How I Create My Signature Hair Waves...

How I Create My Signature Hair Waves...

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One of my most asked questions is how I do my signature curls! I wear my hair like this daily... the style can be dressed up or down, it's super easy to create in the morning, AND it will even last you a few days if you start with fresh hair. Keep scrolling!

What you will need:

-Texturizing spray (The brand I love is Oribe)
-A wide-toothed comb like this one
-Any wand, but I love the Paul Mitchell brand
-Any straightener (I also love the Paul Mitchell straightener)

Check out my reel below for a quick tutorial.



For this post, I'm starting with freshly washed and dried hair. (As you can see from my photo, my hair dries really straight.) If you have dirty hair, even better; that can actually make it easier to curl. 


Rachel Parcell Hair Tutorial
Rachel Parcell Relaxed Waves Tutorial


The first step is to divide my hair into a top crown section and the under-layer. This is so I can I curl my bottom layer first and top layer second. (It looks much more natural and volumized this way.)


Creating my signature waves


Once I have my hair sectioned out I lightly spray the under-layer with my texturizing spray to help my curl hold in this natural, effortless look. 


Take a section of hair to make your first curl. The secret is to hold your wand down, angling from the top of your head to your shoulder. I also spiral the curl away from my face.

 Rachel Parcell


Spiral and wrap your section of hair around the wand to start your curl. (I hold the hair tip/end out and away from the heat so I don't get that little curly-cue effect.)

Release your section of hair once you feel you've reached a good amount of heat. Here, I hold the curl in place for a bit and press it back to my head. This helps preserve the curl.

Work around your under-layer curling each section. As I move around my head making curls, I let each of them cool and set before brushing them out. 



Once your under-layer is curled, move on to your top layer. Again, make sure you work with the down-angled wand and spiral curls away from your face. 

Take your wide-toothed comb and give your curls a gentle comb-through.


Rachel Parcell Relaxed Waves Tutorial


Finally, to give your curls a more relaxed feel you can take your straightener and run it along different sections. I like to flat-iron a little at the top and a little at the ends to give my curls a looser and longer feel. 


Rachel Parcell Signature Waves
Rachel Parcell signature waves



-Texturizing spray (The brand I love is Oribe)
-A wide-toothed comb
-Any wand, but I love the Paul Mitchell brand
-Any straightener (I also love the Paul Mitchell straightener)

Here is the finished look! I wear this all the time for work, errands, and weekends. Let me know if you decide to give it a try and tag me on Instagram with your gorgeous looks! 

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