This is Why I Custom-Order My T-Shirts...

This is Why I Custom-Order My T-Shirts...

I've been talking a lot about spring closet stuff lately, and one of my all-time busy-mom essentials is a flattering T-shirt in a super chic fit. I have a very specific checklist: it has to be cute and feminine but not too formfitting; it has to be made with actual cotton; it has to have great hand-feel; and it can't be so long that I have to tuck in a bunch of fabric, but it can't be too short that it shows skin. 

What I've been loving this season is that I can actually custom-order all my favorite T-shirt variations online through Amazon Fashion. It's only $25 to create a custom style and only takes a little bit longer to deliver than Amazon Prime, and I can choose everything I want for things like fit, length, and color. 


Rachel Parcell T-Shirt Amazon Made for You

This is my new T-shirt concoction I ordered with the "Made for You" feature

Sleeves: Short Sleeves
Length: Medium
Fit: Relaxed Fit
Neckline: Crew
Fabric: Lightweight Tri-blend Fabric
Color: Soft Coral
Label: "RP" (You can put whatever label wording you want!)

But the best part is that you can choose all these different style details, but then you scan in in your actual real-life measurements to have it made for your frame. I especially love this feature because my measurements change a lot depending on baby weight and season—sometimes I'm bigger around the belly and sleeves, sometimes I like longer styles, and sometimes I choose different fits for casual or dressy options. 

RP Amazon T-Shirt Made for You

Rachel Parcell Amazon Shoes

I'm wearing my look-for-less eternity band from Amazon since I'll be doing chores around the house and don't want to lose my diamond ring. These look-for-less sneakers are also so cute and comfy—perfect for casual day and errand looks. 

I love wearing my T-shirts around the house for garden days, WFH tasks, cleaning, cooking, and spending time with the kids. (I can also dress up a bunch of styles; I just add chic jeans and a few of my favorite designer pieces.) I'm super excited for you to try out the feature; head over to Amazon Fashion to place your first custom order in the link and be sure to tag me on Instagram with your feedback! 


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