My Kitchen Knives Set...

My Kitchen Knives Set...

Posted by Rachel Parcell on

Ok, I'm excited to share this post with you ladies! I've been wanting a white kitchen knife set for the longest time so I've been researching who makes white knife sets and prices. I was shocked I discovered the knife set I really wanted was over $2900! I about fell off my chair. Keep reading for my hack of how to get this look for less than half the price...

I loved the Cutco set because there's 36 pieces so the block is wider than usual and I thought the white would look amazing displayed in my kitchen. Pretty and functional! But- there was absolutely no way I could bring myself to spend that type of money on a knife set, so I kept digging and I actually found an amazing deal that gives you a totally similar look and feel!!

So, what I ended up doing is buying a 35 piece knife block from Williams Sonoma and then I purchased two of the white knife sets by Wüsthof from Williams Sonoma. I stored away the small blocks the two knife sets came with and I put both sets in my big Williams Sonoma block!

I have listed out the price breakdown below so you can see just how much you could save doing it this way! I loved my little hack and just wanted to share it with you ladies because I know a lot of you love anything white and bright!

-Cut Co Knive Set I Wanted-

Cut Co. Knive Set Price: $2,929.00

-My Set-

Williams Sonoma White Knife Set: $299.95 (I bought two for a total of $599.90)

Williams Sonoma Butcher Block: $149.99

My Total Cost: $749.89


*Also, I always hand wash my knives, even my black ones so I just wanted to share that. They will last much longer!

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