Kid’s Halloween Party…

I love to make Halloween a cute and fun time for my kids, I think all of us moms try and do that! Last week I put together a fun little Halloween party for them to enjoy, and I will get all this out again before we got trick-or-treating on Halloween. 

I had a couple of fun activities for them to do…

Our favorite homemade sugar cookies sugar to frost and eat. (Recipe here) 

Pin the Spider on the Web and Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe (templates linked here). I took to a local print shop and had them printed out on 2’x3′ cardstock poster paper. 

Easy costumes to dress up.

And some simple but darling decor!! 

I’ve linked everything below!! 






Tables and Chairs: IKEA | Bats: Hester and Cook | Skull Placemats: Hester and Cook | Plates: Meri Meri | Napkins: Meri Meri | Balloons: Zurchers | Flatware: Target | Cups: Amazon | Cobweb: Amazon | Spiders: Amazon | Washie Tape: Michael’s Craft Store | Cookie Plate: McKenzie Childs | Boy’s Skeleton Pants: H&M | Boy’s Skeleton Top: H&M | Witch Hat: Target (sold out, similar style here)



Tic Tac Toe and Pin the Spider on the Web PDFs here!


xo, Rach
Kid’s Halloween Party…
Kid’s Halloween Party…
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5 thoughts on “Kid’s Halloween Party…

  1. So lovely love these ideas, so simple and yet super cute. Was wondering what camera or phone do you used to take These pics? Or is it your photoGrapher? Your pictures are always very bright and pretty ❤️

  2. What a fun idea for littles! I love the tic tac toe with the pumpkins and can’t wait to try some of these ideas when my daughter is older! I also have an Isla Rose! I found your blog while i was googling her birth ANNOUNCEMENT in our paper a couple of years ago. TOo funny.

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