Last Powell trip of the summer...

We just got home from our last Lake Powell trip for the summer. We had a blast and were so sad when the week was up and it was time for us to come home and start getting ready to get back to reality (school starts for both me and Drew on Monday).

Here are some pictures of the trip!

Twinners! I gave both Drew and Rycker cute missionary hair haha

Pops showing off for the camera...

...then took a big spill, we were all dying laughing

On a hike

Paisley's very first time water skiing! We were all so proud

My HOT husband!!

We had so much fun spending time with family and relaxing! I'm sad another Lake Powell summer is over but I'm secretly excited for fall to come so I can pull out my scarves, sweaters and boots! Let's face it, fall clothes are WAY cuter than summer.

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