let them eat cake... and a few other anniversary events.

Sunday we pulled our wedding cake out to do the traditional, eat your wedding cake on your first anniversary thing. I thought our (one year old) cake would not be tasting so well but actually it wasn't too bad, of course the cake didn't look as big as I remembered it, as you can see...

The rest of our anniversary weekend (we decided to make it a weekend event because it fell on a Sunday) consisted of... Friday: a wedding reception and Cheesecake Factory. Saturday: Happy Sumo and the movie, The Help. Sunday: Steak Conference, Homemade surprise breakfast, cuddling, nap, pictures and cake!

My little chef cooking away for his wife

Homemade banana pancakes

Homemade Magelbee's inspired syrup
Cheers to one year
Strolling around Riverwoods
the (hot) husband
we couldn't find anyone to take our picture together so this is what we came up with
Jackson family
My two best friends

Thanks for an amazing weekend honey!


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