A Birth Story: Isla Rose…

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I have been going back and forth on whether or not to share my birth story on my blog or keep it private. I’m so grateful to all of you who have been loyally following my life journey for the past four years, so it didn’t feel right to not share the most incredible day of my entire life with all of you!

We welcomed our sweet Isla Rose Parcell on Sunday, May 3rd at 7:53 am. She weighed 6 pounds, 11 ounces and came in at 19 inches long.

About halfway through my pregnancy my doctor informed me that for medical reasons there was a chance I would need to undergo a C-Section. I was a little discouraged but still held out hope that I would be able to labor and deliver my baby girl vaginally. I had a few false alarms where I thought I was going into labor…the first was when I was around 38 weeks. I thought my water broke, but I guess I just peed my pants???? (I can’t believe I just told you that ;). The second false alarm was about a week later. I wasn’t feeling those cute little elbows to my ribs or kicks to my stomach so I went in for a Nonstress Test, but sure enough everything was perfectly fine and I left the hospital feeling embarrassed and like an over paranoid first time mom.

In the last two weeks leading up to my due date I was crossing my fingers that my body would go into labor on it’s own and I would be able to deliver my baby girl vaginally but as my due date came closer and closer, it started to look like a C-Section was inevitable.

I went into the hospital early Sunday morning (because again I was being a paranoid first time mom) but this time was different than the others. This time I was going to finally have my baby (yay!) but it would indeed be by C-Section. I felt so many emotions all at once and was SO nervous. My mom and sisters headed to the hospital and the nurses started prepping me. I’ve never been so terrified or excited for anything in my entire life! Once I got the epidural my entire body began to shake, my nurse told me that was a side effect of the epidural but I think it was because of the nerves. When they started wheeling me into to OR the tears started streaming; partly because I was scared to undergo this major surgery and partly because I was so unbelievably excited that Drew and I were going to meet our little baby we created together, that has been growing inside me, kicking and hiccuping for the last nine months.

Drew held my hand during the entire surgery but I couldn’t look at his face beacuse as the doctors began working on me, his facial expressions began to scare me. Even though I couldn’t see anything they were doing, his face was saying it all! I held on tight to Drew’s hand the entire time and closed my eyes, praying that everything was going smoothly, until I heard the tiniest and sweetest cry. This was it. Our daughter was here, fresh from heaven.

I remember hearing Drew say “Oh my goodness, oh my goodness she’s so little!” The nurse gave me a quick look at her before whisking her away to make sure she was healthy and that her little body was working properly. Even though I only saw her for a short time, while I was laying there, waiting to see her again my heart began to feel something I’ve never felt before. It was this instant love that was so powerful and overwhelming. A few minutes later they put my little Isla on my chest and we were able to do skin to skin (which I was so grateful for). After about ten minutes they took both Drew and Isla to the nursery and wheeled me back to my room where my mom and sisters were waiting for me.

After that it was a day of pure baby bliss! I laid in my hospital bed holding and smelling my little angel (so in love with her newborn scent). Both Drew and I kept saying to each other that we couldn’t believe she was ours. We were feeling extremely blessed and grateful to be her parents. Family came to visit and I met with a lactation specialist who helped me begin to master breastfeeding (if you live in Utah and are looking into breastfeeding, you should call Lindsey from Lactation Link, she’s AMAZING! I couldn’t have picked up breastfeeding without her).

 Sunday, May 3rd, 2015 is a day I’ll cherish forever and ever and I’m so blessed to be the mama of my Isla Rose. Both Drew and I started tearing up as we were going through these photos last night, it felt like we were reliving that day all over again. Thank you for all the well wishes you’ve been sending on Instagram. They truly mean the world! To my Isla Rose, I love you more than anything in this world!

xo, Rach

 photos by Heather Telford.

xo, Rach
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223 thoughts on “A Birth Story: Isla Rose…

  1. Aww so cute. I’m reading this at work and it made me cry ;). Babies are amazing! I s say to myself I can’t believe she is mine. Congrats cutie! It’s the greatest job in the world!


  2. Thank you for sharing. Such a beautiful story! Happy all went smoothly and baby was born healthy. Congratulations on becoming a mother!

  3. First, let me say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You have the most beautiful baby girl…a gift from heaven! Isn’t it amazing after you bring a child into the world, that you really realize what a miracle it is? Your photos are beautiful!!! Enjoy that baby girl, for the grow so quickly!!! My best to you and your precious family!!!

  4. I’m so happy you decided to share your story. Isla seems like the perfect bundle of joy and I’m sure you both will be the absolute best parents! The pictures were beautiful and it made me a bit emotional. I hope one day I get to experience motherhood and have that stunning connection that only a mother and child can have. I wish you all the best!


  5. Rach,

    I’m so happy you’ve decided to share your birth story with us. From the minute you posted you were pregnant, I was so excited for you to become a mom. I don’t know you or Drew, but I can tell the two of you will make incredible parents. You both seem to come from very close families, of faith and love. Isla Rose is as lucky to have you two.

    xoxo, jill

  6. Awesome post! I was wondering if you might have had a c-section since you were in the hospital a bit longer. Glad it all worked out! May 3rd is my birthday as well, and so I’ll think of Isla each year, too. Sounds like a very intense and emotional experience.

  7. Congratulations Rachel, your Isla Rose is absolutely beautiful! Reading about this incredible love between a mother and daughter definitely brought tears of joy to my eyes! What an amazing blessing! I am so happy for you and your family and can’t wait to see more pictures as she grows!
    Have a wonderful day!

  8. This is beautiful! I was crying as I was reading it because you truly do feel a new love when your baby is born. A love that you never knew existed. I loved looking through all of these beautiful photos of your delivery, and I am so glad that you decided to share. Isla Rose is beautiful! I remember when my little girl was born and the spirit was so strong, it is a moment that I never want to forget.

  9. I’ve been waiting for this post! Thank you for sharing your magical moment! The pictures are beautiful! Isla Rose is a little angel, she’s so cute! Congratulations to you and Drew! Enjoy your precious time with your little family!
    xo, Vitri


  10. I’m so happy everyone is healthy and doing well after the big day! A C-Section sounds so scary, but I’m so glad it all worked out. There is so much love in your family that is evident through these pictures. So many smiles!! It’s precious (:

    Mocha and Moccasins

  11. Congratulations, Rachel! Enjoy every second!! It’s honestly the BEST feeling in the world!! My baby is 16 months now and I still remember holding him at the hospital! Every stage is precious!! Pure love <3 <3 <3

  12. Beautiful, Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations and lots of love to you and your family while welcoming your sweet babe!

  13. So beautiful! You and baby look absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your birth story, you have a beautiful little family ♥

  14. I haven’t ever commented on any of your posts before (although I have been a follower for some time), but thank you so much for sharing these amazing pictures. It’s so lovely to see your journey in pictures, and they made be a bit tear-y :)
    Congratulations to you and Drew, and so happy for you both with your beautiful new arrival!

  15. Your story is soooo beautiful! I’m so happy for you and your little family. You’re already such a great mama. Thank you for sharing your story with your followers. I know what you mean by wanting to keep things private. Congrats again!

    Stay Styled,

    Instagram: stay_styled
    Blog: http://staystyledblog.com/

  16. Lovely photos and story! Congrats! I am a soon-to-be first time mom (4 days past my due date) and have gone in for testing multiple times already, too. One of them for the pee situation. :)

  17. Once again, congratulations on the birth of your sweet Isla Rose! The pictures are beautiful.
    I just love everything about your birth story! And aww the last sentence – so touching!
    xo Michaela

  18. Beautiful story! And the 3rd of May is a great birthday date, I always have beautiful weather despite living in London!

  19. Congratulations. When i saw that you was in labour i was so excited and happy for you. Thanks for sharing this amazing story and i hope that this little girl live a happy and healthy life with you two.

  20. Thank you for sharing your birth story. My first born we had a long labor and did wind up needed the cesarean because of heart rate dropping. I know it isn’t easy to go through such major surgery. I think sharing your story is healing to you and other mamas. You are a strong, beautiful warrior and your daughter is absolutely gorgeous. I wish you as easy a recovery as possible and from one mother to another send lots of love and healing your way. These pictures are absolutely wonderful. What an incredible and supportive family, siblings and mother you have!!!

  21. Aww Rachel! Thanks so much for sharing! I have been following you for years. Now that I am pregnant I understand how scary it is to share private moments on Instagram and blogs. You want to protect your child from any harm. Thank you for these beautiful pictures and story. It made me cry! Congratulations to your beautiful family! Families are forever!
    I am LDS too but I live in California. I am now 30 weeks along with our baby boy.
    Mrs. Snow

  22. I check Pink Peonies every morning for this story.
    Thank you for sharing with us. This was so sweet; it made me tear up.
    A million congratulations on your baby girl. God bless your family.

    You sound like an amazing mother already.
    Have a wonderful day.

  23. Such a special post, Rach. One that you will treasure more than any other. I have to admit I’ve got quite weepy reading it! Congratulations to you two on the arrival of your baby girl once again. I wish you all many years of health and happiness.

    Love from South Africa


  24. Thank you for sharing your story Rach! I’m so happy for your beautiful little family. My husband and I are praying that one day we will become parents as well. Your story and happiness gives me so much hope, you have no idea. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your picture perfect family. Much love. XOXO

  25. This pictures are so sweet! Congratulations to you and Drew, Isla Rose seems to be a real present from heaven for you two. I was following your blog about a year and a half now, and this post was the one I couldn’ t wait for after you’ve been taking us through your pregnancy. It really makes me want to have a baby ;)

    I wish Isla Rose, Drew and You all the best, enjoy your little family!
    xx from Switzerland, Mariléa

  26. congratulation thank you for sharing with us the birth of your baby having a baby is the best thing in the worldI wish you the best

  27. Rach & Drew (and itty bitty Isla),
    Thank you for sharing your birth story! I follow you on Instagram and have been so excited for you and your family! My husband and I welcomed our sweet baby girl Bennett Reese in Sept and still, even 8 months later, I remember very vividly each moment. Reading your story made me cry! There isn’t anything more beautiful than that first glimpse of your miracle. Enjoy every little moment, it goes by so quickly…Ii feel like I was just planning Benn’s nursery, and now already I am jotting down ideas for her 1st birthday!
    You are such a beautiful and loving couple from what it appears on social media, baby Isla is so blessed to have you!! GOD BLESS your sweet new family
    Xo, Tracy- Vancouver, WA

  28. This is such a special story! You are beautiful and I loved reading this. Thank you so much for sharing your journey so
    openly. Congratulations!

  29. So happy for you!!! thank you so much for sharing this story with us!!! What a beautiful baby girl and beautiful family you have!!! So happy for you!!

  30. My warmest Aloha to you and your new family! It is such a pleasure to experience you joy with you as a follower and fan of your blog.

  31. Congratulations sweetheart, I was crying of happines reading your post and watching your sweet photos. I’m a mother of 3 kids and I know how special is that moment…..sweet kisses to all your family

  32. Rachel: Congratulations to you and Drew on baby Isla’s birth! I hope you are healing from your surgery, and will keep you in prayer. Thank you for sharing such a private, family moment with us. Your sweet little girl is just precious! Enjoy every moment together.
    Blessings, Susan :)

  33. Congratulations Rachel and thank you for sharing this beautiful story with us. It’s always fun to read about such candid moments of your life. The pictures are so beautiful and reading how it all happened made me emotional! Enjoy being a mom xxx

  34. Your story of the birth of your beautiful baby Isla Rose was so inspiring. I’m so happy you shared that with us. What a wonderful family you have! So blessed to have them all. Hope all is well!


  35. She is beautiful! I too had the shaking after the bolus to my epidural which was so scary. Enjoy your precious new bundle!

  36. Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!!! I sincerely thank you for sharing your birth story; I think many times us c-section mamas believe that our bodies failed us or that we didn’t have an ideal birth experience. All birth stories are unique and beautiful and should be celebrated. You seem like a great mom already, can’t wait to read more about Isla Rose in the future!

  37. Congrats Rachel and Drew.. Our children are our most precious blessings.. I know very well that overwhelming love, which tightens your chest, gives you strength you never thought you had, makes you want to change the world, to move mountains, to do the impossible and finds no better joy than cradling that small body in your arms and wishing you could do it for eternity! that love is the truest and most wonderful love in the universe.. May God grant you both wisdom to raise your little blessing.

  38. These black and white pics are so amazing, I started tearing up too by seeing them, and your words bring so many emotions to all of ladies he he. She’s gorgeous, so happy for you and your family! God bless and good luck! <3

  39. Congratulations to you both!!! She is total perfection and her name is stunning! Isla is hands down one of my favorite names. Ps. I’ve been following your blog since the beginning and although I love all of your posts, I especially appreciate the more personal ones. It feels like we truly hear your voice coming through your writing in posts like these and it feels like we get to know you so much more. Just wanted to let you know that we truly appreciate your willingness to share moments like this with us and how much we, your readers, enjoy these types of blog posts. xoxox

  40. First time commenting but I have to tell you; that is the most beautiful thing you have ever written. Congratulations. Enjoy. You deserve all good things

  41. Thank you for sharing your beautiful baby girl as well as your journey with us. I agree that the level of love we possess as a mother is truly inconceivable until you’re holding that precious gift from God in your arms. Your photos truly capture the joy and love of Isla Rose’s arrival. Congratulations to you and Drew! Cherish every moment because she will grow up faster than you could’ve dared to imagine.

  42. I am truly overjoyed for you and Drew!! Isla Rose is your beautiful miracle! I teared up reading your birth story. Isn’t it incredible the love that you instantly have for your baby? Oh, I loved reading that part of your story!! So much happiness!! Rejoicing with you!!

  43. Thanks so much for sharing your story! I shed tears just reading it, I felt the same way when I gave birth to my two babies. Wishing your family the best!

  44. Hi there, Rachel! I’ve followed you for a few years now and I just want to congratulate you on becoming a first-time Momma. These birth photo’s are absolutely gorgeous and I’m so happy you shared them with your readers. She is absolutely gorgeous. xo.

  45. I am so so happy for you. Your beautiful story brought me to tears. I have been following your blog for years and watching your pregnancy the whole way. Seeing your beautiful girl is such a joy. Thank you for sharing your story with all of us. Wishing you nothing but health, happiness and peace.

  46. Those pictures are absolutely breathtaking! You’re a beautiful new mommy. Many blessings and love sent your way! I also just shared my birth story, but it’s really dramatic. Lol you will love mommy hood!

  47. So happy for you – your little baby girl is beyond adorable. Looking at the last picture, you remind me of me and baby Alex 5 months ago when he was born. He loved to stay on my chest with his hand in his mouth. So sweet! Hope you’re feeling good now. I now C-section is pretty painful afterwards. I was about to have one, but luckily Alex decided to come out without anyone’s help.

    Wish you all the happiness, though you already have it :)

    Purely Me by Denina Martin

  48. Rachel, Drew,

    Congratulations! Thank you so much for sharing your journey and this beautiful day of your lives. Welcome to the world little Isla – we are so blessed to have you in the world!

    And also, May 3rd is a pretty great day to be born on – we share a birthday.

    Goodluck little one, and Rachel, Drew, again – congratulations!


  49. Congratulations Rach. This is such a lovely story. It brought tears to my eyes reading it. I’m so happy for your little family. There is nothing in this world that compares to being a mother. xo

  50. The exact same happened to me from the shakes to overwhelming emotions! I was so hard on myself after having my baby via C-Section thinking I was no better than someone wh had one n naturally. But our babies love us just the same, but most importantly mom and baby are healthy ! And that is God’s work!!

  51. She is so lovely! Congratulations to you and Drew! You will make wonderful parents, Isla is very lucky. And Rachel, you are the most gorgeous new mom ever! Thanks for sharing your story.

  52. This is the best post I have ever seen. It is perfection. It transmits everything, you look so happy so peaceful. Pictures are amazing and your baby will be honored to have this memories of her birth. Really great job and congratulations! I wish you the best!
    Kisses and hugs from Spain

  53. Beautiful beautiful beautiful post! Brought tears to my eyes. Congratulations on baby Isla Rose and enjoy becoming a mother xoxo

  54. This was the sweetest post! I teared up reading this. Thank you SO much for sharing, this relieves my nerves and gets me excited to have my own someday! Congratulations to you and Drew, she is beautiful.

  55. Congrats, Rachel!!! My daughter was 6 pounds, 11 oz as well!! I couldn’t get over how tiny she was!!! She is now 20 months and my husband and I are expecting twins this fall!!! I too had a C-section and was slightly disappointed that I didn’t have a vaginal birth but it the end, I was so happy to see our little baby and hold her in my arms, it didn’t matter how she came into the world. It sounds like you knew what the Lord had planned for you and accepted it and i pray all Mom’s have that same experience. It’s a beautiful thing and I’m so happy for you!!! Thanks for sharing your special day!

  56. Congratulations and thanks for sharing the story. I got emotional reading this as it reminded me of my story when I had my daughter. I went through very similar process that you did.
    Time will fly by quickly. Enjoy every moment!

  57. Ciogratulations! I wont forget her birthday as we share the same one!! Just 27 years apart;) She is beautiful, enjoy her!!!!

  58. rachel- this is so sweet! i love when you make personal posts like this :) you’re amazing, funny and beautiful and you are going to be an amazing mom! congrats!!!!! also your eyelashes are awesome! are those eyelash extensions? either way, stunning- congrats again! so happy for you! been a long time reader and its so nice to see you share your personal life- cant wait to see the adorable mommy and me outfits you will have in the future! ;) xoxoxo

  59. Congratulations to you both! We welcomed our little girl, Aurelia May into the world on 4th May. I can completely agree with how you feel so much overwelming love for these little humans! I’m enjoying every minute with my little girl and I’m sure you are too. Good luck and enjoy every xx

  60. Big congrats Rach to you and Drew on the arrival of your sweet little Isla Rose. I am crying reading your birth story – so special and as a mother of two, now 21 and 19 there is nothing more amazing. Enjoy this special time with your newborn, they are little for such a short while and it is such a precious time to be together as a family. xx

  61. aww. This baby girl is very beautiful like angel, thank you for share this beautiful pics , God bless you , and God bless all your family “” Congratulations””

  62. Such a spiritual experience to witness the birth of new life!! Your story and photos are absolutely beautiful. Congratulations to you and Drew. So happy for you and can’t wait to watch your life change with your new Isla!!

  63. As a loyal reader for years, I am so glad you decided to share precious Isla Rose’s birth story! The photos are so beautiful! Did you have a professional photographer take them, because they are simply stunning! My Mother had to have an emergency C-section with me, and a scheduled C-section with my sister. But, these days, just because you’ve had a C-section before doesn’t mean you will have to have another with your second baby. So, don’t lose hope! Every pregnancy is different. My sister had placenta previa when she was pregnant with my 15 month old niece, and her doctor warned her that she might have to have a C-section and give birth a bit early. But, she ended up being able to deliver vaginally at 39 weeks. So, you just never know. The important thing is that you and little Isla Rose are perfectly healthy and thriving. Congratulations and God Bless!

  64. Rach,
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful story!
    The pictures are so lovely, and truly capture the joy and love you were feeling! She’s beautiful, congratulations!
    I’m new to your blog, and have really enjoyed following along. Lori Swearingen :)

  65. Thank you for sharing such a special moment with all your followers. I love the picture of Drew kissing your forehead…Isla has a look of pure peacefulness that she is with her Mommy and Daddy. Cherish every moment, even when you exhausted…they will go by so quickly. Congratulations!

  66. Thank you for sharing your story and congratulations to you and your husband on your beautiful daughter! Little babys are such a wonderful miracle!

  67. Congratulations on the birth of your tiny angel!!! I’m following you for a while and was really looking forward to ‘meet’ the baby..:) Thank’s for sharing your wonderful story! Every birth is a miracle!!
    Sending lots of hugs from Israel

  68. Congratulations to you and your family! You are blessed to have such a sweet little girl…as she is blessed to have you as mom. Your pictures beautifully captured the moments. No words needed.

  69. I have welled up reading this Rach. I’m so pleased you felt you could share such an intimate experience. Isla Rose looks perfect – and what a beautiful name.
    Congratualtions to both you & drew & welcome to the world little Isla Rose. I wish you all a life of true happiness.
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  70. Many many many well wishes of luck, happiness, health and prosperity to you two and your darling little one.
    She has got fantastic parents who will be bale to gracefully welcome her to the world we live in, I’m utterly pleased for you!

  71. If you had wanted to keep your story private that would have been perfectly fine. But I’m so glad you shared your story! I loved reading about your experience. Thanks for sharing! And all the best to your perfect little family.

  72. What a sweet birth story. I had a similar experience to you, but not exactly the same since all birth stories are unique. Thanks for sharing this personal story. Congrats on your sweet baby girl! Enjoy the newborn snuggles. :)

  73. So happy for you! I delivered my baby on May 4th as well! And I totally understand how you felt about the c section. I ended up having to get one myself. I was scared when they told me that we couldn’t wait any longer for him to come out since my water had been broken for a long time. And the shakes from the epidural were pretty frightening too. But after all of that I was so happy to hold my little boy in my arms. Congratulations again!

  74. so beautiful I had to have c-section too, what a special moment this was, i love it, thanks for sharing your story with us!

  75. Congratulations to you both. Isla Rose is so sweet.
    Love your blog, especially all your beautiful photos. You are both very inspiring people.
    Best wishes from me in a little rural village in Northamptonshire, England xx

  76. Congratulations to you and your family!!! She is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing such a personal and special story. Loved the authenticity of the part about you peeing your pants ;) Congratulations again. Yay for beautiful baby Isla Rose :) XOXO

  77. I love hearing other’s birth stories. Everyone’s story is so different and individual, but they all take me back to when I had my son, and what a wonderful day it was. Creating a new life is absolutely the most amazing thing, I’m very happy for you. Welcome to this amazing journey called motherhood.


  78. Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing! What a sweet precious little bundle of joy you have! Congratulations to you both – Blessings to you all!!

  79. Hi Rachel, i follow your blog since one year and its so nice You share so many private and beautiful things with us! Im so glad that your daughter is here and everything is good in the end! Congratulations! I wish you and your lovely ffamily all the Best! Love Christina

  80. What am amazing story!! Brought me to tears!! Made me think about having my three kids.. So beautiful!! I have been following you for almost two years I almost never comment Bc I don’t really have time haha but you are gorgeous and I love reading your blog!! Congratulations ok this new incredible journey !

  81. Rach that beautiful words, I’m crying. I’m so happy for you, for me you are already an incredible mother. And be welcome Isla Rose!!

  82. This brought tears to my eyes! Such a sweet story! I hope you are recovering well! I had a cescerean 6 weeks ago and those first few weeks were tough! Beautiful pictures!

  83. You’re a champion mama! Your Isla rose is gorgeous. I had a natural birth and let me tell ya c section mama’s are amazing.

  84. Thank you very much for sharing such a beautiful birth story. I had C-section when I gave birth to my baby girl almost 7 years ago so I can certainly relate to some of the emotions you went through.

    Congratulations!! Baby Isla is beautiful!!

    Best wishes,


  85. Rach, I seriously got the chills when I was looking and reading through this! I am so excited for you and drew and it got me thinking of how maybe one day if I’m lucky I’ll get to experience moments like this in my life. You all are absolutely beautiful! Little Isla is perfect! Congrats!


  86. Congratulations, Rachel! What you described is what every mother has felt and no one can understand or imagine until they feel it. Enjoy this wonderful, wonderful time! Looking forward to seeing pictures and you rocking some great non-Mom “Mom Outfits.”.

    (Mom of Christopher, 3.5 and Marin 2)

  87. Congratulations, I like the rest of your followers was impatiently waiting! She is a beautiful gift from god, made just for you two. My best advice as a mom of three kiddos is to try and rest when she does, its not easy to do because you have a million and one things you feel like you need to do while she sleeps. Guess what? You don’t have to do that load of laundry asap, take it easy, the hubby can pick up dinner and do a load of laundry LOL!! Superwomen was a character on t.v. believe me. Take care sweetie and thank you for sharing such a private, emotional and personal time in your life- Don’t forget you have a cool shopping pal in the future with isla.

  88. Thanks for sharing Rachel! I had my first vaginally and naturally and my second via emergency c-section last June and I can honestly say a c-section is way worse!!! It’s hard to come home with a newborn, breast feed and recover from major surgery. Props to you for doing what was best for your baby girl! I pray you have a quick recovery bc I know from experience it can be a long painful process, luckily for me I was extremely fit and healthy beforehand but it made me realize all the more how serious the surgery is when simply walking hurts! God bless!

  89. What a beauiful story to share with us. Reading your words brought a tear to my eyes! I’ve loved following your journey (and blog), and am just so happy for you and your little family!

  90. Just now got around to read this beautiful story.. Wow. I even teared up a little myself. Your emotions touched my heart so much that I look forward to having a little angel of my own one day. You and Drew are so blessed!

  91. Congratulations!!! She is beautiful. I am new to your blog and have fallen in love with it. It’s perfect! Congratulations again on Isla Rose!!

  92. What a beautiful story! Thank you so much for the story and the beautiful pictures in the hospital and afterwards. Such an inspiration. Congratulations on the new tiny blessing to your beautiful family. You are indeed deeply blessed!

  93. That’s so much love I can feel and the pictures made me almost cry out. So touching and blessing! It’s a precious moment of the life. Big congratz and greetings Rachel!

  94. So lovely to read and they are the most tasteful and beautiful birth photos I have ever seen! Normally I would say they were not my cup of tea but those pictures are really nice!

  95. Beautiful moments, they make me so excited! Do you have any posts on what us first time moms should take with us to the hospital? Thanks!

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