And Then There Were Four…

And Then There Were Four…

img-14 img-3 img-11Dress: Borrowed from BreeLena | Lips: YSL #6 | Earrings: Pink Peonies Collection (new arrival!) | Ring: Pink Peonies Collection | Drew's Tie: Burberry | Isla's Headband: Happiness Lives Here | Isla's Blanket: LouLou and Company


First I need to say thank you SO, so much for all the kind and loving comments on Isla's birth story. Like I said, I was hesitant to post such an important and personal story but I'm so glad I did. Each comment truly meant so much to both me and Drew and we appreciate the support that all of you have shown us through the years, especially on the birth of our little Isla Rose!

Ever since I had Isla I've been living in a robe and socks with messy hair and no makeup. I wanted to dress up and have family photos taken close to Isla's birth so we could capture our growing family while she is still in this tiny newborn stage. Thanks to my little sister Amy for coming over earlier this week and doing my hair and makeup for me so we could take these photos!

Love this little family of mine. I don't know how I got so lucky!

xo, Rach

photos by Lindsey Orton.

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