a baby, a wedding and a video...

My mom and I have been at Em and Tay's house just eating up that little baby, we love hanging out with her! I woke up to this text from Em...

"Capri about to get her first sponge bath"

"She did not like it"

"She loved her bunny towel"

"And now she's in heaven because she's wearing juicy!!! Thanks Popsie!"

Isn't she a doll!

Me and Capri playing outside...

I finally have a model to put all my headbands on!

...and last but not least one of best friends from high school Morgie got married yesterday. Her reception was beautiful and she looked stunning! Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Peterson, love you both!

Have a great rest of the week, were off to our last Lake Powell trip of the summer :(

I'll leave you with this video I made for Em, Tay and Capri to always remember the day she came into this world.

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