Jackson’s Blessing Day…

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Jackson’s Onsie and Hat: Vintage Neiman Marcus (Drew wore it on his blessing day 31 years ago) | Booties: Ralph Lauren | Personalized Blanket: Ralph Lauren

So excited to share these beautiful images from such a special day with our family. We love our Jackson and feel so blessed to have him apart of our little family!

xo, Rach

Treats: Sweet Tooth Fairy

Hot Water Dispenser: Diamond Rental

So Blessed Sign: 43Layers

Plastic Cups with Gold Rim: Amazon

Gold Plastic Forks: Amazon

Grab a Drink Sign: Chalk a Fine Line

Invitations: Thanks to Minted

Photos: Hunter K. Fowler

xo, Rach
Jackson’s Blessing Day…
Jackson’s Blessing Day…
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68 thoughts on “Jackson’s Blessing Day…

  1. It is such a pleasure to be inspired by your beautiful family, fresh style, and all things fabulous!!! You are wonderful, Rachel! Thanks for brightening my days! Congratulations on this milestone for your sweet little Jackson!

  2. Beautiful photos with so many details and smiles.

    Can I ask what is a Baby’s Blessing Day? Is there a ceremony or the day certain family members come to bless a newborn?

  3. Your family is beautiful. The décor was so nice. And the desserts look delicious. Just curious, not criticism, do you ever serve a meal at your religious events, i.e. blessings, baptisms etc. I just happened to notice all the sweets and no food. Maybe its just that you photograph the desserts only. Again, just curious.

  4. Just tweeted you, but I wanted to let you know here as well — your posts aren’t showing up in my Bloglovin feed :/. The last post of yours that showed up in my subscription box was 18 days ago! Just wanted to let you know in case other people are having the saem problem.

  5. Rachel, I would love to see a blog post about how you decide your theme for a party or gathering. Like how do you collect all these pieces to coordinate and go with your bigger theme. I would love to hear your process on that so I can pick up some tips!

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