Stocking Stuffer Idea...

Stocking Stuffer Idea...

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What girl doesn't love a fresh manicure?! Growing up with 3 sisters we had plenty of drama (as you can imagine!!) but also SO much fun! Usually on Friday or Saturday night we would have "girl nights" and stay up late talking about the boys we liked or the dates we had been on while making s'mores over the stove and painting each other's nails. Those girl nights are memories that I still remember to this day and that I'll never forget!

Years later we all still love getting our nails done and I have my own nail polish collection that I add to every time I find a color that I can't live without! When I saw the packaging of this X in the City set I was obsessed!!! It instantly reminded me of a big city like New York and I mean, how cute would these look sticking out of your stocking?! Formula X has so many cute kits to choose from and their System XCEL includes everything you need: a cleanser, a primer and a shiner polish.

Have you guys tried Formula X?! If not, it's the perfect thing to add to your Wish List for the holidays!

xo, Rach

Brought to you by Formula X.

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