31 Favorites For My 31st Birthday

31 Favorites For My 31st Birthday

Posted by Jordan Lee on

I know you all have loved when I share a few of my favorite things, so here is a not so quick rundown seeing as my team made me list off 31 things for my 31 years on this planet! But I have to say, I am loving my thirties. Hope you enjoy this! We had fun putting it together for you!
  1. This may come as a shock (NOT), my favorite song has to be All Too Well (ten minute version) by Taylor Swift.
  2. My favorite flowers are pink peonies, of course!!
  3. My favorite activity lately is Step Class at IVL. Ask my team, I don't miss it!
  4. My favorite drink is Diet Coke with lemon and pebble ice from Swig!
  5. My favorite author is Colleen Hoover. I'm a sucker for her books!
  6. Favorite thing about the new RP Office? All the natural light and the view of the mountains.
  7. Favorite cure for a bad day? A bubble bath, candle, chocolate and either church music or a Colleen Hoover book.
  8. Favorite Lipgloss? Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Plumping Gloss
  9. Favorite Mascara? Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara 
  10. Favorite nail color? Pink or black - no in-between.
  11. Favorite Date Night? Dinner at Ruth's Chris or Riverhorse. 
  12. Favorite TV Show? Homeland.
  13. Favorite Book? Ugly Love. It's like pure art.
  14. Favorite jeweler? Norman Silverman.
  15. Favorite part about being a mom? Watching my kids grow and learn and experience life.
  16. Favorite thing about Ford? He's the sweetest little man who loves to show love.
  17. Favorite thing about Jackson (Bear)? He is hilarious. His one liners are epic.
  18. Favorite thing about Isla Rose? She's innately a cool girl. I'm not, but its fun to see that she is.
  19. Favorite thing about Drew? He's rugged.
  20. Favorite spa? The Montage.
  21. Favorite aesthetics? Ruma.
  22. Favorite sister? Amy (Can you tell she helped with this blog post?)
  23. My favorite blog post that I have written has to be the "30 Secrets + Fun Facts For My "Dirty 30s...". I had so much fun putting that together with my team.
  24. My favorite dinner recipe is the Chicken Gary. This is more of a family favorite, but I love to make this because it's quick and easy and full of protein.
  25. My favorite dessert that I love to make is cinnamon rolls. I always make it for my family!
  26. My favorite restaurant is Riverhorse on Main. We had our holiday office party there and the food was so delicious. 
  27. Favorite emoji? This guy: 🥶 (Amy says I use this very diversely.)
  28. Favorite road trip snack: Red Vines.
  29. Favorite get away? Kapalua in Maui or Rosewood in Mexico. Click here for a blog post all about my favorite things in Kapalua.
  30. All-time favorite RP? RP black turtleneck and RP joggers.
  31. Favorite RP dress: Red lace fit and flare. It's so versatile and can be worn season after season.
I hope you enjoyed learning about my favorite things!! Thank you for all the birthday love!!

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