Fast and Cutest Holiday Cards...

Fast and Cutest Holiday Cards...

Holiday Cards

If you're like me then you haven't even sent out your Christmas cards. I know...I'm cringing. We did take them on Wednesday so at least the photo part is out of the way. We have been waiting for a big snow fall and we finally got one so luckily I've now started working on getting our cards printed.

Walmart does same day printing and they have a lot of cute designs to choose from! Most printing places where you order them online are so far behind that you have to wait a week at the latest to get them in the mail so Walmart is a great option because you can order, pick up and send them off to loved ones all on the SAME exact day!! You can browse some of their cute designs here and play around adding in different photos to their cards! Above are my two favorite designs I had printed of some holiday pictures we took a few years ago. I collect our yearly Christmas cards so I'm adding these to the 2016 Christmas card stash! I used different pictures this time so now we have more to look back on!

You can also create photo books here if you need a thoughtful gift idea!!


Brought to you by Walmart.
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