A Few New Beauty Products…

A Few New Beauty Products…

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Today I have a few new products I've been testing that I want to share with you! A little over a year ago, my little sisters totally got me into snapchat. I love to follow my friends, family and also my favorite bloggers and celebrities. A few of the bloggers and celebrities I follow will every so often share their nightly skin-care routines. I've noticed every time they share them, they are always doing some type of mask at night. I've used a few masks before, but not very often, now thanks to snapchat I started religiously using masks a few times a week and I've tried so many I love! I actually should probably snap about it and share all of my favorites with you all, I really have seen the benefits in my skin from using them!

One of the brands I have been wanting to try is Sisley Paris, so I jumped at the chance to partner with them. I tried their Black Rose Cream Mask and their Black Rose Face Oil. Both products have anti-aging elements in them and use natural ingredients to restore moisture in your skin and keep it looking fresh, bright and young.

The Black Rose Cream Mask is filled with anti-aging elements like black rose, padina pavonica, and alkekengi calyx extracts. I love that this treatment uses natural ingredients and essential oils to nourish the skin. The Black Rose Face Oil contains hydrating natural oils with scents that are so soothing and it gives my face a subtle tingle that makes my skin feel so fresh. The oil acts as a moisturizer too, so if you use it in the morning/evening it keeps your skin hydrated. Finally, another product to keep my lips hydrated is the Sisley-Paris Phyto-Lip Twist, that is a tinted lip balm (adds color and moisture).

My life tends to get crazy (and exhausting) at times chasing a one-year-old around, especially now that I'm in my third trimester. I can feel my body wanting to slow down and I get tired so much faster than I typically do when I'm not pregnant. Lately, my favorite thing to do for some relaxing time is to lay in my bed with a huge bucket of movie theater popcorn (such a craving of mine when I'm prego) and watch the bachelorette. The last two weeks I've put on the Black Rose Cream Mask while I watch the bachelor and chow down on my popcorn. Next Monday after a hectic day of school, work, chasing kids around, etc. go get a bucket of popcorn (and maybe some chocolate), put your pajamas on and do a face-mask. I promise it is SO relaxing!

xo, Rach

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