This past week...

My first week of officallly being finished with spring semester was a fun and stress free one! I went with Emily and my mom to an adorable baby boutique called Opps a Daisey where we got the most darling crib and bedding for Em and Tay's precious baby girl! It is seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen and I'm going to be honest all that baby shopping made me a little baby hungry! The boutique had the cutest little boy clothes and I couldn't help myself, I had to take a picture and send it to Drew. Drew's response... "You can send that picture to me again in about 2 years!!" haha looks like I shouldn't go baby shopping anymore. Later in the week my mom was so nice and took me to buy a new sewing machine! So far I absolutley LOVE it! Right now I am currently making a dress that I designed. We'll see how it turns out, but so far so good! On Friday I helped my coach when I was on Altas dance company Diana judge Dance America. She was showing me the ropes before I go out and judge next weekend at Dance Spectatcluar on my own! I learned a ton from Di and that eased my fears for my first real judging experience. Saturday we went to Water for Elphants and Happy Sumo with Em and Tay, we had so much fun!!

happy sumo

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