina

  34. Hi Rach! Gorgeous area! Congratulations. :) We live in Utah as well and my husband and I always talk about living closer to the mountains, so I totally understand jumping at an opportunity for such a view! :) My baby was also born the same week as Jackson. :) Your family is beautiful. I am a local watercolor artist and I paint portraits of homes. I would love to do a painting of your old home as gift for you to remember it by! I know it will always mean alot to as the place where you brought your babies home! Let me know your thoughts. You can see some of my work on IG at @Jacqmurdockdesigns or on Etsy at

    Thanks! Love seeing everything you post! XO, Jacqueline

  35. Beautiful family!! Love Utah!! We lived there years ago for ine year… such a sPecial place! Good luck with the Building of your new hOme! I tried to to link in your husband’s instagram but it did nit wOrk for me! :(

  36. I cant wait to see the build unfold! Renovations are one of my passions!

    Also as a side note, the new mobile version of your blog has some glitches. Text overlaps in some places making it difficult to read and the shop bar stays up so if you are on an ipad and Have it in landscape orientation you cant actually see a picture in its entirety because the shop bar is disproportionately large.

  37. Hi Rachel!
    Ive been fOllowing u for a while and im Enchanted how sweet you and ur family are. CongrAtUlations!
    Do u have a degree On anything? How was the path To become a blogger? Were u at college? Tell us a little bit about yourself beFore being a blogger. Thank you for beIng always an inspiration! Xoxo Fabi

  38. Hi Rach! Such a gorgeous area! Congratulations. :) We live in Utah as well and my husband and I always talk about moving closer to the mountains. So, I totally get jumping at an opportunity to have a great view! I am a local watercolor artist and paint portraits of homes. I would love to do a painting of your old home as gift for you to remember it by! I know it will always mean alot to as the place you brought your babies home to! You can see some of my work on IG at @jacqmurdockdesigns or on Etsy at Let me know what you think! :)

    Your family is beautiful! My baby was born the same week as Jackson! :) Love to see everything you post! Xo, Jacqueline

  39. I would love love love to see your 3d home design that your architect did. we are currently working on plans for a new house that we will break ground on next summer. For your q&A i would love to know the top 3 items that were priority for you in this new house. I would also love to know what you knew you wanted to do differently with this house compared to your last home. lastly, I would love to know your favorite things you are doing in your kitchen that you knew you had to have in this house!!! :) thank you so much and i can’t wait to hear your answers.

  40. My question:
    I am also building a home at the moment, we are still in the design phase. ReGarding closet sizes, how biG was your old closet? Will this new one be bigger? What are you incorporating in the new one?

  41. So excited for you and your family! You’re such an INSPIRATION to me rachel! I began following your Blog when you and drew were building your first house and now that your new house is under way I can’t wait to see it come together, so take LOTS of pictures! Aside from that i’d like to thank you for giving me not only inspiration, but motivation as well. Seeing your dailey pictures on insta and reading your blog posts always brightens my day and makes me want to work harder to reach my goals!

  42. Great photos, you have a beautiful family! I noticed you tagged Your daughter’s dress as Gap, but i see it’s a wren and james dress. Just thought i’d let you know :)

  43. Congrats on your new site!
    I see I am in the minority here but…..I prefer your previous site. It seems many bloggers are moving to this style lately; for some reason I find it too busy, too focused on “BUYINg” or “shopping” and I am not a big fan of all these things popping up on the screen. I prefer a simpler aesthetic. I had noticed your sister had moved to this style a couple of months ago and I have all but stopped accessing iT – I think it has to do with the New layout. I don’t mean to be a Debbie downer but I wanted to provide my honest opinion. And just so you know, Pink peonies is one of the two sites I access every morning! wishing you All the best!

  44. I’d love for you to walk us through your morning and evening skincare routine. I know you COLLABORATE with certain companies so if you can’t list a certain product you use, maybe just list the type of product (ex. Vit C serum). I recently became a mom and my skin is now suffering and your skin always looks so amazing – even without makeup! So what do you do and use in the morning and at night, what masks or treatments do you use or recommend.

    Also, what is your everyday makeup routine since becoming a mom? When your babies were new, what was your go to routine?

    Thanks! Love your site and your devotion to family <3

    I also love how you remain humble given all of your success. THe fact that you still post clothes that are reasonably priced and buy your kids clothes at gap and zara is amazing :)

  45. such a beautiful family! Seriously those babies though… so adorable! I’m so excited to see your new home come together. I love all the updates about your design process. What are the similarities and differences going to be between this house and your previous one (interior and exterior)? I would love to hear about this on your Wednesday questionnaire ;-)

  46. I love your blog posts! You are so inspiring and tRuly is someone i look up to. Did you ever imagine that someday You would achieve everything you are and everything you have right now? How do you manage being a mom and also having your business?

  47. Hi Rachel! So happy for you and your beautiful family! Ive been following you for years and its wild as Just a follower to see how much you and your family have grown and how you allow us all into this piece of your life! My Question for you is was there a moment in your blogging career when you knew you had Hit it big and what was that moment? XOXO

  48. I would like to chat with Rachel as I have a business inquiry, as well as an offer.

    Thank you in advance,

    best regards,

  49. Hi rach! These photos are absolutelY gorgeous! We are taking family pictures soon. do you have any suggestions on outfits or cordinating the three of Us? (Me, husband, and two-year-old daughter) I feel like we’re either too matchy or not corrdinated enough! ThanK you!

  50. Hi doll!!
    love your new site! fresh, clean and pretty like always <3
    we are building our house next year and i am def inspired by all your pics and ideas!!!
    2 questions:
    what would you do differently with interior now having kids with the new house? i am a new mom and dont want to regret anything since this will be our only time building.

    and question #2:
    is there anyway to take off the "join the list" if we are already subscribed? i remember it w0ud always do that in the past too but it gets distracting and when i would ACCIDENTALLY click on it when i was trying to click "x" on the top right. hope that makes sense! :) xoxoo

  51. Could you please share floor plans of your last house and your new home? Also, not sure Whose house it is, but the house plans for the sports court wouLd be greatly appreciated! Going to look at drew’s Ig now!

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