A Year to Get Your Glow Back: The Skalla Sister Edition

A Year to Get Your Glow Back: The Skalla Sister Edition

My youngest sisters and I have been chatting about our own intentions to reflect and reset for new projects in 2021. We came up with goals for fitness and family, self-care and homemaking, travel and finance, and everything in between. We’re calling it our “Get Our Glow Back” regimen—a collective sisters’ effort to make time for projects that makes us feel truly happy, motivated, and healthy!

Below are a few of the “glow-iest” intentions my sisters and I are focusing on for 2021 (it's never too late to start!). Tag me with your own intentions; I'd love to hear what helps you get your glow back for 2021!

Rachel Parcell Glow Back 2021Rachel Parcell Glow Back 2021

Rachel’s 2021 Get Your Glow Back: A Healthy Kitchen

My biggest intention for 2021 is to get back in my kitchen groove. I’ve been spending a lot of time this January making healthy lunches to get my post-baby fitness regimen back on track. Now, I’d also like to refocus on using my kitchen as a space to be creative and spend time with my favorite people.

Whether me and my kids make PB&Js or a five-course meal, the experience of cooking with my family always helps me take a break, focus my energy, and reconnect with my inner homemaker. It feels so good for my heart, mind, and soul.

Speaking of healthy treats, here’s one of my favorite glow-up recipes for 2021. I think drinking a green smoothie for breakfast is one of the most effective ways to improve your health and energy!


Spinach-Frozen from Costco
Banana - Have bananas about to go bad? Throw them in a bag in the freezer.
Water or Almond Milk
Greek Yogurt or Avocado (frozen from Costco)
Ice (or frozen banana)
Add PB2 for extra sweetness
Chia Seads

Megan’s 2021 Resolution: Make Fitness a Priority

“Even with all the weirdness in 2020, I still felt super busy and productive,” says Megan. “My husband and I moved into our new apartment in DC, we did a little traveling, and I worked with my sisters on their RP and IVL projects. I spent plenty of time being active, but I’m really hoping to hone my fitness regimen and try new workouts in 2021. Lucky for me, I have the best support system!”

Megan’s favorite way to kickstart a new fitness routine is to refresh her workout gear and gym accessories. Check out her Amazon Fashion picks and essentials to help you get off the couch with a fresh and happy mindset!

Rachel Parcell Glow Back 2021Rachel Parcell Glow Back 2021Rachel Parcell Glow Back 2021

Amy’s 2021 Glow Up: Self Care—Even When I'm Just Lounging with Mr. Ford

My sister Amy helps with watching Mr. Ford during my meetings, so she spends a lot of time at home. She doesn’t often get a chance to dress up for the day, so one of her big intentions for 2021 is to get out of her sweats-and-ponytail rut.

“I love spending time with my nephew,” says Amy, “but it means I don’t put tons of effort into getting ready and primping myself for the workweek. This year, I want to buy some new outfits, treat myself to hair and makeup more often, even if I'm just lounging with Mr. Ford.”

Amy’s picks are a chic new set of PJs, a couple of day essentials, and a few upgrades to her beauty and health regimen. Shop her Amazon Fashion picks below!

Rachel Parcell Glow Back 2021Rachel Parcell Glow Back 2021

Sending you best wishes for success and happiness in 2021! I’m feeling so grateful and excited to see what this year has in store for me and mine. And what about you? What possibilities for home, family, health, finance, and self-care are inspiring your New Year’s resolutions? What tools do you need to make 2021 a year of creativity and success? I’m honored that you took a moment to check in on my journey. I hope you’ll continue to share and celebrate your own successes along the way. Cheers!

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