Some of My Favorite Looks for Less...

Some of My Favorite Looks for Less...

I've curated another gallery of look-for-less options to refresh your spring closet! For inspiration I chose some of my favorite high-end pieces that work with lots of outfits, so I was super picky about finding stylish and high-quality "lookalike" versions to wear on a regular basis. (I ordered all of these items to make sure they're all they're hyped up to be... I promise you won't be disappointed.)

If you see a unique item you can't live without, consider budgeting for it as an investment piece for spring and combining with other "lookalike" pieces for a complete wardrobe. That's something that has been working really well in my closet lately: High-end pieces help to elevate my basics and seasonal items, but look-for-less options help me mix and match, refresh my look, and add polish to my outfits without spending the extra money. It's a perfect formula! 


Rachel Parcell Look for Less

Sunglasses: Splurge | Look-for-Less 
Sneakers: Splurge | Look-for-Less 
Sunglasses: Splurge | Look-for-Less
Faux Fur Slides: Splurge | Look-for-Less
Heels: Splurge | Look-for-Less
Purse: Splurge | Look-for-Less
Clear Heels: Splurge | Look-for-Less 

I love to share your outfits and look-for-less finds on my Instagram! Be sure to tag me if you love these products. 

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