A Look Back At My Master…

I was looking through my photos and realized a few nights ago I never posted these images of my master bedroom!! I had it photographed one last time right before we moved out and I can’t believe I forgot to share them with you. Better late than never!

Our bedroom was by far my favorite room in the home and we spent most of our time here. My sisters would come over at all hours of the night and sit on the sofa and love seat and we would talk for hours about their dates, boys, school, etc. My mom always would come over when I had my newborns and sit and talk with me while I nursed. Emily would bring Cannon over and Isla and Cannon would watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and jump like crazies on the bed. Drew and I would stay up late binge watching Netflix shows with our Boom Chicka Pop! Suits was our favorite series we watched together!!

So many memories and so hard to say goodbye to. The family who purchase our home bought most of our furniture but I couldn’t part ways with our bedroom furniture so it will be going different places in our new home once construction is complete!! I love how fresh, airy and inviting this space is.

I also thought I would include a little peek of our master bedroom in the new house that Alice Lane is designing in case you wanted to see!! I can’t decide if I should get the four-post bed they selected or keep my headboard. If I end up going with the four-post bed I’m going to put this in the guest room for when my little sister’s sleep over (which they do a lot). What do you guys think???

Photography by Lindsay Salazar.

Designed by Me and Caitlin Creer.

Styled by Me.








xo, Rach
A Look Back At My Master…
A Look Back At My Master…
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145 thoughts on “A Look Back At My Master…

  1. Oh Rach, your master is just gorge! Such a big and fresh space. Love all the natural light coming in! I can’t blame you for keeping some of your pieces, as it’s nice to add them throughout your new home. They are too beautiful to part with! I’m excited to see what your new home will be like. <3

    PS —- DId you keep that beautiful mirror?!! I hope so, it is stunning!!


  2. First of all, that bedroom is gorgeous! I love the use of texture, it makes the room so cozy and inviting, and also beaitiful and stylish. I also love how you will have chairs in front of a fireplace in your new home, that’s one of my dreams for when we own a house. Personally, i say go for the 4 post bed, but that’s just me :) have a great day! Xallie http://www.theallthatglittersblog.com

    1. I’m kind of leaning more toward the 4-post bed! But we will see! I honestly don’t know if I could ever part with this headboard!!!!

      xo, Rach

  3. I love it and love being able to see how the whole room looks, not just little views. It’s always fun to see how it all fits together. It’s been a lot of fun watching the drawings / previews of your home pop up in the hashtag with you and Alice Lane. :) Thanks for sharing your building process with us!!!

      1. I have searched overstoCk for rug and i can’t find the exact one you have. Any links? Thank you and your bedroom is gorgeous❤️

  4. It was absolutely beautiful! I’m Very excited to see your new bedroom and house once it’s finished! You are So classy, and i love seeing your style and life!

  5. Rach, have you ever listed the Source of these bedside tables? I love the gray and all that storage! Also, do those Roman shades keep out the light? We need Something that is room-darkening.
    Thnak you for sharing!

      1. Hi Rachel, I just realized you wrote back to me! I didn’t realize it before. First of all, thank you for responding. second, I love the chaise lounge type thing you have. Also, the dresser. unusual. thank you! Shannen

        1. Hey Rachel! I read through all the comments and found all the answers I was looking for on your bedroom style so no need to respond to my last comment. Good luck on your new house and I am looking forward to seeing it!

  6. Your room is gorgeous! where did you get your velvel pillows – love the blue one on the chair. Also, where did you get your art above the dresser? Thanks for sharing. I would go wIth the four poster.

  7. What a gorgeous room! Personally i would go for the four poster bed, i have one myself and think it really helps fill and bring definition to a large room. only downside is making the bed can be a little trickier than you’re used to! : )

  8. Would you please say where yiu got your pillows from? The pretty blue ans white checked and the blue and cream colored VElvet pillows? Please! Thank You!

  9. I have a four poster bed, it becomes a nuisance when we try to watch tv if we are in bed. Because youre always trying to look past trh pole. And uNless you have high ceilings it kind of makes your eye stop at the canopy line. Rather than let your eye go to the ceiling or chandelier (if you have one). I think its pErsonal Preference and the space kind of dictates that. LoW ceilings, you Really shouldn’t do a four poster. It makes the ceilings feel lower and brings the space inward. Will the bed be mirrored? Those are cool- they reflect thr light and Dont make it feel so enclosed. Cant wait to see what you do!! Loved your first house- im sure this one wont disappoint either! Alice lane does an amazing job as well! ?

    1. Bedding pillows are from Alice Lane! Paint is Ashwood by Benjamin Moore. Trim is Dove White by Benjamin Moore! Hope this helps :)

      xo, Rach

  10. I think that the canopy bead will make the room feel smaller since it will kind of close off the bed from the rest of the room a little bit. Personally I love the feeling of your first bedroom, the warm cozy and very open AESTHETIC is very homey to me and really facilitates using it as a gathering area for your family like you were talking about. but the canopy probably makes sleeping in the bed feel super cozy so I guess you can’t really go wrong. :)

  11. So beautiful!!! Please please give us links for the stunning furniture in your bedroom! Especially the night stands!!!!! I cant wait to see your new home! Stunning as always!

    1. Thanks Christin! The nightstands are from Bungalow 5, lamps are Aerin, my bed is by Oly Studio but can be bought from Layla Grace or Alice Lane! Pillows are Alice Lane, bedding is Pottery Barn and William Sanoma. Chairs are also Oly Studio! Hope this helps :)

      xo, Rach

  12. Love your old master! Definitely get the four poster. I think it would be gorgeous plus your current headboard would make for one BEAUTIFUL and peaceful guest room!

  13. Where did you get the couch that is at the end of your bed? Ive been looking for something just likeJt.

    1. Hi Megan! I don’t know the brand but I got it from Caitlin Creers! And I’ve seen similar ones at One Kings Lane :)

      xo, Rach

  14. Gorgeous photographs! Your master bedroom was super deluxe but so understated, i love it! can’t wait to see how the master looks in your new place!

    Want to know where to find designer pieces for less? Check out my newest post now… Blush & Bordeaux

  15. Gorgeous space! Love every piece Of furniture. Especially the couch at the end of the bed and your nIght tables. Can you share the SOurces? Thanks!


    1. Hi Gina! My night stands are from Bungalow 5 and the couch at the end of the bed I got through Caitlin Creers, but I’ve seen similar ones at One Kings Lane! Hope this helps :)

      xo, Rach

  16. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! I say keep your headboard. My husband hates four poster beds (or beds with a foot board) as he’s 6 foot 4 and they get in the way. Drew might be the same?

    1. Totally! He’s 6’5 so it might not be super comfortable for him. We’ll see what we end up going with!

      xo, Rach

  17. Can you tell me how big is your room – Dimensions? I’m trying to figure out if I should put a fireplace in my new master. My architect put it in, and I nixed it, but yours makes the whole room so inviting, I am rethinking my decision.

    1. Hi Vicki! Let me see if I can get the exact measurements from Drew. I think he has them but I don’t know them off the top of my head!

      xo, Rach

  18. So beautiful!! I Would love to know more about your interior styling habits, are you more the type to leave a Styled SPACE (in terms of accessories and vignettes) alone once You’re happy with it, or are you the type of person who’s constantly CHANGING it up and moving things around? And another question on this topi

    1. Hi Holly!! Honestly I feel like once a room is styled and I love it I try to leave it – but I love to make little updates every now and then. That’s a tough question!!

      xo, Rach

  19. We have an english yellow lab, who sleeps in our bed every night. I see dash oN your bed and furniture and am wondering how you keep it clean/manage the hair!! We have a three month old and i swear she is probably eating the hair (gag!) just because it Is everywhere! Sweeping and vaccuMing every other day is what i do now, but i am curious if you have any secrets! Thanks!

  20. Hi Rachel! I never post comments so I hope I did this right….We had a four post bed and ended up selling it. It is a constant obstruction of views in the room. Not just tv viewing but even seeing our son playing on the floor, etc. It was so pretty but it was such a pain!!!! I know it sounds odd but it is more of an obstruction than you think :(

  21. When i think about a 4 post bed i think dust. More places for Dust to land on. And when the cleaners come the dUst falls on to yOur mattress. That makes me feel icky. And i persoNally could love the look of a 4 post Bed but i worry that i would get bored of it quickly. Just my 10 cents.

  22. I’ve always loved your style and ylur master bedroom was gorgeous. I personally love how cozy fabric headboards are, and i adore tour last one! (Coming from someone who had a wooden frame bed, fabric ones are easier on the shins ;) ) Both options are beaufjl, have fun planning/designing!

  23. Your room was beautiful, but what I am most envious of is your upbringing. Your PARENTS seem incredibly supportibve and loving. Most girls I know that HAD so much are sNots. You seem gracious and kind. Keep it up. I want to be a wonderful grandma like your mom.

  24. Lovely designs!
    Your old bed is beAutiful, And it would be a treat to any guests you HAVE STAy with you. I think a four post would be BEAUTIFUL, i just would make sure your new bed has an upholsyeted headboard for you and your huSband to enjoy. Our first bed was a wood headboard and was UNCOMFORTABLE to lean against (always having to have enough PILLOWS for comfort). So whatever you do- upholsitered all the way.;)

  25. Rachel i love your style. everything from your sophisticated clothing line to the details in your beautiful home. I have loved following you for years. I can’t wait to see you new bedroom, I know it will be nothing less than stunning. thank you for always inspiring me!

  26. i started to read your blog after i somehow found you on instagram back when you were decorating the first house and am looking forward to see the process with the new one! i personally would keep the headboard because it is just beautiful…also thanks for sharing the pics, i really admire your style and also what alice lane is doing ♥ greetings from Slovakia :-)

  27. Your batchelor chest/nightstands, Are Are perfect ? for what i am looking for. Did you paiNt tHem? I have checjed BUNGALOW 5. Any info you can share to help? Found similar one in ivory but not as big as yours. I love this master suite!

  28. So beautiful! Would you mind sharing the paint cOlor? We are wantIng a beautiful neutral for some Of the spaces in our home.

    We are going with Benjamin moore Simply WhIte (white walls on white trim) in our family room but want something warmer for our bedroom. Warm yet soothing.

    We looked at gReige colorS, but none have been “the” color ?


    Your home was beautiful, can’t wait to sEe The new one!

    Also, I Vote for The four postor bed! ☺️



  29. That headboard is Just stunning! But the thing is, We dont know exactly how is going to lOok your new bedroom so we could say “keep it” and probablY the new colors will look better With the four post bed. But anyway, i am comPleTly sure you will figure it out gracefully as you always do! I am so happy for you and your family getting the house of your Dreams and can’t wait to see it finished! Xoxo

  30. Oh you must keep it!! It’s synomous to you and your posts, a part of you, such history with your sisters and family … and did i mention beautiful! hope you keep it!!!!


  31. Hi, thank you for sharing your photos! They are amazing

    The bed of four posts has advantages and disadvantages that you should consider.

    – If it is with curtains, it increases privacy
    – Canopied beds carry a certain magic and haughtiness to the room
    – If there are mosquitoes in your area, this type of bed can be a great option because it gives protection!

    – over time, you may get bored of seeing the posts, as this breaks the breadth of space can become oppressive
    – Another of the disadvantages is the dust that accumulates on the posts and curtains of the canopy bed. Think about your health and wash them.
    – since you have children during the night as you walk in and out of bed, you may get hurt
    – The pole can be an obstacle for those who like to watch television from the bed

    Regardless of whether you choose the new bed or not, I’m sure you will choose the right bed!

    All the best!

    Vera B http://www.thevbreeze.com


  33. There are aspects of the old home i like, for example all the beautiful light. But i Guess i’ll never understand the need for a house that size. Who needs that much Space? How many Natural resources are stripped from the planet to make this? It just seems so wasteful to me. It’S also very cold and impersonal, like a museum, not a plAce where people *live*. It lacks any personality. It makes me sad.

    1. It came from Alice Lane! They might be out at the moment, but One Kings Lane may have a similar one! Hope this helps :)

      xo, Rach

  34. HI racHel, your bedroom is perfect! I cant wait to see your new houSe. Would you mind Sharing where you g got your dresser from and the Chaise? Are Your bedside tables grey or blue? They are so So pretty! You have Such beautiful taste. Thanks for sharing with us!

    1. Dresser is from Alice Lane! My bedside tables are from Bungalow 5 and they’re more blue than grey! The chaise I got from Caitlin Creer Interiors but I’ve seen super similar ones at One Kings Lane! Hope this helps :)

      xo, Rach

  35. Sorry I am a little late in chiming in here :) love your master bedroom- such beautiful and soothing decor. I have a four poster bed currently and just wanted you to know that there are pros and cons to having one. when we move, i think i may switch back to a style more similar to what you have here. they look so elegant and refined, but i sometimes feel like the posts get in the way and that they makes it feel like THE bed is taking up more space in the room because of the high posts at the end of the bed. Just Some things to consider! cant wait to see pics of your new house!

  36. Hi Rachel I rrally love your befroom! It is stunning! Where Do you get the fur from? I am desgining my home curr and I Would love some recOmmendations pleasE

  37. Hi Rachel,

    Im a big fan from the dominican republic.
    can you let me know where you bought the headboard? i love it

  38. This bedroom is so beautiful! I am doing a similar color palette for my own master bedroom so if you ever want to sell anything from this room hit me up ? can’t wait to see your new master

  39. Hi, i am redoing my daughter’s bedroom and using yours as inspiration for it. very pretty! i was wondering if you could tell me where i can find your rug from your bedroom at your old house. i’ve seen some similar but i like yours better. Thanks, Lisa

  40. your room is so chic and peaceful, it’s gorgeous! it’s a big inspiration and i love the texture the wall covering brings. do you mind sharing the make and color of it? I read the comments to see if someone had already asked but could only find about the paint color…

  41. Hi there! We are moving and getting new bedroom furniture and those nightstands are amazing! Would you mind sharing with me where you got them?!?! Thanks!

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