Counting Down to Baby Parcell #2…

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Top: BHLDN | Skirt: Chantel Lauren ℅ (similar style here – on sale!!) | Floral Crowns: Over The Top Floral | Lips: Soar Liner and Cream Cup by MAC, Sophia gloss by Buxom

Isla’s Dress: Gap (on sale!!) | Isla’s Shoes: Old Navy (on sale!!)

How I found out I was pregnant: When Drew and I went to Italy together in January we had a 10 hour plane ride to discuss all sorts of topics. One of those topics was planning when we would start trying for our next baby. We both decided shortly after Isla’s first birthday would be perfect timing. That way they would be close in age but would give me a little bit of a break between pregnancies (I get super sick, morning sickness all. day. long.). Little did I know that during that conversation, I was already pregnant!!!!!

I only had one period between Isla and this baby and when the next month rolled around I was surprised I didn’t have one. I thought maybe my cycle was still all messed up from nursing and hormones. I mentioned to Drew while we were walking down a street in Florence that I was late so he dragged me across the town square to a pharmacy. I kept telling him he was reading way too much into this and that it’s pretty normal to have random periods after you have a baby because your hormones are all out-of-whack. He insisted we buy a test, I thought he was crazy!

After we bought the test I remember thinking there was absolutely no way I was pregnant. I actually forgot we even had it until Drew reminded me to take it a few days later. So I took the test and sure enough, I got a big fat positive. I literally was in shock! I forgot to even show Drew the test or tell him… I just rushed over to my phone and called Emily to tell her what had just happened. Drew was wondering why I was more excited to tell my sister than him. Whoops, I guess he’s pretty important!

How I Broke the News to Drew: I screamed from the bathroom and ran for my phone to FaceTime Emily my sister. He found out when I told her. I still haven’t lived that one down.

Best Part of the First Trimester: Hearing our baby’s heartbeat for the first time! This was my favorite part when I was pregnant with Isla Rose too. There’s something so magical about hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time. It makes the pregnancy feel real and I tear up every time. Pregnancy is truly such a miracle.

Worst Part of the First Trimester: The nausea!!!!! It kicked in (again) at about week 8 and didn’t subside until around week 18 (again). It was an all day, everyday nausea that never went away. I was SO sick with my first pregnancy and I was the exact same way this pregnancy. I had a barf bag with me everywhere I went, it wasn’t pretty!

First Trimester Food Cravings: Pizza Hut (gross I know), Chick-Fil-A, In-&-Out, hot chocolate and Oatmeal.

Best Part of the Second Trimester: Finally regaining my energy and not feeling so nauseous. Starting to feel little kicks from baby boy!

Worst Part of Second Trimester: The nausea that lasted the first few weeks into the 2nd trimester. Other than that, I loved the second trimester. I felt the most like myself and had tons of energy!

Second Trimester Food Cravings: Italian food, S’mores, Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches, hot chocolate and Oatmeal.

Best Part of Third Trimester: Feeling baby boy kick and squirm around inside of me.

Worst Part of Third Trimester: Finding something to wear every morning, the back aches and the exhaustion.

Third Trimester Food Cravings: Eggo Waffles, anything chocolate, Apples, Honey Bunches of Oats.

We are beyond excited to meet our baby boy and already feel so blessed he is ours. The last few weeks I have been feeling SO nervous and anxious about his arrival. The thought of having  a one-year-old and a newborn is very intimidating to me but I guess I will have to figure it out as I go (any tips from you mama’s with babies close together??).

You can see my maternity photos and bits from my pregnancy with Isla here.

xo, Rach

Photos by Mari Ko Kay

xo, Rach
Counting Down to Baby Parcell #2…
Counting Down to Baby Parcell #2…
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117 thoughts on “Counting Down to Baby Parcell #2…

  1. My two children are 19 months apart, and my best advice is to nap when they do, take each moment as it comes, go on a date with your husband once a week, and be as consistent as possible. The first six weeks will feel strange. Besides your body needing the recovery time, you’re figuring how to “do life” with two little ones. You’re strong. You can do this, but give yourself grace for the adjustment. And it’s okay to ask for help. Love your posts and spirit!

  2. I love this post! It’s nice to see actual insights into your life – the shopping stuff is great too, but seeing how your day-to-day goes is very refreshing :)

  3. I have twin 2 year olds – best tip is to embrace the chaos and take each day one day at a time!!! These photos are absolutely gorgeous, you look like a princess!

  4. I’ve been dying to see these ever since you posted a sneak peek on Instagram. They are honestly so incredibly beautiful. You look as though you’ve stepped straight out of the most magical of Disney movies. Such beautiful pictures for your family to treasure Rach x

    Arum Lilea

  5. These are absolutely breathtaking, Rachel! And the one of Isla nibbling your nose just melts my heart! Thank you for sharing your journey and congratulations on expanding your beautiful family!

  6. My two babies are the same age gap as yours, and the best way to describe it is higher highs and lower lows. Sometimes it’s incredibly difficult–I implemented a weekly “alone time” session haha but it helped so much! It gets easier and so much fun as they start to laugh and play together!

  7. Hi Rach! I love this post! My sister is due in 8 days with her second child, and she had the same nausea issues. Ugh! You poor thing! I will be praying for a safe delivery for you. Take care!

  8. Hi Rach,
    As of mommy of three it’s definitely not easy. However my oldest two which are boys are a year a 3 months apart and big was it a struggle. But as long as your organized and do a lot of pre planning. Especially with doctors appointments and outings you will be fine. It will come to you like second nature. Good luck Hun and blessings during labor. Xoxo Davorie

  9. My daughters are 18mo and 3mo right now, and I too was extremely nervous about having two babies so close. Having a supportive husband is a great help and having family babysit the old one is great for activity for her and bonding for me and the younger one. Having the older one help out during diaper changes, nursing/feedings and soothing the new baby is also a way to have her feel included. (We bought her a baby to nurse while I nursed) When you bring Isla to the hospital to meet baby boy, give her a present as well, this will help her feel she is still being appreciated while the attention is on the new baby).
    Good Luck!! You can do this, it will truly come natural and the next thing you know… You won’t know life without having two.

  10. Congrats on baby #2! I also had a surprise 2nd pregnancy and my girls are 1 1/2 years apart! When I found out I was pregnant with my second child I was actually in the doctors to check on my IUD that I suspected was not in correctly (I was so right) before I got another one in they needed me to take a test to make sure I wasn’t pregnant, sure enough I was! I was freaking out for a while, now I look back and I’m so thankful it happened the way it did! It was hard, we had to deal with a lot of jealousy from my older daughter. And it was hard for me to figure out how to split my time and give them both equal attention, but mother instincts just kick in naturally and I was somehow able to manage. Just remember to stay calm and enjoy every moment even if it seems like your about to go crazy. Step aside, take a few breaths and just go back out there. Along with the crazy days come the fun, emotional and special moments between a mother and her children! My girls are now able to play with each other and my older daughter is now very protective of my younger daughter! When reading your story about your pregnancy I was just reminded of my situation and I had to share! Thanks for sharing your story!

  11. Congratulations! Have your go to people close by during the first month. Take care of yourself and ask for support whenever you need it.

  12. Congrats on baby #2!!! I’m totally with you on being sick during pregnancy. I could totally relate. Both mine weee rough and i had to get fluids several times from throwing up so much. My boys are 20months apart. You are not alone with those feelings you expressed. I still get anxiety at times when I have to go shopping with alone. Lol My bit of advice-double stroller. Try your best to go to bed early at night (i never do and regret all the time bc ive been living on 3hrs of sleep and its gettung old fast) when you’re not nursing try to put baby down or give the baby to somone else to hold so you can spend time with isla. The first few weeks are rough with the older feeling like you are 24/7 with the new baby (which you mostly are) I’d try and do as much with my eldest as much as possible. Try and watch your words like- ‘mommies holding (babys name)” use terms like mommies hands are full right now-helps them not to think its the babies fault they dont get held… Have isla help bring diapers or take them to the trash… Help with simple things. It was a very rough transition and we are still working through things. Mine are 9 months and 29 months. Just accept that things will be rough at times, not perfect and not much accomplished. Im trying to do that. All the best with delivery!!! And your pictures are stunning!!

  13. I loved reading this! I’m in my first pregnancy now and I can totally relate to your symptoms! Hang in there, it’ll all be better soon. Also, your maternity pictures are absolutely beautiful. ?

  14. Amazing photos! I feel bad because I didn’t do professional photos for our second. I have two boys that are 17 months apart. They are wild! Boys and girls are so different. I make going to the gym a priority every morning for “me” time. I have never been this committed to working out, but I always finish and I’m a better mom for it. You all are about to experience a joy you never thought existed a second time! Cheers to you and your growing family!

  15. My daughters are 18mo and 3mo right now, and I too was extremely nervous about having two babies so close. Having a supportive husband is a great help and having family babysit the older one is great for activity for her and bonding for you and the younger one. Having the older one help out during diaper changes, nursing/feedings and soothing the new baby is also a way to have her feel included. (We bought her a baby to nurse while I nursed) When you bring Isla to the hospital to meet baby boy, give her a present as well, this will help her feel she is still being appreciated while the attention is on the new baby.

    Good Luck!! You can do this, it will truly come natural and the next thing you know… You won’t know life without having two.


  16. I have two babies 16 months they are 13 months and 29 months old and i have to admite that the first 5 weeks were a little difficult but then things were better.take it slow relax and everything will be fine.take your time to revover after delivery and give also Isla the time to be comfort with her little brother.special advice:in the beggining try to spent enough time with Isla and make her feel safe and comfort with the new are gorgeous and strong you will make it

  17. You look so gorgeous! These photos are amazing. :) I have a two year old and a 4 month old and my advice is to just take it one day at a time and do the best that you can. Yes it will feel overwhelming at first, but it gets easier and you learn a new normal. I absolutely love watching the relationship that my two year old daughter has with her little brother and it is so fun to have one of each. You will love it!!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  18. I am so close to our due date too, and I feel the anxiety. This is my 4th baby and I remember going from one to two and was so nervous. It just takes time, after a few weeks of adjusting it will come naturally and you will get in a pattern, try to get them to nap at the same time, it takes a few weeks or months but once you do you will have a bit of free time. They will play with each other and baby #2 will do things so much faster. Good luck can’t wait to hear about #2!!!

  19. WAIT!!! It’s a BOY? How amazing but how/when did you find out? Am so confused/would love to know – since you are already sharing ? Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  20. Rachel! These photos are sooo beautiful! You will get the hang of having two young babies, there’s no doubt! Good luck with your delivery and these last couple of days/weeks in your pregnancy xo

  21. Congratulations! I love following your insta and blog. Literally such similar stories – I have horrible morning sickness and just had my 2nd I’m July exactly 16 months after my first. This time around I read a book 12 hours in 12 weeks and it has been a life saver. I fed my first on demand which I could have never done with my 2nd! Good luck!!

  22. I have twin girls so my only reference is “two”! They will learn to wait….there’s one of you and two of them. I was very hard on myself as a first time mom. Your daughter will learn to be patient….which isn’t easy for a one year old. Be kind to yourself and do what works best for YOU! When I stopped going to play groups and listening to other moms…I starting doing what worked for us everyone was happier! My dad would always say use common sense and put all the books down….he was SO right.?

  23. I have two boys who are 14 I I months apart and the first 3 years were SO exhausting!!!! They are 4 and 5 years now and it’s getting better…they really play together so that we can eat our breakfast in peace and enjoy our coffees:-)
    But I think the most important thing is to have days every week where grandparents or someone is helping you because help is what you’ll need the most!!! That was the time when I collapsed on the sofa and my mother-in-law went for a walk with the two boys…there are of course wonderful times as well but unfortunately it’s more of the exhausting part the first three years…but you have a great husband and a big loving family, I’m sure you’ll manage it!!!
    The most important thing is to also do something for yourself because it’s easy to forget your own needs with two so small children…
    You can do that!!!!
    Love, Kirsten

  24. My two oldest are 13 months apart ?. Don’t worry you will do great. I actually found it more difficult with one baby. my husband was a big help. I had my third April 11, 2015, my daughter and son were 3 1/2 and 2 1/2. They were already such a big help, bringing diapers and wipes and letting me know when the baby was up.
    So don’t worry just enjoy and take it one day at a time.
    You look absolutely beautiful in your photos. Hugs from Vancouver Canada ?

  25. Love your blog bc your pics are so beautiful and inspiring. I had my babies the same ages apart as you and it was a challenge but totally doable. Of course a very supportive and helpful husband is key. I’m now pregnant with my third five years later and I am a nervous wreck too as the due date creeps closer. But woman just know what to do and can handle anything and everything. We are made that way! Lol… Good luck to you!

  26. I have 3 under 3 (boy/girl 2.5 yo twins and a 5 month old). Our baby boy was also a surprise.
    I love having the kids close and age because they have similar abilities and interests so it will make figuring out what to do with the kids very easy.

  27. *Barf bags* were my life! I worked Labor & Delivery when I found out with our first. The entire labor deck knew before my husband! You are a very busy lady. Take time to recover, just your fall line in coming out soon, parties to plan etc. But you must let your body recover or it will take you longer to get back to all the projects. Although mine were not ‘Irish Twins’ as they are called in my family, my husband was active duty US NAVY. Single parenting is an eye opener! I would use a wrap to nurse the baby and my son would sit next to me holding a book and I would read to him. Such sweet times. The house may not be ass clean especially when baby boy gets older. If you are having an event at your home, hire a cleaning service, lol you might want to start that now just to ease the burden.
    All mom’s working inside and outside the home. Routine, Routine, Routine, with a splash of keep your sense of humor.
    Your a fitness queen! Put those babies in the stroller and go. You have such an amazing family I have no doubt they will be lining up to help.
    Of course, THAT SKIRT! you are such a sweet princess. What a fairytale! Sorry do long. Prayers and blessings to you and baby boy during deliver, he is doing to be pretty big! V

  28. Hi Rach,
    My daughters are 11 months apart. The first few months are challenging, but in the very best way… Worth every chaotic moment! Having them close together is the best! They are now 12 and 11 and the best of friends! You will be fine, it sounds like you have a great husband and supportive and loving family. Savor every moment… It flies by so very fast.?

  29. Being pregnant with a toddler is so much harder than having a newborn and a toddler, promise! Mine are 15 months apart (a girl, and then boy) and my daughter was so sweet and “motherly” to her little brother and just adored him right off the bat, having a girl first is so sweet in that way!

  30. My boys are 18 months apart, and definitely very active! Literally 3 days after you posted your pregnancy, I found out I was pregnant again! I was shocked!! My youngest will be 20 months older when I have him–another baby boy. Sometimes even the super planned events just don’t go according to plan! But, a blessing to be a mom and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The best thing is to get your toddler and baby to nap at the same time, and then you get a break too! And try to get them to eventually have the same bedtime and then you get a good amount of the night to spend relaxing with your husband. Loved your pictures, absolutely beautiful as always!

  31. My girls are 15 months apart and it’s awesome! My 1st was still napping when our 2nd was born which was fabulous! They are now 3 & 4, best friends who play so well together and will only be 1 grade apart at school (heart breaking for me, but wonderful for them!). I wouldn’t change a thing!! x Allison

  32. My boys are 11 months apart and I can honestly say it gets easier when the babies on the outside ? Being preggers with a one year old is exhausting. You’ll do so many things together, tub time, story time etc.

  33. These are the most beautiful maternity photos I’ve ever seen. That dress is so amazing I’m in awe. And that background of the forest, with your daughter and you in little crowns… I just have no words. These are stunning, you look stunning. Congratulations!

  34. Congratulations! You will do great! I have three and am pregnant with number 4. My oldest is 2, second is 1 and youngest is 5 months. They are all less than a year apart and this next baby is due a couple weeks after our current baby turns one. :) Once the baby gets a little older and can roll on the floor and crawl your children will get super close! When the baby is tiny it isn’t that hard. Remember, he will sleep A LOT so your little girl will still have plenty of time with you to adjust! :) Good luck!

  35. such incredibly beautiful photos. i always wondered about you getting pregnant so soon after isla. are you planning to get a nanny or anything like that? two kids under two is going to be quite a handful.

  36. Absolutely stunning photos! Isla is such a little doll! I can relate to how your feeling about the adjustment to two under two. I have a 4 week old and a 16 month old. I’ll be honest, it’s hard. But, it’s temporary! My advice is to have meals in the freezer or have someone bring/deliver you meals. Have a schedule of friends/family to come help you and/or take Isla off your hands so that she still gets some attention and you get your rest and quality time with the new baby. Once your feeling up to it, arrange some one to watch the baby so you can have some on one time with Isla. One of the hardest things for me is that I was so accustomed to spending 100% of my time with my daughter and then this little guy comes along and I have to put her aside now. It breaks my heart and I feel she doesn’t understand. It’s getting better though! So just be prepared for that too! I wish you all the best! Give yourself lots of grace! <3

  37. Interesting choice with the very voluminous top and skirt. I’m not a huge fan of the flower crown thing for adult women but you look pretty

  38. I had my daughter first, then when she was two, had my son. The hardest thing for me was getting the courage to take them both out together…it seemed overwhelming, even though I had a double stroller. But once I got the courage to do it, I realized it was just fine. Also, once that baby boy is walking and it’s pool season, make sure he has pool shoes on! I had just gotten my little ones situated at the pool — our first time with both of them (my daughter was at that point 3 and son was 11 months old and walking) and was thinking “this is easier than I thought” when my son,whose pool shoes I’d forgotten took a step out of the baby pool, fell down and in the process poked his little finger INTO HIS EYE and had to have stitches! Live and learn! Thankfully, he didn’t do any serious damage.

  39. I love these pictures, can you tell me where you went to take them? I have family photos coming up soon, and I think this could be a really good location. Thanks!

  40. Hi!!
    I really love this look with the pale blue tulle skirt. Can you please tell me where I can find this skirt from? I need it for my baby shower on next month.

    Thank you so much

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