Choose your love. Love your choice.

Posted by Rachel Parcell on

Our wedding anniversary is today. I can't believe it has been one year, where does the time go?! I have had an incredible year of marriage with the most amazing man in the world. I feel so lucky to have shared this year with him. We have had many laughs, kisses, smiles, I love you's along with some disagreements, some being, why I don't EVER put the cap on the tooth paste and why my long dark hair sheds so much. Yes it hasn't been the perfect year but it has been an amazing one that I will never forget. Every day I spend with Drew just gets better and better and I look forward to the rest of forever with him! President Monson said in the priesthood session of general conference, ''choose your love, love your choice." Through this first year of marriage Drew and I have come to know each other and what each others needs are. We both have learned to become a little more selfless, patient and forgiving. I have found when your stuck with someone forever your spouse make you want to be a better person, by working together to make each other happy and by serving one another. I can't think of a better man to be stuck with forever than Drew. I chose my love kneeling over the alter in the temple one year ago today and I certainly LOVE my choice. I love you Drew.


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