My Five Step AM and PM Beauty Routine…

Ok ladies, you’ve been asking and asking so I’m delivering!!!

By far my most asked question is about my skin-care routine. Today I’m sharing my current AM/PM routines. I am a huge believer that consistency is key for good skin. Don’t miss a morning or a night! You will see the benefits from being dedicated to your routine. I don’t care how tired you are…do NOT go to bed without washing/exfoliating your face! Don’t put your makeup on without a freshly cleansed and moisturized face!

 I was at the gym the other day and a friend asked me why I got ready for a 6am workout class…I honestly took it as a compliment because I hadn’t done anything to my face at all, other than wash my face, add my serum, moisturizer and lip balm. I had just rolled out of bed, threw my hair in a pony and was out the door. When people think you have gotten ready for the day and you have absolutely no makeup on, that is one of the best compliments ever!

So here are my skin secrets….biggest being NEVER sleeping with my makeup on and exfoliating nightly. I’ll swith up my serums and moisturizers quite a bit because I love to try new products, there are several cleansers I love but one I just discovered that I haven’t strayed from since I discovered it earlier this year.  Keep reading, I’ll break this all down for you below.

^^This is right after my PM routine. Freshly cleansed, exfoliated and moisturized. No filters, no airbrushing, raw selfie of my skin…

^^Ok here is the lineup of all my favorite products I use on my face! Explaining each category below…

^^Favorite Cleansers: These are the two cleansers I recommend to all my friends and family!

1. I’m currently using the Skin Ceuticals LHA Cleanser and I think it’s my favorite cleanser I’ve ever used- I’ve never had better skin than I do now!

2. I equally love the BeautyBio Cleanser, smells amazing and gives your face the freshest feeling after you use it.

^^Favorite Serums: Currently I’m using the Skin Ceuticals CE Ferulic (vitamin C serum) in the mornings and the True Cider Serum at night. Your serums are important. If you’re in your later 20’s and haven’t used a serum yet, start using one!

^^Favorite Moisturizers: Currently my two favorite moisturizes and eye cream I use morning and night. I switch up between the two, both are hydrating, gentle and won’t make you feel greasy or oily. TrueLipids is a little lighter and lays beautifully under makeup. I love my Vichy (gifted) at night.

^^Favorite Sunscreens: I put sunscreen on every. single. morning. It’s SO important. I also apply it to my neck too. SPF SPF SPF!!!

1. I use BeautyBio sunscreen daily (there are two kinds; a tinted SPF and a regular SPF, I love both and use both depending on the day).

2. I use the Elta MD if I’m going to be out at the pool or the lake.

3.  keep a mini size of this SPF mist in my bag to easily re-apply my SPF throughout the day.

^^Ok this is my miscellaneous line-up…

1. I use the Summer Friday’s mask 1-2x per week.

2. I use the SouthSeas Tan Mist on my face after I cleanse, serum and moisturize if I want a glow for a few days.

3. I put Aquaphore on my lips every single night before bed.

4. I use the Vichy wipes to remove my eye and lip makeup.

-AM Routine-

Step one: Cleanse (work cleanser into skin in circular motions then splash water on your face) (another cleanser I love here)

Step Two: Lightly Exfoliate with a damp wash cloth (I firmly but gently exfoliate w/ a washcloth in circular motions, working around my entire face. (I’ll do a video showing how I do this tonight in a IG live).

Step Three: Serum (other serums I lovehere and here)

Step Four: Moisturize (another moisturizer I love here and my fave eye creme here)

Step Five: Sunscreen(other sunscreens I lovehere, here, and here)

Step Six: Lip Balm

-PM Routine-

Step One: Remove Makeup (ONLY use this wipe on your eyes and lips, DO NOT rub it all over your face, your cleanser will take care of the rest).

Step Two: Cleanse (work cleanser into skin in circular motions then splash water on your face)

Step Three: Lightly Exfoliate with a damp wash cloth (I firmly but gently exfoliate w/ a washcloth in circular motions, working around my entire face until any trace of makeup is gone, look at your wash cloth and keep working until there is no longer makeup residue (I’ll do a video showing how I do this tonight in a IG live).  **This is my secret!! If you’re going to take on thing from this post, try this!!!!

Step Four: Serum (other serums I love here and here)

 Step Five: Moisturize (another moisturizer I love hereand and my fave eye creme here)

Step Six: Lip Balm

I’m going live tonight on my Instagram at 9:30pm MST to take a deep dive of my PM routine and explain more abut each product AND show my exfoliating secret!

**If you missed it, make sure you read below each picture about each product, why I love it and how I use it! 

xo, Rach
My Five Step AM and PM Beauty Routine…
My Five Step AM and PM Beauty Routine…
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  1. Hi! Love this Post. I just wanted to share some feed back on yOur blog. I have to say i truly missed when you post new blog post very early in the morning. I used to read them on my train ride To work. I hope you go back to post in the mornings instead of the afternoons.


  2. Loved your live! Thank you for explaining each product & how & what order to use it in. I was i terested in the cream you said you used to keep breakouts & Red skin away. (You & your mom use it) again THANK YOU so much…such good information! Your skin & hair are just gorgeous!!!

  3. Thank you for your sharing! I am currently deciding if I should buy the beautyBio Glopro and noticed you had it in your line up picture but no details on how and when you incorporate it into your routine. Would love to learn more and if it is worthy buying..Thanks so much!

  4. i am trying your secret… however, my face gets reaallly red an blotchy after exfoliating with my washcloth. do you think I am going to hard on my face? your face did not seem red at all when you used your washcloth on the live. do you have softer wash cloths? sorry for so many questions! I want to get the face wash too, but it’s so expensive!! does it ever go on sale?

  5. thank you for sharing, I just love posts like these! about How many times a week do you use your beautybio Glopro microneedling tool?

  6. THANK you FOR ALL YOUR TIPS! Kind of related to skincare, did you get stretch marks after either of your babies? If so, what did you do to minimize them?

  7. I truly enjoyed reading your blogs. you seem like a really wonderful person. you have a beautiful family,
    i am in my 50s and am just starting my blog, still under construction. i am a single mother. i just hope that i can also reach to a lot of followers.
    what can you recommend for me to do to gain a lot of audience. i would like to blog about my life, struggles and accomplishments. i also love fashion.
    thank you dear.

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