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My family and I have had one of the most amazing, special and sweet weekends. My sweet niece Capri Ivory Jackson was born on August 12th around 4:30 pm weighing 5 lbs. 15 oz. She is healthy, beautiful and has a head full of dark hair (I think she looks just like my dad). I'll leave the birth story for the mommy (Emily) to share with everyone. Our sweet Capri came to us way sooner than we had anticipated. My mom and I went to the hospital to sit with Em and Tay while they waited to be prepped for surgery. We sat and talked about what hair color she might have and potential names for about two hours, then it was time for Emily to get her epidural, 30 minutes later the doctors and nurses were wheeling her into surgery, about 20 minutes later Taylor wheeled in the most precious, innocent baby, fresh out heaven. When I saw that little angel I was pushing back the tears. It was a feeling I can't really explain but It was so amazing and I will never forget that moment. The new parents, the grandparents, the sisters, the cousins, the friends and myself... just can't get enough of that little Capriesse. I love her so much I can't even believe it, I can't imagine the love I will have for my own children, I could kiss and hold that little girl all day long.

Tonight when I got home from visiting the little one I was catching up on some blogging. I came across this blog. I spent three hours reading, crying, wiping my blurry eyes, reading, crying... Just the night before our little Capri came into this world and left our heavenly father, another sweet, precious, beautiful little baby angel left this world to return home to our heavenly father. I wonder if these two little spirits met in heaven. This incredible families story touched and broke my heart. I don't know this mother but I am so grateful that she shared her story because it has given me better perspective on our life here on earth. We tend to worry about things that really don't matter. I know I will make a conscious effort after reading this story to enjoy and savor every precious moment with my husband, sisters, parents, family, friends, future children and that sweet Capriesse because life is simply so precious. Please keep this wonderful family in your prayers.

I am so grateful for the blessing of eternal families, I know that sweet baby is waiting and watching over her family. I know I will be with my family forever and there is no greater blessing than that.

little Capri

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