Pajama Ideas for Christmas + My Favorite Things Giveaway…

jcrew-christmas-pajama-ideas-2 jcrew-christmas-pajama-ideas-5 jcrew-christmas-pajama-ideas-8 jcrew-christmas-pajama-ideas-7 jcrew-christmas-pajama-ideas-1 jcrew-christmas-pajama-ideas-6 jcrew-christmas-pajama-ideas-9 jcrew-christmas-pajama-ideas-4 jcrew-christmas-pajama-ideas-3My Look: PJ’s: J.Crew (30% off with code FESTIVE) | Beanie: J.Crew | Socks: UGG

Emily’s Look: Sweater: Wildfox | Pajama Pants: J.Crew (30% off with code FESTIVE) | Beanie: UGG | Socks: J.Crew

Amy’s Look: Top: J.Crew (30% off with code FESTIVE) | Robe: Abercrombie (on sale!!) | Shorts: Abercrombie (on sale!!) |Slippers: Abercrombie (on sale!!)

Megan’s Look: Sweater: Wildfox | Pajama Pants: J.Crew (30% off with code FESTIVE) | Socks: J.Crew

Happy Wednesday, everyone!! I can’t believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I swear the holidays are sneaking up on us SO fast! On Monday my sisters and I got together for a fun holiday shoot and I’m excited to share some of the photos with you today!

One of my FAVORITE family Christmas tradition’s are sister pajamas!! Every Christmas Eve My dad reads us the Christmas story from the bible, and after we each get to open one present (it’s always jimmies). After we unwrap our PJ’s, we change into them for the rest of the night playing games and making sugar cookies for santa.  Every Christmas we get SO many questions about where we bought our pajamas so this year we got them early just in case if you’re needing some pajama inspiration for Christmas Eve night! The cute ones usually sell out fast so grab them quick!


Onto a new topic (but don’t worry, it’s still Christmas related)…

To show my appreciation and love to all of you who follow and read my blog consistently I’m giving away a few of my VERY favorite things each week leading up to Christmas! This week one Pink Peonies reader will win this beyond cozy Barefoot Dreams robe from Nordstrom that I practically live in while I’m at home, especially during the wintertime! You’ll catch my sister Emily and I running across the street to each other’s houses in our BF robes quite frequently (our poor neighbors) AND I’m also giving away a box of my favorite chocolates (SEE’S Chocolates to be exact)!!!!

If you want to enter, use the Rafflecopter below. Good luck!! Stay tuned in the weeks leading up to Christmas for more giveaways of my favorite things!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

xo, Rach

Photos by Lindsey Orton

xo, Rach
Pajama Ideas for Christmas + My Favorite Things Giveaway…
Pajama Ideas for Christmas + My Favorite Things Giveaway…
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804 thoughts on “Pajama Ideas for Christmas + My Favorite Things Giveaway…

  1. I live in my pajamas and robe now that I’m staying home with my baby. I’m truly blessed to be with him everyday. He’s a cutie pie.

  2. SOOOO CUTE! I told my mom that my twin sister and I needed matching pjs for christmas this year. She laughed and said it would be like how she used to match all of our outfits when we were little. I love the red for the holiday season!

  3. What a great giveaway! Both of these things would be perfect for me right now as I am 8 months pregnant….chocolate and something cozy to wear!!!

  4. Love the Jammie’s!!! My sister and I just tried the cardigan you’re giving away. If I win I’m going to give it to her because she fell in love with it, but wouldn’t buy it for herself. We ❤️️your blog. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  5. Love the jammies! You all look happy and radiant! Family traditions are so important… love to see you all embracing them and passing it on to your kiddos.

  6. Love it! You and your sisters seem to have such a fabulous relationship. Love that you still manage to prioritize your family while being a total #girlboss!

  7. I love following your blog and instagram, always such beautiful pictures and an inspiration for me. I especially love your post around the holidays to see your decorations, but always love the family pictures and your post with your sisters (the pajama photos are a favorite). Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, xoxo

  8. I LOVE the pajama tradition! It’s so cute and personal! I think its a great way to keep the sister bonding time around the busy holiday season.

  9. I love dressing up with my family in matching pajamas every Christmas! It’s one of my favorite Christmas traditions that I get to introduce to my duaghter this year!

  10. Love this tradition!!! I’m one of 5 girls and I have 3 little girls and expecting our 4th! Definitely want to start this!

  11. All of your pyjamas are so cute and festive!
    That is so funny about you running across the street to Emily’s in your robe! I regularly am caught out in my shabby old robe running after the dog when he gets loose!
    Natasha Kalita Design

  12. Happy holidays to you and your sisters, Rachel! My mom did the same for my sister and I growing up. It’s my favorite Christmas Eve tradition and I now share it with my boys. They look forward to it every year!

  13. Just wanted to thank you for being an inspiration for me for about a year now. I love your blog (it’s pretty much the only blog I am interested in following frequently) and especially your writing style, it so sincere. As a young woman I really enjoy the pieces about home decor and your family as much as fashion related posts.

    All the best wishes to you and your family from (quite far from you) Estonia!

  14. Oh my word! You women are the cutest!
    My grandmother always bought us pj’s for Christmas! She didn’t match ours but still.
    I do the something but I match everyones. This year we are traveling so I better get busy!
    Xo, V
    Happy gobble gobble!

  15. I love jcrew pjs! You and your sisters are just too cute! I bet your family get together are so much with with all the littles now! Happy Thanksiving!

  16. Love that tradition… I have an eight month old at home and want to start some new Christmas traditions with him. Was wondering if you recommend any outfits for hristmas photos for the whole family?

  17. What a neat tradition!!! My kids are grown, and I have no grandkids yet, but when I do I’m going to do this for them!! Blessings for a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

  18. How cute!!! My kids are grown, and we have no grandkids yet, but when I do I am absolutely doing this for them. Blessings for a wonderful Thanksgiving to you and yours!!!

  19. My fam also does Christmas Eve pjs and it is my absolute favorite holiday tradition (followed closely by Christmas morning brunch that I cook with my sisters). Thank you for your wonderful blog. I read it every morning and it always brightens my day.

  20. Hi Rach!

    I love that you all get matching PJ’s every year! I have been getting cute PJ’s for the past few years and my sister is always jealous. This year she decided to get cute PJ’s with me, so we are super excited to wear them on Christmas Eve for my dad’s reading of the Christmas story! :) Traditions are so much fun and wearing cute PJ’s is definitely one of mine! :)

  21. I always love seeing your pajamas each year. I had the same tradition growing up. I definitely will need to restart that tradition now that I am a first time mom!

  22. Love the pajamas!! We always got to open one present early and it was always pajamas too! I love being able to carry on that tradition now with my daughter!

  23. My family has a similar tradition as well! It is ALWAYS Victoria’s Secret Pajamas. For the past six years, my boyfriend and I will go to his family’s house for Christmas Eve. Their tradition is The Feast of the Seven Fishes which is amazingly delicious. So, we usually stop at my parent’s house afterwards where I get to open my beautifully wrapped PJ’s and set up the cookies and eggnog for Santa with my niece :)

  24. We’ve always done Jammie’s on Christmas Eve, too! I have three kids of my own now and my mom still gets my Jammie’s and I get theirs! Happy Thanksgiving, Rachel! Your blog really helped me through some rough times. Keep being you!

  25. Sister pj’s have always been a tradition for my sister and myself, too! We’re trying Victoria’s Secret Christmas pajama line for the first time this year! Red and green plaid – can’t wait!

  26. You and your sisters are seriously the cutest! I love your blog! I think you have the cutest personality! I read religiously! Thanks for being great! -Kenzie

  27. My sisters and I always have matching pajamas for Christmas, too! This year ours are navy with cute little snowflakes all over them!

  28. My sisters and I have wanted to start this tradition, but have failed every year! My youngest sister just had a baby, so now we really have a reason to start the Christmas pj tradition!

  29. Sisters are the BEST! So fun you got to do Thai shoot with them. I would love this new robe for the holidays and to prepare to welcome our new baby!!

  30. I love your familys pajama tradition, it seems like such a fun and cozy way to spend Christmas Eve (which is actual my countries day of celebrating Christmas) :)

  31. Love all of your jammies! This was always our tradition growing up (still is! thanks mom! haha!). I’ve started carrying it on with my own babe. I found super cute jammies last year, but I’m not seeing anything I love this year. Have you found anything for Isla and Jackson?

  32. I have been thinking of getting sister pajamas for me and my sister this year and these are all such great options! You all look adorable in your Christmas PJ’s.

  33. I’ve been eyeing the Barefoot Dreams robes for a few weeks! And those jammies are so cute! I just picked up a pair of pj pants from Old Navy.

  34. Love your PJ’s! My dad does the same thing for my brothers and I, it’s such a fun tradition! I also am excited about the giveaway!

  35. Adorable ladies as always! Love your X-mas Jammie’s tradition! Thanks for the idea I’m going to start it with my two boys that were born only a couple weeks off from miss Isla and Jackson:))

  36. I love these jammies and I’m so tempted to get some now! I’ve been following your blog for a long time and I love your style and wish I could be best friends with you and your sisters :) Happy Holidays to your cute family!

  37. The PJ’s are so cute!! Love them all!! I have two sisters and we are close like y’all, so I love seeing post with all four of y’all! Happy Thanksgiving!

  38. ❤️️ Everything about this post! You are my Christmas inspiration from decor to pjs to family time. ⛄️❄️? Can’t wait to see your Christmas photos!

  39. you girls are so cute! this picture reminds me of my sister i have four sister and i am the youngest one. your pajamas is my favorite Rachel !! beautiful family.
    happy thanksgiving!!

  40. I love your jammies and I love that you and your family continue to have such fun Christmas traditions. Family is so important. Now I’m off to order some holiday jammies…

    Happy Thanksgiving Rach!

  41. Love following your blog so much! Also living in the shirt I purchased in your line! I have only sisters as well and love seeing others who are just as close!

  42. So lovely of you to do giveaways for your readers, such a cute holiday tradition ??? I’ve been searching for a sale on these robes too!

  43. I’m obsessed with this!! I got my mom, sister, and me all matching pajamas from Nordstrom last year, but I would love for it to be a tradition to carry on when I have kids or sisters-in-law! The photo shoot is adorable too ? Rachel, you make me glad I have dark hair too- it really makes you stand out!

  44. Omg love the pajamas!!!!!! Our family tradition would be to get into our pajamas and open presents on Christmas day and its one of my favorites memories of my childhood :D your family is beautiful ♡♡

  45. I’ve followed your blog for several years now and your holiday posts are always my favorites! Your family just keeps getting more lovely!

  46. Being an only child, I find this the sweetest Christmas tradition to do with your sisters! I have followed you for a long time and the love that you all share together is really beautiful. It’s what really makes this blog post more special in the holiday season!

  47. I love that so many other people have a Christmas tradition of opening new pajamas on Christmas Eve! Even though you know what it’s going to be, it’s always so exciting! Also, I love the mixing and matching of different brands for your girls PJs – SO CUTE!

  48. I love a cute set of Christmas pj’s! We let our kids open one gift on Christmas well – it would be fun for it to be new pj’s for each of them. Might have to start this as a new tradition in our home!

  49. Love these pajamas!! I buy matching family pajamas for my husband and I and our three kids!! It’s so fun to all be the same!! Lol

  50. I love these polka dot jammies so much! Like you I have two sisters and we are best friends! Every Christmas we also match our PJs and I’m obsessed with these J. Crew jammies and even better their 30% off!

  51. I’m beginning to pack my hospital bag for baby #2 arrival and a new robe and box of see’s is on my must have list! See’s is a deep tradition in our family… generations! This would be fab to win!

  52. Matching jammies, love!!! I can’t believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow too! And then it will be Christmas. Happy Holidays Pink Peonies! ?

  53. We love the jammies tradition at our house, too, it always makes for the cutest pictures under the tree Christmas Eve! ❤️ And See’s candies are a staple, butterscotch squares are our Christmas crack around here! ??

  54. This is so generous of you!!! I’ve seen these robes in Nordstrom a a dozen times and each time I keep telling myself I’look ask for it for Christmas! This would be perfect! So excited to see what’s you’re up to next!

  55. My family also gets to open one present Christmas Eve and it’s also always pajamas! It’s maybe my favorite tradition! Love these for options this year!

  56. Love love love your blog. You are such a fashion inspiration and have inspired me to wear clothes I would never consider wearing. XOXO

  57. Happy Thanksgiving! I have been following your blog the last couple of years and love your outfit inspiration. It’s helped tremendously. Thank you!

  58. Such festive pajamas! I love the idea of baking sugar cookies the night before too, what a memorable tradition. Can’t wait to see your upcoming blog posts!

  59. I am one of 4 sisters to and always want to do this every year, but the jammies are so expensive! Ya’ll look adorable!

  60. When I had my first baby, I started this family tradition. I’ve been getting my kids matching monogrammed pajamas and my husband and I similar styles. I try to get at least one family shot in the pajamas(or at least one with the kids!). Anyway, would love to win this giveaway! Fingers crossed & happy holidays! …Emily…

  61. At my house, my sister and I are given slippers the night before Christmas. Always fun to get something cozy so you can nestle in and spend time with family :)

  62. Love yours photos!! I Love Christmas also?? i allready Start to decorating my Home too… sooo many Ideas ! Thanks for yours Inspiration ??

  63. Love the tradition!! Pjs and cookies – best idea. I have those Jammie’s and can’t wait to match my little one with hers for her first Christmas. So exciting to celebrate the holidays with family! And the giveaway is so so sweet.

  64. I absolutely love your posts this time of year (I love them all year but especially this time). You always pick the cutest gifts, clothes, decorations, and ideas for this time of year. Happy Thanksgiving!

  65. The jammies looks so cozy and the most one I am in love with is the red one ❤ ❤ ❤
    I wish you & your big family a merry christmas ?

  66. Ahhh I’ve been wanting a robe for forever and have just never made the purchase! And I love the jammies. My family does that tradition too. So fun!

  67. My sister and I were shopping for Christmas Jammie’s today with no luck. Thank you, this is so helpful! :) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

  68. My favorite Christmas Eve tradition is also letting my kids open new Christmas jammies! I never buy them for myself, so I’d love to win a new robe!

  69. Happiest of holidays to you and your sweet family! Stay warm and cozy! I love reading your blog, it makes the holidays seem much merrier!

  70. Thanks for all the giveaways. I admire your work and look forward to seeing what your future endeavours are while wearing that Nordstrom robe :P

  71. I love how you and your sisters get so festive for the holidays. I have two sisters and we always have coordinating pjs for Christmas Eve.

  72. Obsessed with the grey and red color scheme for Christmas! It’s a family tradition of mine to get new PJ’s for XMas each year. Will definitely be snagging this look this Christmas!!!

  73. Love the pjs! I can’t wait to start a Christmas tradition with our little one! She’s only a month old this year, so next year will be more exciting since she probably won’t be sleeping all day :-) Happy Thanksgiving!

  74. love these pj looks! cute sisters :) also very random but your husband was in my ward at belmont years ago and my one memory of him is he and his friends wearing their hoodies over their face in our quad walking slowly towards our apt super creepy like at night and my roommate loral literally got a knife out and was yelling at them to stop bc she was so creeped out hahaha. i wonder if he remembers that at all

  75. I love the tradition of Christmas pajamas!! That has been a tradition in my family as well! We won’t be able to be with family this year on Christmas because we have twins due in December! So this giveaway would definitely bring some Christmas cheer our way! :)

  76. Love the pajamas! I just bought a pair today (comfy and warm flannel pj’s – leopard print) which I am wearing now and I loooooove!

  77. The PJ’s look amazing! Looking forward to Christmas morning with my fiancé…our last Christmas before tying the knot in May! :)

  78. Christmas pajamas are the absolute best and one of my favorite traditions! I’ve always wanted a Barefoot Dreams robe to lounge in while at home with my kiddos!

  79. This post makes me so happy and brings up so many fond memories of my own! I too, grew up with a house full of girls and we loved our Christmas PJs and my dad still reads the nativity story to us on Christmas Eve. Thank you for hosting such a fun giveaway, have a wonderful holiday season!

  80. Love your posts rach!! Isla is the cutest thing ever! I wish I could squeeze her sometimes … not to be creepy or anything haha she’s just too darn adorable! Would love to see a gift guide for men and women!

  81. Love this post! Trying to convince my new husband that we need to start a family tradition of getting new Christmas PJ’s each year :)

  82. I’ve been a follower of Pink Peonies for years and I follow you on all social media because I just love you and your gorgeous family!! Thank you for everything you do and Happy Thanksgiving!!