How to Style and Personalize an RP Dress or Outfit

How to Style and Personalize an RP Dress or Outfit

If you are a new or longtime fan of the RP collections and aesthetics, get to know my fundamentals for matching, accessorizing, and styling our most iconic looks below!


Fundamental #1: An RP Look is Classic and Feminine

I love a demure aesthetic with a touch of glam: full coverage tops that flatter my bodice and waistline, functional outerwear that still feels unique and stylish, and elegant dresses featuring chic and covetable embellishments. I want our customers to feel comfortable, yet classy and elevated for their occasion.

Rachel Parcell Style and AestheticMy favorite RP dress style is a lace sheath. I wear with a low ponytail and Louboutin heels for a timeless and elevated vibe.

Fundamental #2: RP Pieces Can Be Dressed Up or Down

I can wear a classic RP sweater with jeans and my favorites tennis shoes, or go chic and sophisticated with a shimmery skirt and designer earrings. I usually don't like to spend tons of money on clothes. Instead, I pair basics with designer accessories—an easy and affordable way to elevate my complete look.

Rachel Parcell Style and Aesthetic

Rachel Parcell AestheticOne look, two ways. This RP sweater looks feminine and elegant for all occasions.

Fundamental #3: RP Designs Can Be Worn Season After Season

I love to layer an RP summer dress for fall dressing, or transition a luxe and feminine dress sweater for spring. I never want an RP item to feel dated or fleeting; each item is designed to be styled and updated in fresh and feminine ways each season.

Rachel Parcell Aesthetic

Rachel Parcell Style IdeasRP dresses can be styled for all seasons. I love a lightweight denim jacket for a spring style, and a faux fur overcoat looks divine for fall.

Fundamental #4: Every RP Piece Has an Element of Romance

This could be a luminous colorway, a ruffled sleeve or hemline, am embroidered skirt—soft and sensuous details that play up your sweet and feminine aesthetic.

Rachel Parcell Style IdeasThis iconic ensemble features my favorite RP details: a demure yet flattering silhouette, lush layers, and romantic embellishments. The skinny belt cinches in the waistline, the matching designer purse adds a touch of luxury, and unique black heels round off this head-to-toe look.

Fundamental #5: An RP Look Can Be Feminine or Edgy

RP designs offer an elegant foundation for your bold and trend-forward items. Style your RP essentials every season with unique layers and statement accessories; the result is a chic and elevated aesthetic.

Rachel Parcell Outfit IdeasCombat boots and a chic leather jacket add a touch of vintage cool to our feminine RP skirt and sweater. For a classic RP vibe, we cinched in the waistline and kept to a stylish neutral palette.

Rachel Parcell Outfit Ideas

Black leather pants give our classic lace RP blouse a fierce and cosmopolitan vibe.

Rachel Parcell Outfit Ideas

Tag @rachelparcell on Instagram to show off your personalized RP looks! I love to feature and repost our customer photos and inspiration throughout the season.

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