Beauty Secrets Passed Down…

Beauty Secrets Passed Down…

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With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend I’ve been reflecting a lot on the influence my sweet mom has been on me and how she has been one of my biggest inspirations in life. This Mother's Day feels extra special and has really made me so much more appreciative of my own mom because just a few days ago I became a mother myself. I'm amazed at the love I have for my new little girl and I can't believe I never understood just how deep a mother's love for her child runs until now. It's truly an indescribable love that is so overwhelming in the best way!

I'm so grateful for that love my mom always showed to me growing up. Beauty habits and advice and often passed down from mother to daughter and I remember at a young age my mom taught my sisters and I to embrace who we are and to follow our dreams with confidence – no matter how big or crazy they were!

Ever since I was a little girl both my mom and grandma taught me (and my sisters) the importance of a daily beauty/hygiene routine. My grandma Mary has the most beautiful skin (still!) and she's 79 years old! I hope my skin looks half as good as hers when I'm that age. I can still remember playing with my sisters in her beauty drawer as little girls and both my mom and grandma would always stress the importance of washing our faces both day and night, and of refraining from touching our face. It seemed silly at the time, but growing up I never touched my face because I wanted pretty skin just like my mom and grandma. Now when anyone asks if I have any skincare secrets I always tell them to wash your face twice a day and NEVER touch your hands to your face!

Now that I'm a mother I look forward to teaching my daughter these same beauty secrets that have been passed down to me along with the importance of feeling beautiful inside and out! I would love to hear any beauty secrets your mother or grandmother passed down to you. Join the conversation by sharing your #BeautyStory to celebrate the real women who inspired it!

You can also watch the new Dove Beauty Stories: Four Generations Film that tells the story of one family's beauty secrets and traditions they have passed down through the generations.

xo, Rach

Brought to you by Dove. Photos by Lindsey Orton.
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