My Home Decorated for Christmas…





Here’s a look into our home all decorated for Christmas time. There is one major piece missing from these pictures…when Drew and I were in Italy a few years ago we bought a beautiful nativity hand carved out of olive wood. It’s displayed on our bookshelf in our family room and I’m so sad that’s the thing we forgot to photograph. I’ll share it with you on my IG stories today if you’re interested in that.

I got most of my decor from one of my favorite boutiques in Utah, GateHouse No. 1 and designers Rachel Folkman and Chelsea K Designs designed the trees and mantles. I’ve rounded up where you can get similar items below!

One more thing, I know I promised a paint post soon and we photographed all of that but had some paint mix-ups so that info will be up soon but probably after Christmas. Sorry for the delay on that! Most of the paint colors you’ll see in this post are Grey Mist (wall color from BM) and Dove Wing (Trim/Finish Work Color from BM).

Get the Look:

Also found some pretty candlesticks like my assortment on my mantle. I found mine at some local boutiques and Walmart.

xo, Rach
My Home Decorated for Christmas…
My Home Decorated for Christmas…
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34 thoughts on “My Home Decorated for Christmas…

    1. Yes my ribbon is from Gatehouse but they could be sold out now. I would call and double check before you make the trip there. I feel like they always sell out of their ribbon super early!

  1. Love your Christmas Decor. ABsolUtly gorgeous.. really love the mirror above the firepLace. Where can i buy this Rach. Thanks! Is this your new home? Have you moved in already?

    1. You can buy this from Alice Lane Home Collection. I believe they ship too! Just call them and they can give you price and shipping info! xx

    1. No we don’t I got this tree for Isla Rose before Jackson was born and he really just wants to knock the trees over and rip off all the ornaments (as should every two-year-old boy) so I didn’t bother buying him his own and decorating it. Next year we’ll see if he’s ready!

      1. How do you keep him from doing that with all of the other trees in your home?

        decorations are beautiful but don’t seem very kid-friendly. looks like a magazine, but where are the special kid ornaments, fun touches for kids, etc? What is see is something off a decorator’s showroom floor, but not a family home. honestly curious if the other areas in your house reflect that this is the home of a family with small children.

        1. They’re all plastic ornaments and my kids think the tree is cool for the first day and want to play with the ornaments but then they go play with their own toys.

  2. Hi Rach!
    I must say, i’ve Been followng you fir a few years now. Watching your family Grow and flourish has been such a treaT! Your homes are always decorated beautifully and provide us with lots of inspiraTion. So thank you for sharing your life and homes with is! Wishing you and your family all the best during this christmas season!
    Merry christmas, hope all our wishes continue to come true!
    All the best,

    1. Hi Erin, thank you so much for following along through the years! You are so sweet to write this, it means the world. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas season!!

  3. Your home is so beautiful eVery detail fits so peRfectly! Enjoy your new home and cant wait to see the rest! Would love to see more of jacksons room curious how you designed it! Thanx so much for sharing!!

  4. Hi!
    Who makes the mirror above your mantle?
    Weve been looking EverywherE for one that mixes traditional with modern and we fell in LoVe with yours.


  5. Hi. I love your home. can you share what the name of your couches are and the color please? we’ve been looking at new couches for our new home and i am in love with yours, thank you. best wishes,

  6. Lovely! Maybe this is my own personal preference, but i feel like there are too many close-up shots. I would love To see How everything actually works/Looks/fits in each room, if that makes sense. Not just vingettes.

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