30 Secrets + Fun Facts for My "Dirty 30s..."

30 Secrets + Fun Facts for My "Dirty 30s..."

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Rachel Parcell Birthday 30 Things


I'm a bit late on my 30th birthday post! Drew surprised me in January with this stunning home birthday party with my whole family... It was truly magical and I felt like an absolute princess.

Since I'm turning 30 this year my team and I put together 30 questions + answers with things you might not know about me! Thank you SO much to everyone who sent me well wishes in January... I'm so excited to see what's in store for the decade ahead! 

Rachel and her family at her 30th birthday party

1. What did you want to be when you were six years old?

Believe it or not, I actually wanted to be a businesswoman. I have a drawing that I entered into an art contest that year. It's of me sitting at a desk and above it I wrote, "Future Businesswoman: It Could Happen!”

2. Who is your celebrity crush?

Haha, does Thor count as a celebrity? Chris Hemsworth, for sure.

3. Was there a time you got in big trouble as a kid?

I really wasn’t that bad, even when I made some mischief as a teenager. I think I got along with my parents relatively well compared to a lot of other kids. (But my sisters and I had our fair share of fights!)

Rachel Parcell Birthday 30 Things

4. What’s your most embarrassing moment?

Ugh, it’s always pee-my-pants stuff. Drew and I were on maybe our third or fourth date and he took me to a trampoline park. He was making me laugh so hard that every time I jumped a little bit of pee would come out. (It’s this muscle thing! I seriously can’t control it!) I had to tie my sweatshirt around my waist and eventually just call it and go home.

5. If you and Drew could have dinner with any person in history, real or fictional, who would it be?

Jesus, for sure. It may sound cliché, but how could I pass up that kind of miracle?

6. Who are your style icons?

My all-time favorite is Grace Kelly. She’s beautiful, feminine, and the epitome of class. A modern star that I love is Kate Middleton. I’d give anything to raid her closet.


Rachel Parcell 30 Things Birthday

7. Do people say you look like any celebrities? 

I’ve gotten Selena Gomez but I don’t really see it. I think it’s just the dark hair and that I have Latin heritage.

8. If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Avocado, all the way.

9. What’s an item you have yet to cross off on your bucket list?

Swimming with dolphins!

10. What’s your favorite Disney movie? 

Beauty and the Beast.

Rachel Parcell Birthday 30 Things

11. If you had a warning label attached to you, what would it say?

My team says it would be “Warning: Short Attention Span.” They’re always having to compete for my focus and check off approvals—all while I take calls and check in with my kids and other projects. Mondays at the office can be a bit of a free-for-all...

12. Who would you want to have with you in a zombie apocalypse?

Drew, but not just because he’s my husband. He would just know how to solve any weird apocalypse problem: finding water and shelter, fighting zombies, navigating—you name it.

13. Did you have an imaginary friend as a kid? 

Kind of. I named my baby blanket Teresa, I loved her so much and carried her with me everywhere. Eventually I lost her in high school and and had to start using the replacement blanket my mom had given me when I was twelve. Her name was Marsha. 

Rachel Parcell Birthday 30 Things


14. What’s the worst fashion trend you’ve participated in?

Oh jeez. It was the hair bump thing in the 2000s. I would tease my roots so that they stood up at the crown. It was so obnoxious. 

15. If you could suddenly give up your job and live out a fantasy existence, what would it be?

I would own a rose and peony farm in the Utah mountains—somewhere with perfect views and lots of greenery. My family and I would raise baby animals (they would all stay little forever) like rabbits, cows, and lambs. It’s a totally pastoral fantasy.

16. What is your love language?

A combination of physical touch and words of affirmation. Drew's is acts of service, so we both work together to make each other feel loved! 

17. Did you get any high school superlative awards? 

I’m so embarrassed, but I got “Most Likely to be on The Bachelorette.” I probably shouldn’t admit that.

18. Do you have some daily routines?

I work out in the morning, have a protein shake, get kids out of bed and ready for school... and then I spend time with Ford and try to get all my work stuff done before 3:00. I want to be present with kids being at home.

I always go to Swig and get my Diet Coke with lemon; it's my favorite part of the day! I also like to take relaxing baths and talk about my day with Drew in the evening. 

19. What got you started on fashion design?

Early on in junior high and high school I loved to share outfits and ideas with my sisters and friends. As I grew older, this naturally led to blogging and design. I love to inspire and empower other women with my RP beauty, lifestyle, and fashion content.

20. Do you prefer summer or winter?

I’m always cold so I love summer. But I love living near the Utah mountains, snow or shine. In winter I just bundle up in coats and layers, even when I'm inside. 

Rachel Parcell 30 Things Birthday

21. After almost 11 years of marriage to Drew, what's one way you like to add spice to your relationship?

Haha, lately I've been wearing these amazing thongs to bed and that really zests things up! I buy the whole set so I never run out. They're so comfortable and so cute, and Drew thinks it's the greatest thing that's ever happened to him. 

22. How has turning 30 made you think about your intimacy? 

I think it's so important to have fun with sex, especially as you get older and more confident with your partner. Seriously, when Drew and I got married I had no idea what I was doing... We were on our own honeymoon and I kid you not we went to Barnes and Noble so I could buy Sex for Dummies! It was the first time I understood that women can be stimulated in two places, and that sex wasn't just this automatic thing that feels instantaneously perfect; it takes work and communication.  

Over the years I have talked to a lot of my friends who say they have never been able to have the "big O" (like it takes too much time and concentration...), and I can't believe I'm admitting this out loud but I always say you need to get a vibrator! It totally changes things. I'm actually really excited to share this with you guys... If you've made it this far in the post you're the first to know about this We-Vibe Tango Bullet. It's small and looks like lipstick but has multiple speed settings... It helps me get out of my head a little and makes it so much fun... definitely my go-to ;)


23. What about some tips for skincare? 

Consistency is key! I'm totally open about getting a little filler and botox every few months, but I am way more vigilant about daily things like sunscreen, cleansing, and hydration. (It also helps that I don't drink alcohol!) My skincare is definitely an investment. I wash and exfoliate my skin every night without fail, and I've loved collecting multitasker products and clean formulas for when I'm pregnant or nursing... Those are so important if you're planning a family or don't want to go down the injections path. 

24. You've had three babies but have managed to stick to a consistent fitness routine all these years. Any advice there?

It's important to make a regimen feel concrete and habitual. Like my skincare, consistency is key. I don't naturally love working out, but if I force myself to wake up at the same time every day I start to crave it. I also do well by easing myself in postpartum and combining healthy eating with regular exercise; that way I have a little flexibility in all directions. 

25. What's your go-to date night?

Going to my favorite restaurant! I love getting all dressed up and making it a big occasion with Drew, and then coming home and watching a movie together. 

Rachel Parcell Birthday Table Settings


26. Do you want to have another baby?

I'd love to have one more. Isla Rose would be thrilled to have a little sister, but I'd be happy with a girl or a boy! 

27. What's your advice for curating a fashion aesthetic over different seasons? How has your fashion evolved?

My 20s was a fun time to work in the fashion industry and try out different aesthetics and trends, but as I've gotten older I've evolved into a modern and ultra-feminine style. I love pairing elevated basics with designer accessories or statement jewelry; I think that's the best way to feel both timeless and sophisticated.

I really enjoy getting dressed up; it makes me feel so much better about my day and what I'm doing. I take a lot of pride in what I'm wearing for the day, even if I'm just doing a workout or running errands. I like to look cute and pulled together! 

28. What about how RP has evolved?

I love that I can look at any RP collection from the past five years and pick out timeless, high-quality pieces to bring back into rotation. That being said, something I'm really excited about for upcoming seasons is making the line more inclusive!

Rachel Parcell 30th Birthday Family

29. What advice would you give to women thinking about starting their own business or brand?

Looking back at the early years of my blog and starting RP, I spent SO. MANY. HOURS. doing really mundane and boring tasks. I would stay up late, compile spreadsheets, ask questions, and do all these small, menial, and manual things to make sure every detail was accounted for. I think this is really important when starting something ambitious: you can dream, but you also need to do—and that's the really hard part.  

ALSO: If you don't know the answer to a question, find someone who does. It's ok if you don't have all the answers. 

30. And lastly, what's next?

This is such a huge year for my brand and blog because we're taking over the whole RP production process! While you can still shop everything at Nordstrom, we're now running our our own design process, inventory system, and delivery pipeline. This is everything I've been working toward as I've expanded my brand and customer base, and I can't wait to dive into everything to come! 

Sending a huge thank you to all my gorgeous RP family! Cheers to another decade of style, adventure, and hard work. 


Flowers and Decor are from Sinclair and Moore
Balloons by Pop Park City.
Candles by Aglow.  

Rachel Parcell 30 Things Birthday Dress

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