Our Home for Christmas…

christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-1christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-4 christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-3 christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-2christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-5christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-3-1christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-8 christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-10 christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-2-1christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-7 christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-6 christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-15 christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-14 christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-13 christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-12 christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-11 christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-1-2christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-20 christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-19 christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-21christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-18 christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-16 christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-1-1christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-22 christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-27 christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-26 christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-25 christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-34 christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-29 christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-33 christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-35 christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-30 christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-32 christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-31restoration-hardware-table-christmas-scape christmas-home-decor-flocked-tree-white-23My love for decorating my home for Christmas comes from my mom. From the time I was little she would deck our home out in beautiful and festive Christmas decor just before Thanksgiving so we could enjoy it all season long.

One of the most distinct memories I have as a child is helping my mom decorate for Christmas. One year in particular that stands out…We were listening to Natalie Cole’s Christmas song, ‘Caroling, Caroling’ and I was helping her pull out ornaments from this black and gold leather chest. I think it’s the smell that burned this moment into my memory forever. The chest and all of the decor inside smelled of a peppermint/pine needle scent and I have never been able to forget it. It’s one of my most favorite memories.

I want Isla Rose and Jackson to have similar memories so I’m carrying on the tradition and decorating my home before Thanksgiving as well! Here is a look at how this years decor turned out! I got my trees and my decorations from Tai Pan Trading and the elves at Gatehouse no. 1 came and styled everything.

To all my Utah readersTai Pan is exclusively offering 25% off all Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands to Pink Peonies readers!! Just use code RP25OFF at checkout!! Hurry it’s only valid for three days!

xo, Rach

Trees and Christmas Decor: Tai Pan c/o

Decor Styling: Gatehouse No. 1

Sugar Cookies and Cake: Sweet Tooth Fairy

Dining Table: Restoration Hardware

End Chairs: Restoration Hardware

Green Velvet Pillows: McGee & Co. c/o

Book Shelves: Pottery Barn Teen

Rug, Navy Sofa, Leopard Chair, Grey Writing Desk: Gatehouse No. 1

Bar Stools: Restoration Hardware

Little Table and Chairs: Restoration Hardware

Mini Kitchen Set: Pottery Barn Kids c/o

Isla and Jackson’s PJ’s: Kickee Pants c/o

Photos by Lindsay Salazar.

xo, Rach
Our Home for Christmas…
Our Home for Christmas…
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126 thoughts on “Our Home for Christmas…

  1. Every year I keep a close lookout for your Christmas decor posts whether on your blog or on Instagram. I’m no where near as talented as you are with decorating but I love looking at what you come up with for a little inspiration. Your all-white look is so polished and elegant, Rach!

    Arum Lilea

  2. I just couldn’t get enough of these beautiful photos! Your home is a Christmas dream! <3 I love the neutral styling, it's so festive but at the same time soothing and peaceful. Love how you added the two little trees this year, too! (A very early) Merry Christmas to you and your gorgeous family xx

    xx Madeleine


  3. Your Christmas décor is stunning – but when I went to Tai Pan’s website to look for similar trees, none come up when you search, though the post mentions a discount on Christmas trees. Perhaps I’m missing something?!

  4. Your home looks absolutely gorgeous, Rach! I love the wintery all white vibe you went with for the decor and that you went with 3 trees! You did such a magnificent job and omg, Isla is getting so big, especially in that last shot of her holding on to you! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have a great start to your week!



  5. Simply Stunning!!!!!
    I also am in love with your kitchen chandelier. Could you please tell me where you got it from? Thank you and Merry Christmas!!!!

  6. Just as expected, your home is absolutely beautifully decorated for the Holidays! I just adore the colour palette you chose to use.
    Natasha Kalita Design

  7. OMG, your home is lovely!! I LOVE your 6 chairs at your table, but you don’t list the source. Can you share where they are from? Thank you so much! (^_^)


  8. Stunning!! I love decorating for Christmas.. do you remember what size chairs you bought for the restoration kids table? 14″ or 16.5″? I’ve always loved it in your pictures.

  9. Would love to know your source for those tiered cake stands on your counter. Everything looks wonderful Rachel! Enjoy this holiday season! <3

  10. I LOVE your gorgeous home! Could you please let me know the door of paint in your living room and entranceway? I am painting my home and can’t quite get the colour I am looking for?! It would be much appreciated! Have a wonderful holiday!

  11. This is soo beautiful!!!! your house is a dream!, I just feel sad that in Austria the tradition is to put to the Christmas tree on the 24 of December! can you imaging how sad that is?? in any case I am going to put my christmas as soon as my tree arrive!!! next week!


  12. Your Christmas decor is always so wonderful! I have a question about the wreaths that you have on the back of your chairs: did you buy them the way they are pictures (eg, with the bow and the snow things on it) or did Gatehouse just buy a plain wreath and then they put the wreaths all together? Thank you!

  13. BEAUTIFUL! Such inspiration for my own home. I asked this on your cute insta pic of Isla in her kitchen, but can you please share your wall color? It’s the perfect shade of white! Thanks gf!

  14. Absolutely gorgeous! Your house is total perfection and such design inspo. I have been following you for years now and it just keeps getting better. You inspired me to start my own blog, LaurenJaclyn.com, and I am loving the journey so far.
    Xx, Lauren Jaclyn

  15. Everything looks so beautiful…the trees, the styling, the vent hood and your sweet Isla Rose. She always makes me smile. Beautiful photos of you and the kids. I must also tell you how much I love the post railings on your staircase. I’ve never seen anything like it!!!

  16. Hi Rach, I’m in love with how elegant yet festive you decorated your home this year. So beautiful! And I love how you continue with your mum’s tradition.
    We started decorating last week. My 4-year-old son couldn’t wait anymore :D We were dancing to Michael Bublé’s Christmas album while decorating, so much fun!
    Have a beautiful day!

  17. Love the decorations, absolutely stunning as always! I especially like the mini Christmas trees on the table, such a great idea! Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures Rachel :)
    Have a lovely day,
    Kisses from France xx

  18. Sooooo beautiful!!!!! I am in love with the trees, the stairs, and the large chandelier. I have the same chandalier but have not put it up yet. You definitely have great taste.

  19. Really beautiful!! But more importantly I can tell there’s a lot of love in your home!!! All the best to you and your little family!! And Merry Christmas!

  20. Love your Christmas decorations, dreamy white :)
    3 trees! Wow! gorgeous! Can you please share the sizes of the Christmas trees? Thank you

  21. Beautiful tree! I couldn’t find the tree at the website. Would love to know how they decorated the trees, especially the ribbon.

  22. This is so lovely. I didn’t see a source for the gold mirror – I LOVE it! Do you know where it is from? Thanks!

  23. Just discovered your site and I am hooked. I have never seen a blog that completely captures my style heart! Could you tell me where your entryway table and mirror are from? They are gorgeous! Hoping you reply, Rebecca :)

  24. Love your trees, swags, white berries aNd ribbon. Looks like the ribbon was sprayed with snow.
    Do yOu have a tutorial on decorating the treees?

  25. how do you keep your dog from eating your flocked tree? We have a 1 year old puppy and have heard flocking and the needles are toxic?

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