Recreating last year's Halloween Costumes...

Recreating last year's Halloween Costumes...

For Halloween last year, Drew and I threw together a Halloween costume that won best costume at a party! I received an overwhelming amount of questions from you ladies about how we put this costume together, so I thought I would do a detailed blog post about it if any of you have a Halloween costume party the next few weeks. It was actually pretty simple to put together and turned out amazing with what we used. I have linked all of the products below to make it easy. If you guys recreate this costume be sure to tag me so I can see!!!!

-Bride Of Frankenstein-

I actually threw this costume together pretty fast! I got everything for it the morning of our costume party.

Top: I wore this tee and put a black corset over the top of the tee.

Skirt: I wore thick black tights and bought a petticoat and tore it up a little so it looked old and tattered.

Layering: I bought about 4 yards of white tulle from Joann Fabrics and cut it. I used about a yard and half for my top and the rest for my skirt. I draped the tool over my tight white tee and corset over my shoulders like a shawl and then tied it in the back.

Then for the skirt I tucked it into my tights and petticoat starting at one hip and working my way back to the other hip. I also tore the tulle up a bit too. It then looked like a billowy wedding skirt, I kept it long so I had a little bit of a train in the back.

Shoes: I wore my YSL black pointy toe booties for my costume, but you can use any black booties (option here). I have linked a few options for you!

Accessories: I bought a pair of black biker gloves and vintage earrings to top of my look.

Hair and makeup was easier than it looked! I parted my hair down the middle, crimped it in sections with a crimper, and added volume by teasing the roots of my hair section by section.

Next I placed a plastic cup on the crown of my head and began to pull my hair back around the cup. It gave me that cone shape you see in my hair. I secured my hair with a hair tie and clips around the cup until I felt like it was going to stay in place.

The last thing I did was use the white hairspray and just sprayed a line on each side of my head to give it that white stripe that you see!

For makeup, I used white and black face paints that you can also find at a Halloween costume store. I used the white as my foundation and the black to contour my face and as eyeshadow. If you look at the close up image of my face above you can see where I contoured.

I topped off my makeup look with a lip combo of course. I used the MAC lipliner in Cherry and the MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo.


For Drew's Frankenstein costume we went to our local Deseret Industries (or you could go to your local Goodwill) to find all of the pieces. We found the vest, shirt, jacket and pants there. They didn't need to be anything special, just black.

For his hair and makeup, we just used the same face paints. We started with his hair and I used a white makeup sponge to spread on the black paint into his hair. It spread on and covered it pretty easily since he has light colored hair.

Next we used the green face paint and a sponge to cover his face and make it green. We then added the black around his eyes, chin, nose and mouth to contour his face and give him a more dramatic look.

Last he used tin foil to make the bolt on his neck. It was a pretty simple costume to put together and turned out looking amazing!



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